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How to tackle new challenges world is facing
We need to look at the alternatives as the present system across the world is highly flawed to tackle the new problems that the humanity will be facing soon.

OUR MATERIAL identification creates three kinds of urges - the urge to speak (mainly epitomised as a reaction to action), the urge or demands of the mind, and the demands of the body...One who practices resisting these urges is called ‘Tapasvi,’ defined as the one who practices austerities or the one who has mastered the technique of controlling excessive desires is also called spiritually oriented.

In other words, a human becomes aware of his position in life through the knowledge of the self and the environment he is living in. The knowledge, the object of the knowledge, the field of the knowledge and the position of the knower is called spiritual knowledge orientation. This can be in the form of Science or Yoga or Philosophy and the practitioner can be described as a ’Swami’ or a ‘Guru’; the one who is able to part knowledge to others for which he has no wish to bear any fruits in the form of material benefits.

It is written in Gita:

‘Vacah vegam manasah krodha-vegam

Jihvs-vegam udaropastha-vegum

Etan vegam yo vishesta dhirah

Sarvam apimam prithvim sa sisyat’

‘A sober person who can tolerate the urge to speak, the mind’s demands, the actions of the anger and the urges of the tongue, belly and genitals is qualified to make disciples all over the world.’

Unless one controls his mind and senses one cannot make any advances spiritually. In other words, being spiritual also means being detached from the modes of passion and ignorance. ‘Rajsic’ and ‘Tamsic’ as far as I am concerned is a scientist wishing to bear no fruits for his action, namely discoveries can be described as a ‘Yogi’ too. Those humanitarians wishing to take no credit for their splendid work in promoting the causes of uniting the humanity are ‘Yogis’ too.

Those humans who perform actions with the sole aim for self profit materially are said to be under the influence of ‘Karma Kanda’ and generally termed as materialistic and when the materialists cannot fulfil their plans or desires they become frustrated and angry.

Frustration of material desires produces anger and angry and deceitful reactions are always reciprocated in equal manner in a materialistic society, hence it all becomes a chain of reaction of the creation of environment, epitomised by the Lust, Greed, and Anger. And resulting into various unsuccessfully forced public atonements in the form of Law and Order as devised and supervised by various religious orders in the name of constitutional governments. In other words, a religion is prominently interconnected with the governance of a nation regardless of consequences and which generally becomes a quagmire of mazes of Laws substituted to overcome difficulties of previous laws of hypocrisy of previous generations.

The demand of a human body can be divided into three categories - demands of the Tongue, the Belly and the Genitals. One may observe that these three senses’ related organs are physically situated in a straight line.

As far as the body is concerned the individual bodily demands begin with the tongue and not the belly even from the childhood. The beauty here is if one can restrain the demands of the tongue in the form of the tastes one can easily control the demands of the belly and the genitals subsequently that is the reason why in Bhagvatam the Lord states ‘You be what you consume’. In a new born baby this becomes highly distinctive that the baby will refuse to consume anything but the milk from the mother. It shows the austerity is always sustained in human’s right from the conception.

There are six kinds of Rasas or tastes and if one becomes agitated by any of them the negative forms of actions are inputted from the mind (material science has rarely delved into this subject but the agitation of tastes has a profound effect on the behaviour of a human. This the reason why it has been advocated in Patanjali Form of Astang Yoga to begin everyday with balanced consumption of sweet and bitter fruit juices along with milk and honey.

In Astang Yoga, yogic exercises are forbidden until one understands the position of the self within the self’s living environment. That is the reason the guidance needs to be provided by a ’Guru’ who has the knowledge to be distributed to a student individually, and not en-masse as practiced by Baba Ramdev and Co., without expecting any benefits of his actions.

It can be concluded that the one who controls speech, mind, anger, tongue, belly and genitals is to be called a ‘Swami’ or a ‘Yogi’. The main problem confronting the conditional soul who lives in an environment of conflict is the freedom from eternal repetition of birth, old age, disease and death and this has nothing to do with any religion not even Hinduism as preached and practiced by the fundamental fake self benefitting ‘Swamis’@ like Asaram Bapu and other Shri Shri Shris like Ramdev and many others as we see in India today.

In human society, there are various religious conceptions with various characterizations and roles defined rigidly for women as totally subordinated to men. This is a concoction to control human minds and nothing else. In Vedas there is no mention anywhere of women subordination. On the contrary, a woman’s role is termed as complete and fully comprehensive and not only just complimentary.

However, a true religion is meant for attaining emancipations and not getting bread or used to create cultural differences, thus creating artificial needs. Sometimes religions are manufactured by humans for material advancements but that is far from the purpose of a true dharma. If our endeavour is not to enquire about the absolute truth we will simply increase our endeavour to satisfy our artificial needs. Those who are deceitful and have a strong will control others destiny through sermons from religiously contextualised books or other means to keep humans bided to the environment of the ignorance of the knowledge of the self.

Ancient Vedas belong to the whole humanity and not just Hinduism. They not only advocate the essence of being devoted to our creator, but also portray total knowledge of the road to attain pure austerity as the laws of nature decree. The humans have forgotten this path and that is the reason why our education systems need to be changed completely to accommodate the knowledge of the self - both material and spiritual right from the day one. Ultimately, let there be a choice of religion by knowledge as an adult and not by birth a custom of Kaliyuga.

One stage of Kaliyuga is coming to an end and that the dawn of the Age of Aquarius is looming large on the horizon. Humans all over the world should start asking themselves which way the humanity is moving after all we all have to live on this mother earth.

The differences are only in the minds of the controllers (The Danavas) and the urges of the mind should be controlled by taking the path of tolerance - the path Mahatma Gandhi walked on. Therefore, during his second term in the US, president Obama should start asserting the qualities of Gandhi and the results will just show for themselves.

Otherwise it is certain that this phase will just be the lull in the storm that will soon engulf the whole globe with the flames of greed and anger. Nuclear bombs and those nations controlling these bombs should now think seriously about the dangers lurking on the horizon.

Editorial NOTE: This article is categorized under Opinion Section. The views expressed in this article are solely those of the author and do not necessarily represent the views of In case you have a opposing view, please click here to share the same in the comments section.
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viren naik
IBarack I can not help but start swearing now.Please Please Please get the Trade facilitations going in Africa at once. This is the key to the new era that will soon dawn on the Earth.You need to track these shipments both imports and exports coming out of Africa and the resy of the world including Middle east will follow thwe line. There are fault lines everywhere and you guys are still sulking about Islam in your threee musketeer dreamworld. The world has changed in the last six months and for gods sake ask tyour pentagon,CIA,Saudi Arabia and Pakistani ISI to play silly games. They do not rule the world anymor.Two days ago it was Paris and insteaed of Inrospection the Impirialista are gatheruing on a solidarity march in Paris.Don'y cry after all your nations are atttacted one after the other .The game between the Intellegence agencies and terror outfirs of the world who are on the verge of uniting is now in the open and coming to all the big cities of the world therefore stop Islamisation of every incident and it is not AQ anymore it is just the terror organisations in all the countries who feel oppressed and had problems with the law in their own countries.There will be many more considering all the publicity this incidents have created. Familiarity breeds contemp therefore the time has arrived to introspect no more and no less .Let us all hold our bredth for a minute and start walking on the path of tolerance and non violence and inclusivity. That is where we will have to begin with the WTO and Trade facilitations based on breaking corruption and figting the control of MNCs via strict banking controls and above all inclusivity in all matters. This Merinews portal does not put all my comments the moderator swallows them I hope someone is forwarding to AD and you. Regards and God Bless Viren Naik
viren naik
Naren Sushma should wait for 72 hours before making a detailed statement on Peshawar other than saying we are together with Pakistan in mourning the loss of the innocent lives. There are events coming which will prove that Peshawar may have been the turning point in the sub continent's history. However I must warn you that this will be spoiled completely if any State or non state persons including the media makes any accusation of Pakistan proxy terror in India. I have warned you Krishna is standing with Arjun on the Kurukshetra now is the time for India to introspect as well. The RSS chief if he really is a Hindu should stop making statements on conversion because Hinduism is not a religion and Individuality is of greater importance evenGita olso gives importance on the individual relation between Atma and Parmatma and not Aatmas (Plural) and Parmatma on collective basis. I agree that there should not be ritualistic mass conversion but on individual basis everyone should have a legal right to believe in whatever religion one wants to on becoming an adult. There should be no publicity in Media and no political reasons for this change of choosing the path of one's relationship with his God. This is the reason I have been telling you for a long time that the whole of the Subcontinent will walk on the path of introspection together. Mother hope is walking towards India do not waste the opportunity of not recognising her when she arrives. Regards and God Bless Viren Naik
Viren Naik
David they have already killed over three hundred thousand women and children in Iraq and Syria. I can see how exited you are wanting to join the club of executioners to create another Gaza Or even worse. You are using a special previlege to recall parliament to give you the license to play the Droning game like what the Americans are doing all over the world. Do you understand what this means ? Do you understand how many innocent women and chilren will be killed because of what the British Parliament is going to do on Friday. UK has lost only one hostage so far and that too who volunteered to work amongst these people. You are using a false propaganda to convince parliament that Britain will be attacked soon. One child killed because of this childish murdering ambition still classifies you as equal if not more as the brutal sect of ISIL . The whole world knows that ISIL was created by Saudi Arabian dictate and it is this Wahabi orientation that the world needs to change. UK is one of the few countries who can still change the course of Wahabi violence through twin tracking and diplomacy. You are now throwing away the only discourse left for the World to escape from a looming Armageddon scenario which can lead to a Third World War. There are already countries who have not taken kindly to Obama speech at the UN. As I have warned you before wait six weeks before makng any decisions. The rest is up to you . Do not bring this War to the home soil and this will happen if even one in ocent child gets killed by your so called crusader bombing raids. Regards and God Bless Viren Naik
Viren Naik
Houston we have a problem. Rick Perry and co are on the loose. So it is true that Bibi has managed to dig tunnels under the Capitol Hill and listened to Kerry and Co. Well they do the same thing with the other members of P5 anyway it is their job to do it and the real purpose as always has been the political blackmail. Ask Bill Clinton he will tell you all about it..What is worrying is how they are using the Gaza Tunnels as the Prime reason to create an atmosphere of danger from the Gullible Palestinians which incidentally include Women and Children yes they should all be punished according to not second guessing at all Rick Perry. Let Bibi laugh the loudest for now and wait for a few more days and see how the tables get turned over ceasefire or no ceasefire. My greatest worry is the Greed of Bibi that will change the Image of Israel completely for the rest of the World. Just think about it the Iranians are only waiting in the Corner and they don't even need an Iron Dome for themselves as Bibi has thrown away all the excuses to attack Iran. They both are now a danger as far as the World is concerned .The image of Israel as a cruel aggressor full of right wing Rabbis surpasses the image of Iran as the land of the mad Ayatollahs. Do you think at this juncture Iran would want to have a peace accord with Israel? I am afraid Israel has blown it they can never be classed as a first world country where democracy takes back seat against religious right wing. So shall be written so shall be done but as far as Bibi is concerned the Ten Commandments can go down the drain. Leave them alone I did say the situation will sort out itself. Regards and God Bless Viren Naik
viren naik
This is how the world has changed...what would have Golda Mayer and Moshe Dayan thought of this!! 'There is only one way out of this Quagmire which will break the Status Quo. That Religious Right wing should be banned from Knesset and on the same token No weapons to be allowed anywhere in the Palestine. The day Israel stops from being an Exclusive democracy to an inclusive one the peace will prevail and nowhere in the whole of Middle East you would hear of a child killed by the weapons of War. All the so called exclusive religious Islamic countries will follow suit unconditionally to become inclusive democracies as well. However this needs a political will and only the common people of the lands can bring this change. As they say charity begins from home …Hope is only round the corner but we need the right vision and resolution to look for the mother hope. Regards and God bless Viren Naik Reply Mike Miller July 29, 2014 9:30 pm I hope you were trying to be sarcastic. If you really believe what you have suggested, you should contact the nearest psychiatrist and start therapy and antipsychotic medication. Reply Virendra Naik July 30, 2014 2:19 am My friend which part do you find that needs a do for the one that suggests Religion to be thrown out of the Knesset or the one that says no weapons should be allowed in Palestine. You can not have one without the other. Go back into the history and the words and the works of our founding father Ben Gurien and you will see how we have destroyed the real reason why Israel was created. The real reason for the Israel was not to save the religion but to save our inclusive way of living . Israel was not created to be ruled by the right wing Rabbais and Israel was never created to defend itself from self created apartheid. Only the time will tell but at present violence is not the answer to solve the problems. No matter how rich and prosperous our Nation will be our souls would still be searching for peace within us and the neighbours. That is the benevolent nature of the real Judaism. Regards and God bless Viren Naik Reply yessbecks July 30, 2014 4:23 am I suggest you find a good psychiatrist anyway. Couldn’t hurt. Make no mistake World the end will be there but it won't be of anyone's liking. The world must prepare for the worst imaginable scenario.. Regards and God Bless Viren Naik
viren naik
Electronic Cargo Tracking Note has a great potential and the first Country to discuss this in their National Budget is Tanzania. They have linked this provision with the Tanzania Revenue Authority who will have real time data and access to what information is input on the issuing of Cargo Tracking Notes. The information that will be provided by agents all over the world will be the Invoice Number, Value of Goods, Bill of Lading number, Number of packages in the shipment (a packing list), Insurance certificate details etc., The aim is for the customs to charge the right amount of duty and compare the prices in case a Fraud is committed by inflating prices hence a control on foreign exchange outflow and certain terror related issues. No consignment will be processed by Customs without a cargo tracking note and even the banks will not be allowed to release the funds without the CTN. The shipping lines operating to Tanzania Ports will have to issue a mandatory detailed information of what goods are carried for Import and an advance manifest of each voyage will be with the customs before the Ship arrives at the port thus easing the congestion issues. All the countries are going to benefit from this scheme and there will be little room for corruption and bribery as all the information will be available to the authorities which can be assessed by various audit departments. Obviously it helps with producing all kinds of Trade related statistics and supply and demand projections. It also helps with the security of the Country so that the resources are deployed to keep a check on pirate ports and smuggling of goods etc. The pirate ports will be watched like hawks and any fake goods especially food products and medicine will be nabbed straight away because the monitoring will be done by not one but six differentGovernment Audit departments.The so called stake holders are creating holders because they are the ones who are going to lose out completely and all the right revenues will go into thr Government treasurt creating a vast potential for genuine development . This has to be done on an urgent footing Barack otherwise these blind religions would take the humans to a degree of suffering and devastation to unthimkable levele. The education ,health and the economic methodology has to be changed and made totally inclusive. Mahatma Gandhi once said 'God never created a religion and God does not need a religion to instill a feeling of benevolence,non violence and tolerance . The religions are Man made and has no other perpose than controlling ordinary human minds emotions.Humans have only four emotions and religions are created to exploit them. The day the religions are kicked out of the governance the nationalism becomes obliterated and the free world of empathy comes into existence. No human is powerfull enough to resist the power Ahimsa . I can tell you with authority that the world is moving towards the dawn of the Age of Aquarius an era of a time where there will be no religions,no nationalism,no armies and no hypocritic social laws based on policing of human behavious.It will be a completely open society where the emotional needs of Humans and other creatures will be different. May be not in my or your life time but the advent of the Internet has alreadfy thrown the whole arena wide open. I can tell you my favourite World cup team is Columbia. Regards and God Bless Viren Naik
Batak for a long time I have been warning the world about AQ lurking around Israel. The Pentagon guys live in a world of their own creation thinking that they can control the world by fanning division and ultimately create a crisis which needs the participation of the rest of the Capitalist world if you include the Saudis into that club. All we need is just one little Nuke dropping anywhere now and not just Israel and India and suddenly the chain of events would bring the humanity at the brink of elimination. You have just seen Crimea and the dent in US Russia trust factor. You have seen China Japan spate. You have seen Nigeria erupt.You have seen Syria destruction and now Iraq where it all started.The AQ has once again shown it's ugly head but this time you have all the oil producers in the Mid East within the striking distance. You have Afghanistan and Pakistan internal turmoils. Well this is the reason Iran came on the horizon and this is also the reason why Modi came along. One of the reasons why China is wooing India is because it is definitely the last hurdle before the anticipated collapse of the caring face of the Capitalism . I am not writing this to lecture you but to warn you that the time of manipulation is over and for once the US will have to cut out the very existence of support channels network of Islamic NGO facade in I cent looking lobby's and media channels that corrupt the gullible minds of the Youth of that religion. It was 40 seconds to midnight. and now it has just become 39 seconds to midnight. Regards and God bless Viren Naik
Ok Naren the time of celebration is over and the serious policy work of running the nation begins. The first and foremost a decree must be issued by you that any MP that tries to disrupt a session of the parliament by using tactics that do not constituent within the statutes of running of a parliament of India will be given marching orders and would not be allowed to enter the Loosabha for three months. The rules of the Parliament must be respected and the rules have to be enshrined from within the constitution of India. The Judiciary must be independent from Government Control But accountable to the independent monitoring agency like a lokpal or an ombudsman. The Police force will have to be under Amit Shah but monitored by Lokpal as well. The People of India has given you the mandate like a mother trusts her eldest son there is nothing greater an honour than that but you now will have to prove worthy of this. Your first visit overseas should be to the Mother of Parliaments UK. Do not go forward to try to please any leader from overseas. First defence and economic infrastructure especially that helps the farmers. Do not be afraid of internal dissatisfaction and tackle the problem head on . There are lots of ego bags in your party and remember this the mother wants you to stay away from all the religious saints . The time has come to stay away from communality and be neutral in all matters with our neighbours which has Kautilya questions. Regards and God Bless Viren Naik
Viren Naik
So it is noted that M J Akbar has joined BJP well he is right A politician should have three hats. One for throwing into the ring,one for talking through and one for pulling out rabbits if elected.mankind will never see an end of trouble until..lovers of wisdom come to hold political power or the holders of the power..become lovers of wisdom.In order to become the master ,the politician poses as the servant.You see we have plenty of confidence in India,but we are very short of good men to place our confidence in.He has done the ultimate bargaining in this game : I offer my opponents in the right wing a bargain: if they stop telling a lie about me,I will stop telling the truth about them.Mahatma Gandhi once wrote : ' I do dimly perceive that whilt everything around me is ever changing,ever dying,there is underlying all that change change a living power that is changeless,that holds all together,that creates,dissolves and recreates'. ...M.J.Akbar has finally taken his steps on his way to become a future President of India...I warmly welcome him to take his way of thinking by joining the antagonistic in his own territory and terms and bid to bring calmness and reconciliation within the conscience of Bharatiya Janta Party. Mahatma Gandhi Again ' Non -Violence is not a cloistered virtue to be practiced by the individual for peace and final salvation,but it is a rule of conduct for human society if it is to live consistently with human dignity and make progress towards the attainment of peace for which it has been tearning for ages past.' Regards and God Bless Viren Naik
Viren Naik
Arvind ,Ever since reading Unto This Last, John Ruskin’s 1877 paean to the dignity of manual labor, in South Africa, Gandhi had had a credo to match his Victorian attitude of industriousness. Accordingly, he transformed his ashram into a workshop where each member engaged in substantial amounts of communal service, from working in the community’s kitchen to teaching in the ashram school to cleaning the shared latrines. The latter task was one of Gandhi’s favorite chores, both to do himself and to assign to others. He saw a person’s readiness to clean latrines, a major taboo in India, as an indication of a willingness to transgress deeply embedded social values in service of his movement’s larger ideals. This regimen underscored Gandhi’s central philosophical tenet: For India to achieve true independence, it needed a widespread ethos of service. More than political freedom from the British, independence to Gandhi implied the ability of a society’s system of self-governance to serve the interest of its citizens completely and without corruption. Gandhi was determined to show India (and the British) exactly what he meant by such service. A demonstration of selflessness and self-sufficiency, then, was the first crucial responsibility of Gandhi’s enterprise. However, given the nature of his social and political campaigns, it was by no means the only one. Of all the political events in Gandhi’s life, perhaps none is more famous than the Salt March of 1930. That theatrical act of defiance—in protest of the heavy tax on salt imposed by the British in India—catapulted Gandhi to new heights in his political career, as the image of this frail individual challenging a mighty empire captured the hearts and imaginations of millions of people around the world. Yet like many popular conceptions of Gandhi, this image is incomplete. Absent are the 78 members of the Satyagraha Ashram who accompanied him on his march, as well as numerous aides, lieutenants, and volunteers who worked behind the scenes to stage the historic event. There would have been no Salt March, no iconic Gandhi images, without them. A month before the march, Gandhi’s colleague Vallabhbhai Patel led a team that canvassed arid Gujarat Province to determine the best route. Chief among their considerations were the route’s proximity to salt deposits and to towns where local government officials would be likely to resign their posts on Gandhi’s arrival in support of the protest, as well as easy access for the news media so that it could report on the march’s progress. Gandhi had become a master of employing media coverage to make his efforts successful, and he and his team orchestrated the march so that it would be a sustained media event. They plotted a trail for a three-week trek from Gandhi’s ashram in Ahmedabad south toward the Arabian Sea, paralleling the railway line, which would be the primary means for maintaining communication—by both post and messengers—between the marchers and the ashram headquarters, as well as the conduit for the media covering the march. Arvind your march begins now..let us see if you have the resolve to go along the Gandhi doctrine. I am glad Anna has covered Mamta's pitch >She is my Ace and my friend M.J.Akbar is well aware of this two pronged attack on the corrupt sysytem. Regards and God Bless Viren Naik
Viren Naik
. Joy comes not out of infliction of pain on others but out of pain voluntarily borne by oneself . Non-violence is not a cloistered virtue to be practised by the individual for peace and final salvation, but t is a rule of conduct for human society if it is to live consistently with human dignity and make progress towards the attainment of peace for which it has been yearning for ages past. I do dimly perceive that whilst everything around me is ever changing, ever dying, there is underlying all that change a living power that is changeless, that holds all together. that creates, dissolves and r e - c r e a t e I accept the interpretation of ahimsa that it is not merely a negative state of harmlessness, but a positive state of love, of doing good even to the evil-doer . "It is no non-violence if we merely love those that love us. It is non-violence only when we love those that hate us. I know how difficult it is to follow this grand law of love. But are not all great and good things difficult to do? Love of the hater is the most difficult of all. But by the grace of God even the most difficult thing becomes easy to accomplish if we want to do it. Arvind this is what Mahatma Gandhi wrote and it is very relevant to what is happening today. Your real journey begins now.Every great story has been created by twin characters and Mahatma Gandhi was not alone his adopted som Mahadev was equally as creative of the freedom struggle of the lives but not the minds of all Indians. Your battle is for the equality of the Minds and there are going to be all kinds of hurdles from all the pillars of the nationhood. Mahatam Gandhi was an Anarchist too in his own self confessed words with Ahimsa being the focal point. No one can destroy the duality of Ahimsa and sacrifice especially if it is for the greater good of the Nation. You and Yogendra are the twins although the roles are reversed. The truue herio of my epic is definately Yogendra follow his advice and alllow him to lead where it matters. Regards and God Bless Viren Naik
Viren naik
The minute the Fox Tv started to bark into India's face we knew the game was now in the open. The Neocons and the Evangelists are at it again. They know that Barack was inspired in a way by India's Gandhi. The Americans can not afford to show the wages paid to Indian servants in India because none of them are paid 9dollars per hour and I mean those peons who work at the American mission like sweeping the compound etc. they are all paid Indian wage sect. This has gone too far down the Lane now and it will be an insult to an injury if India goes back to the massive privileges given to the Americans. They will have to Que. just like us the ordinary passengers. What is wrong with that any way. Sangita is now American problem not India's as she has been given an Asylum. When an Asylum is given the case against Devyani becomes null and void. But that father the Khobragade now has to be investigated thoroughly for land scam and avoidance of tax etc. This is a double edged sword one for US and another for India and the matter should not be left in Air once the relations are normalised .The Pandora's box is waiting to be opened and you will see India will need a few Bharara's of its own to get to the bottom of how those in the power have looted and sent money away to tax heavens. That brings to the moral of my story and that is the hands of the US CIA are ver strong and they hold a lot of information on where these illegal Indian offshore accounts are. The guys who are making noises must understand that US holds the upper hand and reveal where their loot is stationed. That would bring the justice to the people of India. Regards and God bless Viren Naik
Viren Naik
Lo behold! Now we are being told that Israel could have wiped out Iran Nukes two months ago before the Syria turn around. Let us put this in the perspective very clearly in very simple terms so that no one in the world will be under any illusions about the talks and walks of this cyber war. In my article Ii have mentioned about individuals gaining knowledge about the subject and the environment one is living in. Just look at Chernobyl incident in the old USSR. The reactor mploded and the winters that followed were horrific.We were lucky that the winds were very static and not flowing Eastwards with speed. Anyway let us assume that the Israel planes went in on Tehran and other sites which are quite a few miles apart and hit nuke sites that were active. FUKUSHIMA if that working reactor blewup today via bombs guess what would happen to Japan? Similarly blowing one working Iranian nuke will cause unprecedented misery for the rest of the world and if they hit the working plutonium one there won't be anywhere to go for humanity. Remember this Phalin and Yolanda are the living proof what Mother Nature can do and believe me they both blew eastwards therefore Israel receives every chance to get a taste of its own medicine. Actually Bibi is not hitting at Obama but at the ordinary citizens of USA to force their reps in the Govt to reverse the peace deal. The reason is very simple it will be the same population that will be coming after them to force Israel reduce its Nuke pile, They can not even dream about playing the Paki card because the whole world knows about AQ although uncontrollable now being the pet child of Israel/Saudi/Paki axis. Iran has definately realised that they have done enough to come out as good guys and join with the rest of the nations by denouncing unilaterally without conditions. Their only enemy is Israel and if they get under the NATO umbrella as the South Koreans have done what guts have Israel got to attack them. By earning the peace they would have done enough. However I believe the time is coming very near for both Israel and Iran mend fences and that Iran will cordially invite the jews back as they were before 70 yraer ago and the world then can concentrate going after the French nukes first and the rest will follow. Make no mistake we have to have our first agreement with Iran before 12.12.2013. Otherwise the writing is on the wall my friends. Regards and God Bless Viren Naik
Viren Naik
Barak Let us put it this way I have told you that you are going to alone in the crowd. Do not worry you have got nothing to prove to the world and you are not going to stand for a reelection. History will not and can not be cruel to you even if the Obamacare is not coming on stream properly. The Benefits will come only after your presidency is long gone just make sure you do not react negatively if a repealment motion is brought in. American politics is completely ruined by lobby culture and we all know it there is no democracy there simply there is no depth in culture or history to fall back on. That is the reason Hollywood has been taken over by the old world. It is better to concentrate on one thing at a time and rearmament of Nukes is very important for the whole world. The policeman can not be the Judge and the Jury at the same time. The momentum of History is such that time waits for no one. All you have to do as the leader of the Humanity is to walk the walk and not talk the talk . Leave that to the Likes of Fox tv. They are the professional muck throwers something akin to the oldest profession in the world and they are nobody's wives that is the reason they do things openly without ethics. The ordinary citizens of USA are not stupid and would not be conned by the neocons! You just carry on with your close associates and take the World in safe waters. That is all you have to Perdue and leave the rest to the destiny. Regards and God Bless Viren Naik
viren naik
It looks there is going to be a void in the coming History of the World. Dalai Lama should have been together with Mandela.The New light will funnell through into the location in the next 96 hours. In my thinking this is already too late the same thing happened with my Bapu passing away abruptly in 1948. The light did not get the continuity and it came through as a split to Nelson and Martin after so many years drift.The reason I have to be open about this because we do not have any alternative left. I know who the next reciepient after Lama is but this future King of a western country is not even born yet. Anyway it is time that Obama broke away from domestic compulsions and became a true world leader. Look at Afpak area and you will see what the scenario will look like with void created by Nato exit. Iran is getting ready and I mean really ready what you saw in Iraq is nothing compared to what will happen in Pakistan. They have been murdering Shias and Iranians are not going to be quiet any way it is already happening with Chinese blunder in Gawader. Indian Shias are waiting as well. Central Asia is due for a big upheaval because of the oppression of vast number of communities. You have a boiling pot of Shias,Uigurs,and the Tibetians aided by Hindu fanatics of India along with the Charlie Wisons of the Western World and 4 countries with Nukes and you have got a real equation here. This is the reason the Chinese should heed the advice and allow Dalai Lama to be with Mandela and may be his guidence will be available to avoid what is already in the making as I write. Do not tell me I did not warn you in Advance.We do not have much time. Regards and God Bless Viren Naik
Viren Naik
Let Tata go naturally there is a destined time you will feel it if you carefully see the nightlight in the sky around the light house off Robben Island. New light of knowledge is coming. This is natural human evolutuion.There will always be material power struggles with in humanity and with that oppression and material strife but that helps with the evolution in advancement of knowledge. However excess violence breeds destructive influences and the Mankind is at the brink of extinction if the Nukes are unleashed on the world as we have not acquired the knowledge,the will and the ability collectively to nutralise such elements. The Nature is the central focal point in the evolution of all living beings and matter that is required to sustain the system. Humans are only a tiny fraction of the scenario yet we have the intelligence to act but yet we do not have the capacity tounderstand the meaning of our action within the scenario. Nothing is permanent and believe me there is no such thing as one creator of the whole cosmos and even if there was we are 10 billion years behind in knowledge to learn the exact basic fundamentals of the God system. We say physics or psycology the boundries of our knowledge may only end with our solar syatem. however within our own universe 10 different dimensions of visibility of reality is in existence. Humans can not phathom this with the current collective reserviour of knowledge. Yes these things did exist 50000 years back but may be we were then used as what we are using Moon today. Aliens someone would say well it is for us to find out . Changing the subject 'Tata' is/was of unique breed and so was 'Mahatma Gandhi' my Bapu. They were ordinary in thinking and aproach but they were there at the right place and at the right time.South Africa was the designated place for the light to descend. The next stage is definately central Asia as someone has rightly pointed out. The roles are reversing it is the West who will play the role of AQ in central Asia looking to break Uiguirs but Tibet will be unique. Just wait and see the role India will play in all this. Mahatma Gandhi has been an Icon of many of those emerging from the third world but this time it will be the Leader from the West that will carry the torch of Ahimsa. Incidently the name of our guide in Kailash Mansrover trip was Badrinath. Now I am not saying that what happened in Uttarakand was because of him. My anger was against the travel agent and someone who kept harping about their char dham yatra. Regards and God bless Viren Naik
viren naik
Discussion on The Sunday Guardian South Africa passes Test of cricket with honours viren1naik • 7 months ago MJ If I am not mistaken WG once had a beard like that surely no white man dare to do that now lest he be stopped by the British let alone the American Bounty hunters. You are right my Bapu would have been overjoyed to see Graeme and Jacquie hug Amla but i believe the credit should also go to IPL through which they have both got to feel how plural India was but what a paradox in my own Bapu's land the real racism still rages on in the form of Caste segregation have you heard of a word called 'khap Panchayat' at rural levels ..well that term can be applied to Cricket Board of India too where only the rich can get selected .I truly believe that there are eleven players who are better than those playing today in each and every position who can do India proud in commitment ,courage and honesty.At least two of them look like Amla. More than half the Indian team today is sick both in the Mind and Physique yet they have no honesty to declare that simply because of those cricket ;Khap Panchayats'. South Africa has changed because they are Mandela's Children. India would never change despite we are Mahatma Gandhi's children. May be Norway was right not giving a Nobel to my Bapu because although it meant something to the World Indians would have never understood the meaning of such an honour like the Europe has never understood. It really hurts and tear of desperation roll out of my heart when I read this coming from you that my beloved India indeed is a land full of Paradoxes of the negative kind. It produces people like Gandhi whose life became the icon for people like Martin Luther King,Mandela and Obama to follow and at the same time used as signpost to remember the dismemberment of Old India into New India,Pakistan,Bangladesh etc only to come round to a Cricket innings to remind us how the world is changing the history of Humanity. Indian subcontinent has forgotten Gandhi while the World is now suddenly waking up to who he really was just look at my friends in Egypt firmly taking on the crusade of freedom for democracy. 'Gandhi lives on' Keep it up. Regards and God bless Viren Naik This is what I wrote to my friend M J Akbar about 8 months ago and this is how the Indian cricket has changed. I am afraid Nelson is struggling it is high time the other three wisemen Manmohan Singh and Dalai Lama paid their due respcts and visit him before the light house slowly loses the guiding beam.
Viren Naik
The day of the paradox has arrived for Pakistan and as predicted it will be a well balanced parliament and the same old story with some new youthful faces. I am not worried about what has happened here but what will happen within a couple of months after these elections. There are problems in the Army and the establshment Mafia as quite a few are thinking of coming out in an oper revolt against Kayani.The trial of Mush is in the background he may have left the country already via the backdoor. The Role of the Judiciary now comes into the limelight because the same old Mafia are going to commit the same old crimes again. The Judges will have to hit the trail as soon as the PM lands into his seat and get all the cobwebs off the Pandoras box and get the Federal Govt going.The Pandora Box trial can still go ahead with out Mush being in the Docks. Now if Imran becomes the PM it will be easy for them but if Nawaz lands the job it will be the Roller coaster ride like you have never seen before. Don't get mistaken for the UPA win in Bangalore they will have no breathing space at the centre one after the other ministers will go and then it will be the turn of the Dynasty. I think they will be wise to not sit on the situation like Ostriches as it would be better for them to cash in and call another election straight away and drop all those guys whose hands are stained by corruption. Otherwise the writing is on the wall Rahul!. Anyway the mother nature has not finished with the sub continent yet.The same applies to the Original Tea Party states. Regards and God Bless Viren Naik
viren naik
So now after reaching such a stage they are asking questions what next? Will the Army intervene in Pakistan to save Mush? Some will say they have no choice because once the Pandora's box opens every one in the power will have to run for cover and as a matter of fact you can already see from all the flights booked out for May and June the whole of who is who in Pakistan want to go abroad. But they are all waiting that is why there is a lull in the fortcoming storm. The outcome of elections or the sabotage of elections. Yes there will be more bombs droning on Karachi and other places where liberals have chances. You can say that if Nawaz Sherrif does not come to the power there will be another coup but with another General and not Kayani.The Guls ,The Baigs,The Assads are all at it pumping up the right wing taliban reared political parties. In short it may be a hung parliament a rigged election where the Army supported clown will be ruling again.. There is only one stumbling block. The Judiciary wisely guided by the Chief Justice and his legal friends and do not forget now he has powerful sympathisers in Western Countries too. Only he can stop this game of fraud. Mush is only a short chapter according to the Ex-Generals he will soon be smoking his cigar in Dubai or any other safe heaven where he can not be touched.. This is because of an argument that he is commited for trial as a doctrine of command which means all reasponsibility stops at his door as the main culprit but if he was not there to stand trial there will be no case against the rest. It is now vitally important that Mush is strictly cornered into isolation and nobody should know about his whereabouts in custody.If he is not tried in public the terrible Dusk awaits for Pakistan. The mother nature has a different agenda and that is if there is a coup in Pakistan there certainly will be a counter coup as a massive quarrall is about to brew up within the army. There are officers who have pledged for the good of the Nation just like the Chief Justice the mother Nature will prompt them up as well. This will well and truely also expose the ugly nature of the Secret Intelligence Agencies of the world because of the double barrel situation here. The more the trouble brewed in Pakistan the more Al Qaeda elements will strike at the heart of the Western Civilisation. There is one very worrying scenario what if a Nuke ends up on a launching site 100 miles from Israel (all these weapons coming through from the West African Shoreline. They must implement cargo tracking straight away because the customs officials are not capable or very corrupt.) Just do not say I did not warn you world it is either the new Dawn or the terrible dusk and the answer is in your hands o people and the governments of the world.. Regards and God Bless Viren naik
Viren Naik
Barack Obama you have said it the hands of democracy must be strengthend everywhere in Asia and Africa. The whole world knows that the current AQ terror is born and bred via the vested interests with the support of the rich in MiddleEast in Pakistan.. The world must come to the rescue of the Chief Justice of Pakistan and help him strengthen the hands of the Democracy in Pakistan by laying out rules that are enshrined in their constitution and not play in the hands of the corrupt as the army wants.. Only then the terror will go away from the hands of Pak Army. We must not rely on India which is in even a worst situatiion infested with corruption and infertite Justice system.The present Rape incident in Delhi has shown the world how impotent indian democracy is where they can not protect their own daughters. The Grass roots in both the countries are awakening at the same time. The South Asian spring is eminent and UPA will not finish its term and soon after Pakistan it will be the turn of the indian grass roots to turn on their own corrupt and criminal politicians.It is neccessary because both countries will try to emulate eachother when good things happen. You know what the politicians in both the countries will throw muck at eachother's countries like it has just happened in Kashmir to divert attention from the public minds and when the elections come there will be even bigger incidents which may lead to even a nuclear confrontation..remember 6 monts is a trial period for the whole world. Regards and God Bless Viren Naik
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