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Hooliganism in Parliament halts democracy
The lines that differentiate the house of the Parliament from a group of street-fighters were recently blurred by a can of pepper spray that created ruckus in the Lok Sabha. This house has always been a battlefield but was intended for a constructive argument to corrective decision making than the unfortunate incident.

They say the civilization was discovered first time when a man carved a word instead of throwing a stone. It seems that our own elected representatives have gone back to the stone age. Pepper spray, brandishing a knife, fisticuffs, smashing table-tops and uprooting microphones was all that was seen in the recent adjourned session of the Lok Sabha.

The ministers of this country have carved stout bellies, they enjoy an unquestioned 'positional-immunity' and their actions are often brushed under the carpet with consequences escaped. A harsh disciplinary action is required to ensure the fundamental essence of democratic governance.

An engaged dialogue leads to solution and special measures must be taken to school the ones who've gone back to the early stone ages. The members must ensure highest of parliamentary decorum to maintain the societal equilibrium of communication and information at large.

Violent surges only increase the gap of communication and create an information deficit. This void by its very nature has a tendency to grow. It is only with constant efforts that a proper balance can be established and democratic processes saved.

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To stop hooliganism inParliament, we need to follow American system of governance. We must have an elected President who is elected on the basis of popular votes. If there are a number of candidates, then the first two candidates who secure maximum number of votes may face a second election and whosoever wins, should become the President of the country. On the same pattern we can have elected governors for each state. Let India be divided into smaller states, for example UP may be divided into four states, Maharashtra may be divided into Vidarbha, Marathwada and Konkan, etc. and let each state have two senators who are elected directly by the people as in the case of USA. The President may appoint Ministers from experts whose appointments may be ratified by the Parliament. Let there be a lower house on the pattern of American House of Representatives. Let all judges of the Courts be elected, the Police Chief should also be elected, the District Attorneys and Registrars of the Courts may also be elected. All these people should be elected for a period of two years only while President and Governor may be elected for a period of four years each. This would ensure less corruption and equal status for all the states with even the smaller states having the same voice as the bigger states. There need not be any post of the Prime Minister and let Governor also appoint ministers in the states whose appointment be ratified by the Assemblies. The Assemblies should have only one house called state assembly. There should be no anti-defection law as there would be no fear of the falling of the Government. The Ministers to be appointed must be experts in their fields. Broadly, the American system of governance be adopted with suitable modifications and the excess expenditure on elections would be compensated by less corruption and better governance. Parliament,
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