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How magnanimous Raul Gandhi was in victory yesterday!
No, I'm neither a member of Congress Party nor a sycophant of Rahul Gandhi. My readers are well acquainted of my political leanings and thoughts. In 'Merinews' and elsewhere, several times I'd criticised the Congress party and RaGa in harshest words.

However, I can't help admiring the way Rahul has changed the political scenario of India with political acumen and savoire faire in such a short interval. His short speech or statement at the press conference after the splendid victory in three Hindi heartland states, known as the social, political and brutal laboratories of RSS, was a stand-out cameo of Indian history.

How magnanimous he was when he said, "PM Modi had come to power on the back of a large mandate but that he has floundered the golden opportunity. I was telling my mother that I have learnt a lot from PM Modi. He had a great opportunity to do good when he came to power with a large mandate back in 2014 Lok Sabha elections. I feel sorry for him because he has floundered," said the Congress president. Rahul also said that the crushing defeat for Congress in 2014 had taught him much. "It was a much-needed lesson for me. I learnt humility and that the voice of the people needs to be heard. The people of our country are the best teachers. PM Modi failed to hear their heartbeat."

I won't condescend so low as to repeat all that the RSS gang have been saying all along about Nehru family or how a touchy, painful and excruciating issue of 'widowhood' was mercilessly exploited by politicians recently. However, I could easily recall the jibe of BJP when it had mocked Rahul Gandhi for his report card on the Modi government's performance by citing the Congress' electoral defeats under his leadership and calling him a "failed dynast".

"Dear Rahul Gandhi, we do not know how many times irony dies when a 'failed dynast' like you give marks to a performing government. Here is a compilation of all the glories you have brought to your party," the BJP said in a tweet.

As the victory marches of RSS / BJP juggernaut have finally come to a screeching halt and Shree Modi ji and Shree Amit Shah ji are now facing the new realities, the time of reckoning is here. The Modi-Shah combine should share now the blame of defeat. "Just as they take the entire credit for the wins, they should share the blame, too. If the BJP leadership thinks the PM's popularity is intact, it is making a huge mistake. That was clear from the crowd that his rallies drew in Chhattisgarh, MP and Rajasthan," said one leader, who is a national office-bearer.

It is no great an idea to crow over a fallen foe no matter how deserving the entity is. But I would failing in my duty if don't encapsulate the dangers the country is to face if the poison of RSS ideology spreads into the body politics of democratic India. Here are some salient points:

What BJP RSS is doing in India or what has been the RSS contribution?

RSS is main source of 'rise of ultra-nationalism'. We can learn from history what 'ultra-nationalism' can do. Look at the Two World Wars and study the reasons.

We know that society will never be progressive if it is not allowed different views. RSS / BJP are trying to smother the views other than its 'Hindutva'. Mob justice has been the name of the game since BJP has come to power. Observe the sudden uprising at poets, scholars, historians and vicious cow vigilante. There is no law they want to respect if that goes against their point of view. It is now wither my way or highway. Media is now utterly polarised. Switch on the idiot box and you listen nothing but the obnoxious debates about Hindu versus Muslim. It is dangerous because media is fourth pillar of democracy. Indian media has lost its credibility.

Sense of insecurities: it has always been there in minorities but it's getting deep and deeper in BJP regime. In the name of respect and protection of cow, sacrifice of human being is a norm now. The NDA / BJP government is not answerable to anyone especially our prime minister, who has never dared to face journalists freely to answer questions. There are numerous examples where RSS is not only ruining the country as much harming society by attacking the intellectual freedom to choose instead of believing narrative of RSS BJP.

Yesterday, the countrymen who had supported them in past so blindly have finally refused to listen them!

I've friendly advice for Congress party and its supporters:

One of the fruits of success is confidence. However, confidence does not make one fail-proof, but instead it can become an unhealthy and unproductive. Confidence becomes a burden and limitor when it gives rise to pride/ego that blinds us to our shortcomings and leads us to believe we can succeed without hard work, honesty, sincerity, study, preparation and practice.

When success goes bad it commonly manifests itself as pride. Unfortunately for us, false or destructive pride is easy for everyone to see except the person who is blinded by it. Thus being gracious in victory begins with the mindset of "So what—now what." No one succeeds or fails on his / her, their own. Don't Ride the Highs Too!

Editorial NOTE: This article is categorized under Opinion Section. The views expressed in this article are solely those of the author and do not necessarily represent the views of In case you have a opposing view, please click here to share the same in the comments section.
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