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Good days will definitely come, but first digest some bitter pills
The punch line of BJP's election campaign was 'Achhe Din Aane Wale Hain, Kyunki Modi Ji Ko Lanewale Hain!' (Good days are to come as Modi Ji is set to come to power). After swearing in Narendra Modi indicated that tough measures will be taken in coming days to bring Indian growth story back on line.

He started overhauling the system to make ready for proper deliverance of governance. Even it's being learned that Planning Commissions will be abolished and there would be a new system where states would have more representation in the planning system. Technically Narendra Modi and his government are on work in changing the old established system.

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In the mean time, passenger fare and freight tariff have been hiked up to 14.2% and 6.5%, which is no doubt steepest in last 15 years. Opposition parties including the Congress (who had in fact proposed this hike during their tenure) started opposing fiercely and started agitation on the streets, demanding roll back of the fare hike.

Apart from this everyone is taking potshot at Modi's campaign slogan 'Achche Din'! Also they started criticizing that Modi has promised to bring down inflation, but with fare hike it would increase the inflation although eminent economists are of the opinion that this fare hike would have limited impact on the inflation.

But I have a different point of view. 'Good days are coming,' what does this mean? Does it mean that the moment Modi would be sworn in as PM, inflation will go down, economy would be back on track, unemployment problem would be over and everything would be set-right? Surely not, and no sensible Indian citizen had ever expected that. Every one voted BJP into power with a hope that condition will improve! The only mode was delivering good and decisive governance!

Why UPA failed? It's only because of mindless soft pedalling of the decisions with populist touch that resulted in to policy paralysis! It became such a chronic disease, which can't be cured without bitter pills (strong decisions) and if required surgery (change of system)! The rail fare hike is just the start; there might be many more tough steps during general budget which might include subsidy cut, abandoning populist non-yielding programs etc!

If someone is suffering from a chronic disease, his good days only come after going through the curing process! Curing process always includes bitter pills, injections and in some cases surgery! If some doctors just give pain killer for short term relief instead of curing the disease permanently, will you term it as good days for him? 

Coming back to railways fare hike, there was absolutely no hike in last 10 years! Dinesh Trivedi of TMC tried to increase some fare in Railways Budget, but it was rolled back under Mamata's pressure! In last October there was an increase in fare by Railways minister Kharge on account of fuel charge compensation! Now for last 10 years technically there was no fare hike. 

Just compare the rates of any commodity, air-fare or anything 10 years back versus present rates! Everything has increased from 25% to 50% and in some cases it's 100% too. Just compare the salaries of employees and even minimum wages! After a pause of 10 years if 14.2% fare hike is done, why there is this hue and cry? Railway is losing 900 crore rupees every month in passenger sector. This condition makes railways unsustainable, thus hard decisions have to be taken!

Similarly other sectors like defence, infrastructure, rural development and other growth oriented programs are simply in mesh! How things can be improved? Is providing populist sops which have no contribution in national growth, any solution?

Narendra Modi is no doubt a no-nonsense administrator. He knew tough steps are to be taken. He will definitely take those without coming under any pressure of opposition's hollow attacks! If surgery required, he would definitely do so irrespective of how painful it is in short term. He had already alerted public to get ready for short term pain for long term gain!

Rajnath Singh in the mean time indicated that to bring inflation down, the BJP government would take at least five months. I feel it will take minimum of one year to control the inflation, as nothing is possible over-night. All good end results require tough and uncompromising decisions, diligently working on defined principle and remain consistent in all policies!

Other politicians should also remember that people are aware of such facts. The petty politics on nation building will not be accepted by people as they are desperate for a change of the condition and for such change they are also ready to bite bitter pills. Hope Narendra Modi shouldn't be trying to soft pedal at any juncture for petty political gains.

Question is natural that whether this rail hike would have any impact on poor? Poor either don't travel or travel at best in general class. There is a very minimal change in general class. In fact even the cost of poor people's luxury items (such as Bidi, tamakhu and liquor) has doubled in last 10 years! The AC travelers are affording air travel which had been increased up to 300 per cent in last 10 years. None has ever agitated on airline's fare hike!

Folks, during UPA rule we became sick due to wrong prescription by the UPA doctors. To be cured we have to bite the bitter pills prescribed by the NDA doctors! In fact we have voted them only to take appropriate steps, irrespective of the bitterness of the step. Thus let's ignore the petty politics by the opposition!

Editorial NOTE: This article is categorized under Opinion Section. The views expressed in this article are solely those of the author and do not necessarily represent the views of In case you have a opposing view, please click here to share the same in the comments section.
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