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How India can really shine?
If India has to shine on the world map, the following eleven mantras can only pave way for the real shining. Issues like uncontrolled increase in population, poor infrastructure, a big expenditure on import of crude oil should be addressed at the priority.

1. Uncontrolled Population: Basic cause of all problems lies in over population. It is high time for the implementation of Family Planning rules compulsorily after the birth of second  child irrespective of caste and religion. Otherwise India can never shine in future.

2. Infrastructure of Roads: Today Condition of Roads Connecting Rural areas is in the worst shape. Unless the Government Concentrate its Planning on this huge sector, major Rural Population Cannot be Up- Lifted. Transport and Communication facilities have to be improved immediately otherwise the Majority of Population will continue to live in BPL Category.

3. Import of Crude Oil: India’s most of the Foreign Currency is spent on the purchase of crude oil from other countries. On the other hand foreign automobile companies are providing millions of four and two wheelers per year which is undesirable. Government must keep a pace in between the availability of crude oil in our country with the production of vehicles for private use, that will save our huge foreign currency expenses and the amount saved thus can be utilized for other more important projects.

4. Total Ban on Liquor and Drugs: First of all drugs carriers must be convicted promptly with severe punishment. Secondly, sale of liquor must be banned in the entire country to save millions of family from its clutches. Labor and lower middle class are the most sufferers due to alcoholism. Government should not hesitate in banning the liquor shops completely in the entire Country.

5. Social Security: Without proper social security to all the citizens, spirit of morality and nationality cannot be build up among it’s citizens. Pity to note that social security in our country is still in its starting stage. That is why the entire nation is logging in the concept of love for country on priority.

6. Right to Education and Health:  It is the duty of any Government to provide full facility for all types of Education and Healthcare to its citizens. But it is very unfortunate that there is no relief for the poor and unprivileged in this sector. Both of these institutions are running in the clutches of private sector. This entire social sector of the health and education has been converted into industrial institution which is a matter of shame. Government seems least worried which requires re-structuring without delay.

7. Election in 05 Years: After Independence we observe that people of India have to face elections through out the year. Every month there is an election or a by-election in our country. We are wasting billions of rupees round the clock. This has to be stopped once for all. Lok Sabha and State Assembly Elections should be conducted simultaneously once in five years only. Where any elected body fails to rule the Government for 05 years, president at Centre and Governor at State level should rule for the rest of the Period. That will save huge public money and stability of governance.Thus saved billions can be utilized for development schemes.

8. Corruption: Corruption is every where in our country. Fortunately parliament has recently passed the “Lokpal Bill ”.  But how far that will eradicate corruption is a matter of evaluation in future. Only remedy is to implement laws strictly and punish the corrupt promptly. But for that honest persons are required in power. Present condition is so worst that honesty is absent in all the levels of administration. There is a saying that “corruption starts from the top and revolution starts from the bottom”. Thus the top level of the administration has to be cleared without any delay.

9. Formation of zones in place of states: After independence the leadership of this country has divided our nation into as many states possible based on languages and cultures. They have adopted the same British Principle of “Divide & Rule”. Ultimate result is that no one claims that he or she is first an Indian. Rather they claim to be Malayalee, Tamilian, Bihari and Maharashtrian etc. This has to be changed for the unity of Indians. Only solution is to reorganize and formation of zones say North, South, East, West and Centre for all administrative purposes. That only can bring the concept of unanimity and shall build a strong united India.

10.  Stop brain drain: The Cream layer of intellectuals in our country prefer to serve foreign countries instead of their own Mother Land. This is nothing but betrayal. They get educated at India's expenditure but after completion of their technical degrees, they skip to other countries for thier vested interests. This should not be allowed. Government should provide attractive technical infrastructure in such a way that not a single intellectual gets attracted towards foreign countries.

11. Leadership: Any Progress and welfare is based on the honest and dedicated leadership. For the last 65years we are unfortunate to have a leadership like Sardar Vallabh Bhai Patel at the Centre. The target of 1st Five year plan was “Grow More Food Campaign ”. Today even after 60 years the country has not achieved that target. Regretfully one is compelled to say that not a single PM could solve any of the national problem in the past. Rather they have created only problems after problem. Today a democratic staunch leadership is required at the centre who can take quick decisions and take this country on the right track of progress, prestige and peace.

Editorial NOTE: This article is categorized under Opinion Section. The views expressed in this article are solely those of the author and do not necessarily represent the views of In case you have a opposing view, please click here to share the same in the comments section.
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