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Hail 'reform'!
It is taken for granted that "reform" is a word that is at the present time touted as being something so positive that it has almost got cult status.

However, cults usually fail. Even when successful they fail. Now that is a contradiction but one needs to understand that when reform touted to be positive turn negative and are still successful are by themselves a failure.

And one also needs to understand and accept that "reforms" when proposed are not necessarily always something good. Reforms can be misleading, badly implemented, not thought out properly and many a times, disastrous.

Let's look at that old but new "reform" - Demonetization! It has been the desperate attempt of the powers that be to persuade the country's citizenry to accept this as a successful attempt to bring out the cash economy which was according to the 'powers that be' into the banking channel. Let's state it clearly. It did not and has not had the desired effect. Vast amounts of cash have been deposited into the banks but most of the big cash players managed to do things without catching the eye of the authorities no matter how it has been portrayed.

The successful part in this exercise was that for a while the banks were suddenly flush with cash due to the restrictions on citizens not allowed to withdraw their own funds or operate their bank accounts as they see fit. This is India. The governments, both state and Central, get away with these impositions. To most businesses and traders and cash dealers whatever was collected has come back more or less right where it was earlier. The Indian businessman is astute enough to know that the government cannot do much even if they follow up on their threats. The system is already so compromised that there is hardly an Income Tax officer who will not overlook some amount of mischief for the right compensation.

Let's look at another of these old but new "reforms" - GST! An admirable push to get the nation into a single tax system. However as predicted by yours truly, I could always trust the government to bugger up a simple way of doing things by throwing in rules and regulations to complicate the 'simple' tax. GST in principle should have been a single tax on ALL goods and services encompassing the country. However, in the innate wisdom of the top leadership the country did not get one GST but six posing as one. And then there was the state cess imposed on the GST so that states 'should not suffer'. And then there was that additional brainlessness of keeping the oil products (petrol and diesel) out of GST as that would impact central finances. Promises have been made that these too will come into the GST slabs. However what that GST slab will be is mysterious but can be predicted. It will be the seventh GST slab that will be announced and it will be either close to the present taxes or will be marginally higher or lower that will make no difference to anyone. Anyone would mean here the citizens and not the ruling class.

There are other things one can think of where the government at the Centre has messed up but there is a limit to typing words constantly. Therefore I end here.

Editorial NOTE: This article is categorized under Opinion Section. The views expressed in this article are solely those of the author and do not necessarily represent the views of In case you have a opposing view, please click here to share the same in the comments section.
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