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Gurgaon Traffice Police issues travel advisory list for foggy conditions
Winters in Gurgaon can be pleasant and warm if you are sipping tea in the bed, however, it is a nightmare, if you are on the road and driving in foggy conditions. You can feel the chill air, which may change your perception about the teeth- clattering winter in the cities. One needs to take lot of precautions whilst driving in low visibility on roads and therefore, keeping this in mind Gurgaon Traffic Police has issued a travel advisory for commuters driving in foggy conditions.

Low visibility have more cons as compared to pros and accordingly, drivers need to keep their eyes and ears wide open. Foggy conditions are one of the key reasons for road accidents and highways as visibility deteriorate excessively. One is not able to see the other vehicle or stray animals on roads. Gurgaon Traffic Police have enlisted a few pointers while driving in foggy conditions with an objective of minimising accidents on Gurgaon roads. Following is the list:

· Avoid driving in foggy conditions unless necessary. Organize your travel plans keeping in view the expected foggy conditions.

· Drive at a slow speed and keep an eye on the speedometer. Fog creates a visual illusion of slow motion when you may actually be speeding. Only drive as fast as conditions allow and maintain a greater distance between you and the car in front. Follow a three-second stopping rule.

· Make sure that you can be seen. Turn on your fog lights and drive with lights on low beam. High beams will only be reflected back off the fog and actually impair visibility even more. Use dippers to alert any incoming vehicle.

· Avoid stopping on the highways or on major roads. Follow the blinking marker or painted road markings on the ridge of the roads to look out for turns.

· Listen for traffic you cannot see. Open your window a little, to hear better for the incoming traffic esp. at major turns and intersections.

· Use wipers and defrosters as necessary to keep the windows clear for maximum visibility.

· Be patient. Do not cross lanes or pass the lines of traffic.

· Beware of other drivers not using headlights.

· Check your rear view mirrors before you slow down to avoid collusion with an incoming vehicle from behind.

· If you want to stop or leave the road, be sure to pull off completely. If you want to take a turn, signal early, and avoid sudden brakes.

· Watch out for the traffic signals and /or traffic police personnel at major intersections and follow traffic rules at all times.

· In case of an accident, turn on your blinkers to make your vehicle visible to the incoming traffic. Move away from the road and call for help / contact traffic police helpline.

· Last but not the least, if you find conditions not suitable to drive, stop at an appropriate place and wait for conditions to improve before starting again.

One can effortlessly avoid accidents on roads, if one is following the above listed pointers rigorously.

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