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How the American shutdown affects the world
The partial shutdown of the United States has entered its nineteenth day and it is not even expected to end this time.

The partial shutdown of the United States has entered its nineteenth day and it is not even expected to end this time.

The impact of the shutdown of the US has now come to the notice of American's life. On Tuesday evening, President Trump once again emphasized the need for a wall on the southern US border in the prime-time address of the nation and termed it as critical for the security of the country.

Trump has demanded the release of more than $ 5 billion from the Congress for the wall on the southern border, and he says that without it, he will not sign any budget bill and will not retreat from continuing this shutdown for months.

Democrats are ready to spend money on the use of state-of-the-art technology to strengthen security on the border but they say that they treat a wall with neighboring countries against American sentiments and principles.

In other parts of the world, the most powerful country like the United States of America to be jammed in such a way may seem strange to other countries, but for the first time, this has not happened. There have been 22 such shutdowns since 1976 and the shutdown has taken place three times during the Trump administration itself.

So why are these shutdowns?

The simple answer is that the departments which have lost money, that is, the Congress does not have the budget to run, their employees have to sit at home. Both the houses of the Congress, the House of Representatives and Senate, have to pass 12 bills, which are called appropriation bills, to run federal departments every year, and if the Congress is unable to do so, then for them an interim budget Have to pass.

In American politics, both parties try to provide funds for their agenda during this budgeting process and if they can not get consent at all, then the shutdown comes in handy.

This time Congress has passed five such bills, which has approved the budget of about 75 percent of the government's financial year, but there are seven bills which are important for running other departments.

For these departments, at least one interim budget had to be passed by December 21, but the sanction was not approved and the shutdown, which began on December 22, has now entered its third week. This time between the Democrats and the Republicans in Congress, the biggest reason for not being able to agree on this budget is money for Trump's wall. Trump had made immigration a major election issue and building a wall on the border of America and Mexico is part of it.

It is a different matter that during his election campaign he used to say that he will take the money from this wall from Mexico, but now he is demanding his money from American taxpayers.

Apart from this, experts have said that illegal immigration can not stop through the wall, and anyway, the number of people entering the US from the southern border has decreased considerably. There are a large number of people living illegally in those who do not return even after the visa is over, and there is a need to improve immigration rules to rein in which the Congress has not been able to agree with the years.

How the impact on India

If this shutdown runs long, its impact will be seen on trade, exports, the stock market, visa, passport, scientific data and research, and India will not be untouched by this.

Especially if the interference in the investigation of the posts on airports and ports will affect Indian exports. India is the largest country using H-1B visas and it will have an impact on the companies in the block.

According to a report published in the Washington Post newspaper, the US Geological Survey has not been able to present any data on the tsunami in Indonesia, because of the shutdown, only 75 of its 8,000 employees are able to do the work.

The US State Department had blocked the Twitter handle for providing important information in the disaster-hit areas. It has also been affected by the US on humanitarian aid in many parts of the world.

Overall, any kind of shock in the world's biggest economy will shock the whole world, hardly anyone doubters.

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