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How the elderly parents are suffering because of gender biased laws in the country
This is an effort to understand the pain and agony of elderly parents who are bound to see their son's life ruin and are unable to help even if they want to. Thanks to gender biased laws in our Great Country. Thanks to all law makers and feminists who made our respectable senior citizen's life miserable.

An elderly couple writes to Police, NHRC and all relevant departments:

Dear Sir/Ma'am,

With due respect I would first like to introduce myself. My Name is Chandera Shekhar (Name Changed) aging 69 Yrs and my wife Smita Shekhar (Name Changed) aged 63 years. We are respectable senior citizens of our country with deep roots in the society.

We have a son ageing 36 yrs, he was married to Ashmita (Name Changed) in New Delhi with no pomp and show. It was rather a small family affair which included just 12 members of our family. Everything was fine for couple of months. Then she left our son and went to her parents' place on 29th June 2012 and she has been at her parental place since then.

Later she made a fake and frivolous complaint in CAW cell regarding Dowry demands. We have been regularly abused, mentally harassed and are being deprived of meeting our grand daughter.

Below mentioned letter was written by our son:

This is in regards to the complaint filed by my wife which is under your kind Investigation / Enquiry. In last session 17th Oct 2013, you had advised both of us to make another effort for reconciliation, I appreciate your kind gesture. I also informed you that my wife does not picks up my calls so you had advised my wife to pick up my calls and also, that if she does not pick up my call I should let you know.

I, as per your advice, called my wife on 18th October, she did not pick up my call. 19th again I called, she picked up but disconnected the call. 20th I called her, she picked up, I requested her, that 22nd Oct 2013 is Karwa Chauth and I wish to spend the day with her and also that I intend to go to her parental place where she is residing at present for the said occasion.

At first she said she does not know if she would be fasting that day or not. Later when I insisted her to tell me she said, she would fast that day. I told her that I would want to come to her place for the day, in reply she said: “Kya karoge aa kar, koi zaroorat nahi hai aane Ki” Mai shayad fast rakhu bhi na, tumhe mere ghar aane ki koi zaroorat nahi hai.

Another effort of mine was wasted, I had also agreed to her unethical demand of me leaving my elderly parents and was ready to move to Delhi. I had also given her two Plan of actions and advised her to choose which ever suits best to her unethical demands for reconciliation in front of you on 17th Oct 2013.

Still she is not showing any interest in reconciliation, and is asking you to register FIR ASAP, after the session in your CAW cell, she said “Ab apni beti ka naam mat lena kabhi, mai tumko us se milne bhi nahi dungi”.

This attitude of her is creating serious doubts of her reasons and intentions for approaching your CAW cell, and gives an impression that she filed the complaint based on wrong, incorrect, and false facts as the same is sheer abuse of the process of law and same is filed with malafied intentions to harass, pressurize and with a sole reason of extortion.

 I don’t see a reason why she would deny me joining her for Karwachauth and don’t see a reason why she is not ready to accept my plan of action for reconciliation now, when since first day of her complaint she was adamant that I should leave my elderly parents and relocate to Delhi with her.

I would kindly request you to please take above mentioned act of her in consideration and question her as to why she is harassing me and my family with this false and frivolous complaint and depriving me from meeting my Daughter.

This complaint of hers is a classic example of rampant misuse of 498A, as I informed you in the last session that my wife herself admitted on 6th Aug 2013 that all her allegations are false and frivolous and based on assumptions and on her father’s words of mouth. I can prove that as well.

As a result of her unethical behaviour and if she had already decided that she would ruin our daughters life by not letting her meet her father, now I deny to give up on her unethical demands and don’t care if her false complaint turns out into FIR. I will now not leave my elderly parents and will fight for Justice till the end.

Our Daughter in law has always been given due care, love and respect which she truly deserved. There was no issues what so ever between our son and our daughter in law and they were leading a peaceful life, until my sons mother in law, his father in Law and our daughter in law’s maternal uncle started interfering in their matrimonial life and who proved themselves an instrument to disturb the matrimonial life of our Daughter in Law for reasons best known to them.

Thus in view of above stated facts, I would kindly request you to please assist us in reconciling our sons matrimonial life with his wife in the best interest of his daughter at his native place only. So that our son could look after us at this stage of life. We are the respectable senior citizens of India request your kind intervention in this matter and kindly save us from this mental harassment.

Me and my wife are elderly and cant handle such extreme torture and cant accept the fact that our son is being named in a false and frivolous complaint. We are on a verge of giving up and if not helped would request you to please grant us mercy killing for both of us.

Questions: Forget about their son, but who is responsible for the traumatic situation this elderly couple are in? Does anyone even care for them? Is there anyone who would listen to them? Is there anyone who would intervene and make their life easy so that they can lead their remaining days with peace and with happiness along with their grand daughter? Why at the first place they were in a situation where they had to ask for mercy killing?

Editorial NOTE: This article is categorized under Opinion Section. The views expressed in this article are solely those of the author and do not necessarily represent the views of In case you have a opposing view, please click here to share the same in the comments section.
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