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Hate could be outcome of mind caught in the opposites, self-discover it; proposes J Krishnamurti
According to philosopher and seer J Krishnamurti, one can discover the reality by just by being passively aware of total thought process, and also of the desire to be free of it.

As I have understood, we hardly know anything, we have thoughts and opinions about things that have conditioned that debarred us to discover and rediscover the reality.

He proposed that apparently we may look affectionate and kindly, but if we self-reflect, we would find that feeling of hate in general is deeply buried in human nature. It may not be hatred of anyone in particular, but a feeling of general hate - a suppressed antagonism towards everyone and everything.

One can discover that the deep-rooted hatred which had been going on all our life through conditioning during up-bringing, social learning as well as institutionalised education by being neutrally self-reflective, I gather.

"As long as the heart is burdened with the things of the mind, there must be hate; for the mind is the seat of hate, of antagonism, of opposition, of conflict. Thought is reaction, and reaction is always, in one way or another, the source of enmity. Thought is opposition, hate; thought is always in competition, always seeking an end, success; its fulfilment is pleasure and its frustration is hate. Conflict is thought caught in the opposites; and the synthesis of the opposites is still hate, antagonism," he cautions.

He advises that one must discover the process of hate; see the cause, and be aware of the ways of hate. We need to self-reflect and be passively watchful of hate as it unrolls itself. "Don't be shocked, don't condemn or find excuses; just passively watch it. Hate is a form of frustration, is it not? Fulfilment and frustration always go together," he reveals.

He points out that when there is pride in knowing, which is another form of antagonism; we move from one substitution to another; but essentially, all substitutions are the same, though verbally they may appear to be dissimilar. "So you are caught in the net of your own thought, are you not?" he raises question and urges for reflection.

Stressing self-discovery he advises not to ask for solutions from others but self-discover things unconditionally. He says, "Don't ask, but watch the process of your own thinking. How cunning and deceptive it is! It promises release, but only produces another crisis, another antagonism. Just be passively watchful of this and let the truth of it be."

So, go for passive self-reflection to discover mind's ways for reality to be!

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