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How 3Cs impacted Delhi assembly elections 2015
The cat was after the rat…the cat was running for its hunger while the rat was running for its life. Finally rat did succeed and its life was saved! The cat said…better next time! Moral of the story is whenever there is a stake between starvations and survival…most of the time it is the later that has an edge.

I feel the above scenario just fits appropriately into the recently concluded Delhi elections. Here AAP being the rat while BJP being the cat. For AAP it was a battle for its survival while BJP was fighting for its hunger of winning spree. And now we have the result…. shocking yet spectacular! Had the election was won by BJP it would have just been another feather in Modi's cap…isn't it?

Frankly saying I had never expected such kind of outcome. In fact I was expecting an edge with BJP especially when Kiran Bedi was nominated for its CM candidate. However I got my first dose of shock when my best friend at Delhi texted me in whatsapp "Tina…voted AAP. Bz.TTYL" on 7th of February 2015.

Next day I had a conversation with her and asked about her sudden switch of selection. Then I was expecting a close fight Between AAP and BJP while keeping in mind that things could be both way and BJP may lose courtesy exit polls and pro-AAP media coverage.

In between I had no idea that actually the mandate will be not at all a general electoral outcome, instead it will be one of the historic mandates that may stay scripted in history for a far long period and none can break it even in distance future.

Now coming to the point I feel the entire election process in Delhi has not only shocked me but it was also beyond the imagination even for the expert political observers and analysts.

I just want to sum it up in the following way:

3Cs for which there was an Election in Delhi within a period of one year.

Cracked mandate in 2013 assembly election,

Catastrophic political ambition of AAP that it wanted to achieve in Lok Sabha elections 2014 that made them to desert Delhi.

Conspiracy to trap AAP in their own immaturity by various political forces during 2014 Lok Sabha election.

3Cs in the entire election campaign that may sometime make us feel shameful

Cynical Criticism: I would say criticism is good and it is also need in electoral campaign but cynical criticism (that also includes worst personal attacks and negativity) is something that taints the character of any democracy. And all the parties were equally responsible for this.

Controversies: Well like criticism controversies are equally a need for electoral campaign but in the above election they were quite redundant, unnecessarily manufactured and totally filthy in nature which I would like not to see in any future elections.

Counteracts: The kind of dissents among the members of party especially in BJP seen in this election is surely worth pondering over.

3Cs for which people of Delhi voted in this election:

Chance: First of all they wanted to give another chance to AAP to explore its governing potential especially after Arvind Kejriwal's sincere apology to them.

Choice: People of Delhi also thought of grooming another choice ready in case the performance of Narendra Modi in centre fails to impress them.

Competitiveness: Looking at the decimation of Congress- the oldest party in Indian National Politics -as per my friend's observation that the checks and balances and competitiveness in governance was diminishing which was a dangerous sign for Indian politics.

3Cs on which voting took place in the above election that resulted into a historic mandate:

Campaign: I must congratulate AAP and Arvind Kejriwal for the kind of campaign they did in this election. From small "Sorry Sabhas" to going door to door and meeting people and convincing them for a second chance is not at all an easy thing. It surely worked as people even those who voted Modi in Lok Sabha 2014 thought for voting AAP.

Consolidate: Now it is an open fact that there was a tactical voting pattern observed in this election. The entire committed voters of the Congress along with those who would never vote for BJP, combined and shifted to AAP giving it a more than 50% of vote share.

Crippling from inside: Also I feel an "internal sabotage" is surely one of the biggest reasons of decimation of BJP in Delhi election.

3Cs that now the political parties must keep in mind before going to any election

Common agenda: People want common agenda for common people from all political parties. They just want to compare the delivery potential of parties.

Communication: People want to be properly and personally communicated about various aspects of issues while choosing a government. Every political party should understand this.

Competition: Every political party should understand that people want to see active competition among them to fulfil their aspiration and not at all flaccid compliance to the contest. It is especially for the Congress to ponder over.

I must share one thing here. After the results were declared some of my friends in Delhi also said they had never expected a one side election. And it is a kind of disappointment to them as they wanted a close fight. I think this speaks volumes. So neither winners nor losers should misread this mandate.

At last I would say a decisive mandate at this juncture speaks volumes for itself. In Lok Sabha 2014 and in Delhi elections 2015…one thing is loud and clear. People now days are really observing politics of our country in a very intellectual way. So taking them for granted will be like axing your own leg…more clearly working for your own peril.

At last it's really a time of celebration because after every election it is the people who are real winners in the democracy!

Editorial NOTE: This article is categorized under Opinion Section. The views expressed in this article are solely those of the author and do not necessarily represent the views of In case you have a opposing view, please click here to share the same in the comments section.
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