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How Indian women are out to destroy the Indian way of life
The modern Indian women has begun to threaten the Indian way of life and how! She is fast becoming a corporate chipmunk. A small squirrel that hoards nuts.

The Chipmunk is an animal that hoards and hoards and hoards till it turns nuts about hoarding and finally dies leaving behind an underutilized hoard of nuts and money as the case may be.

Like the cancer cell the corporate chipmunk is proliferating and unfortunately most of them are women.

The new emancipated woman today is threatening the fabric of the Indian way of life as she embarks on a career to script a success story for herself and in the process she may destroy all established social norms, depart from the safety and security of her home and hearth and finally destroy the very institutions that created her in the first place. 

The girl child is today the biggest threat to Indian society and to both the Muslim and Hindu way of life in India as opposed to western civilisation which has undergone a major transformation after the industrial revolution and the two wars it spawned.

What are the Indian values that the corporate chipmunk threatens to destroy? It threatens to destroy the family system in its quest for material success and happiness and how.

Earlier women had a role in society and most of them did not venture beyond the kitchen. Their fundamental role was to ensure the survival of the species by raising children with the right values and by providing good home cooked meals for the men folk when they returned from work. The women of the pre-industrial era did not work even if they were educated. Those who worked were either courtesans or nautch girls. Later women began to take on work oriented roles with the advent of British rule and the industrial revolution.

It was the industrial revolution that changed society and it was this that gave jobs to women as factory hands in areas like watch making where delicate machinery was involved. Women became telephone operators, receptionists and in the case of certain races like the black slaves of the Southern United States they became cotton plantation workers.

Capitalism has reduced women to playthings for money is western society. The world of business houses soon realised that women made better workers than men especially if they were single women.

In democratic society where it was impossible to deny women voting rights and the right to work it was India – a backward and a third world country of people of non-white origin – that gave women voting and political rights from the day the nation became independent. However even Great Britain and the great champion of democracy the United States did not have voting rights for women even at the time of Abraham Lincoln. In Saudi Arabia women have voted for the first time last week in a municipal election.

However, the line was crossed when companies began to favour single women for two reasons. Divorcees and single women had fewer responsibilities back home and in some case none. They were willing to devote their entire life and time to company work and in some cases go the extra mile with company bosses. Sexual exploitation of women at the work place became common in the 1970s and soon became a problem by the 1990s when it was felt that women needed stronger laws to be able to protect themselves from this problem.

Corporates have, however, managed to wiggle out of the problem by rewarding those who put career first and long work hours first and keep family in the background. Women and men who work for corporates and like to take work home are preferred to those who wish to have a life of their own. It is precisely this corporate culture which is gripping the big cities of India today like Mumbai and Gurgaon, which threatens social institutions and family life.

The Indian kitchen like the western kitchen is slowly shutting down and industrial food will replace home cooked meals as mom will not be at home to cook or may not know her mother's recipes.

Tragedy will strike again when mom files for a divorce as she has a big promotion at hand and needs to leave the city in which her husband works, who is no longer her equal in terms of pay and perks.

The All American and All European dream is being repeated and relived with a vengeance in India now.

So what is the corporate chipmunk got to do with this? Obviously the chipmunk is an animal that hoards. So what is it hoarding, just nuts for a rainy day. In this case the high salary earners may only get one form of satisfaction in this world that they have huge bank balances and they drive huge cars and they live in huge plush apartments in splendid vihar.

What is it that the corporate chipmunk does not have? The Coporate Chipmunk does not have a family or a family life. In the process it loses out on the happiness that comes from marriage, having children, living in the same town with relatives and friends and sharing the simple pleasures of life.

If your lonely dial 911, say the Americans. But in India it does not work that way. The only support systems that still work in India are the family support system. Women want to be equals but in their desire to be equals they destroy their own lives. An equal bank balance, own house and own car does not ensure equality or even happiness in the sexes and in the absence of family support, life can be trying for the corporate chipmunk. Be it a man or a woman all those who flock to them in their old age will do it for a slice of the pie they will leave behind.

A wise man once said when it comes to earning money or having a job a person should strive to have enough money to be comfortable, healthy and live well. More than that can be taxing. But then chipmunks are small squirrels that hoard nuts and cannot be expected to have this wisdom, even though they may have IIM degrees. In their desire to create wealth they create wealth they cannot enjoy and defeat the very purpose of being given education.

Editorial NOTE: This article is categorized under Opinion Section. The views expressed in this article are solely those of the author and do not necessarily represent the views of In case you have a opposing view, please click here to share the same in the comments section.
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