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How Egyptian Presidency can keep distance from dictatorship
In order to make Arab upheavals irreversible and positive, there should be a maximum two four-year terms for an Egyptian President. The political directions in the nation need to be fixed at three. Egypt has to allow majority rule while protecting minorities. Islamism is the only answer.

THE EGYPTIAN society is getting itself divided over Islamism and secularism. As long as there is sharp divide among people about what their constitution should be, there will always be place for reversibility. The Jasmine Revolutions may turn out to be nightmares for the nationals as well as for the Westerners.

The fact is that people’s biological and psychological evolutions effects can't be done away with wishful thinking. The long-term consequences of religions and cultures can't be undone even in the US, leave alone in the Arab world. Muslims are Muslims and they will always first stick to their religion. Therefore, solutions of problems of Egyptian society or for that matter any Islamic society need to be found out within the domain of Islam. Some structural changes are required to contain the possibility of revival of dictatorship in Egypt.

There should not be more than two four-year terms for any Egyptian President under any circumstances. The number of possible political options should not be more than three. In fact, they should be fixed to three as two is for the US alone and in case of four or more the mandate in Egypt gets fractured and divided. These alliances should be Islamists, Liberals and Centrists; all with varying shades of green. In order to make it happen various parties in Egypt should merge within the three possible options. The dignity of the Parliament should be maintained and all lawmakers should be preferably elected. There should be good Union-states relationship and no state should become exclusive of any of the identities.

It becomes mandatory, after accepting the Islamic character of future Egyptian society that some institutions of Egyptian establishment perform in secular way. These should include military and judiciary but neither Presidency nor press. Egypt should have adult universal suffrage with fair and free elections guaranteed by its election commission. Only Egyptian Muslims should be eligible to hold the office of the President and Chief Justice. All those institutions which are required, they should be made accountable to public or judiciary.

The minorities should be governed by separate or secular laws while the majority’s majority laws should be dictated by the Koran and Shariah. The idea of liberal Islamic Egyptian state should be promoted with Egypt becoming a new paradigm for Arab states. Other than political aspects, economic aspects should also be considered. The state, business community and public should emphasize on growth which does not hurt the bondage among the Muslims.

It should be remembered that good economic governance can heal many wounds inflicted by bad politics and it can also make society more glued. For that many Egyptian elites in distributive sense should place their interests above their ideologies. The Middle classes should follow the pattern later. Egyptians should follow pragmatism combined with idealism. Egypt should become place for innovations for its nationals and competitiveness should not be hurt. Other than collectivism, the state should promote individualism keeping its Islamic traditions intact. State should leave many matters to its public, and should not interfere on those.

The Egyptians can consider the following preamble for their constitution:

‘Egypt is a non-sectarian Islamic state which protects the interests of all non-Islamic minorities and females. It would promote peace, harmony and stability among its various demographic constituents. The state would follow modern updated Islamic laws of economics as enshrined in Koran and Shariah, subject to modification as per the requirements of time. The Egyptian state would promote entrepreneurship and would protect private wealth in the interests of state and statistics. The state would promote modest and modern Islamism nationally and regionally. The Egyptian state would try to be as pacifist as possible externally. Under conflict or dilemma modernized Islam would be the guiding theory.’

In this way Egypt can become a modern united Islamic society which allows majority rule and also allows majority to flourish, respects minorities’ rights, human rights and rule of law. Asymptotically Egypt would converge into a moderate Islamic state and that is what its future is.      

Editorial NOTE: This article is categorized under Opinion Section. The views expressed in this article are solely those of the author and do not necessarily represent the views of In case you have a opposing view, please click here to share the same in the comments section.
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