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Unjust Humanity
Gujarat CM's sexist statement against boys discernible; men's rights activists demand apology 22 June, 2014
"Ignorance is bliss", however, not every time. Ignorantly I was doing some work when I received a message about a tweet by AajTak channel highlighting Gujarat CM AnandiBen?s statement where she referred to boys as "rejected maal".

Shocked in disbelief I scourged the internet and found that she actually did say it and I was extremely discerned with the statement. Being a men's rights activist I can, at best condemn the statement and wish "Get Well Soon" to Gujarat CM.

Men's Rights Activists across the country are miffed at this statement of Gujarat CM and have demanded immediate apology from AnandiBen Patel, the CM of Gujarat for demeaning the entire clan of boys.

Boys are one of the most beautiful creations of nature and boys care so much for their parents. As soon as a boy starts growing up, he learns to take responsibility early on, much before a girl does and also takes the burden of his sisters onto himself.

There are innumerable boys who sacrifice their own lives and interests in order to settle the lives of their sisters. In many communities in India, boys are not allowed to get married till all their sisters get married. This makes the lives of many men extremely struggle-some and stressful.

In many educational welfare schemes, boys from all walks of economic strata are routinely ignored and left to fend for themselves on their own. Yet, the pressure to be the breadwinner of the family doesn't recede on them. Added to this, boys are emotionally suppressed since childhood with psychologically devastating statements like "Do not cry like a girl", "be a man", "grow up", "man up", etc. which makes them feel inferior in opening up. Due to this skewed upbringing boys tend to bottle up and bottled feelings make way for frustration in boys and men.

Apart from this, when boys grow up as men, they are burdened with additional responsibilities of maintaining their families and nowadays it has become a fashion for the society to expect men to not only support their own families as well as extended families of their in-laws. Men are finding it very difficult to sail through marriages wherein they are being loaded with expectations after expectations with no acceptance at all.

On one hand, women are being encouraged to break marriages and are being incentivized for that as well as the system and society facilitates them to break marriages at free will by filing multiple false cases on men; still go scot free and collect a huge alimony as well from them.

On the other hand, men are being pressurized to save marriages by being coaxed to accede to wife's demands or face multiple false cases, fear jail without committing any crime and be ready to pay a huge financial cost for failing to dance on wife?s tunes.

This double edged approach has led to many a married men to committing suicides what with double the number of married men committing suicides every year as per statistics available with Union Ministry of Home Affairs.

In such a precarious scenario, the statement by Gujarat CM Anandi Ben Patel shames boys provoking them further to take further stress in order to prove themselves that they do not belong to the "rejected maal" category. This statement is extremely sexist in nature and sounds unbecoming of a CM of a state and Gujarat CM must apologize for her statements. We demand that she takes her statement back.

Already men have started resorting to the Men-Going-Their-Own-Way (MGTOW) psychology wherein they are simply staying away from committed relationships with women and also refusing to have their own families. Such statements will only reinforce such developments in the society.

About The Author
Virag R Dhulia, a software professional, has been a prominent men's rights activist. He has been engaged in creating awareness about the abuse of men and their families through anti-male and gender biased laws like Section 498A, Domestic Violence Act etc. He has been instrumental in networking with fellow men's rights activist both across India and abroad and has played key roles in organizing events to create awareness about abuse of men by the society. A book titled, 'The Secrets of Manhood' authored by Virag has been published. This book is a collection of short articles which focus on issues and problems faced by men and how men are victims of social stereotypes.
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