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How to tackle new challenges world is facing
We need to look at the alternatives as the present system across the world is highly flawed to tackle the new problems that the humanity will be facing soon.

OUR MATERIAL identification creates three kinds of urges - the urge to speak (mainly epitomised as a reaction to action), the urge or demands of the mind, and the demands of the body...One who practices resisting these urges is called ‘Tapasvi,’ defined as the one who practices austerities or the one who has mastered the technique of controlling excessive desires is also called spiritually oriented.

In other words, a human becomes aware of his position in life through the knowledge of the self and the environment he is living in. The knowledge, the object of the knowledge, the field of the knowledge and the position of the knower is called spiritual knowledge orientation. This can be in the form of Science or Yoga or Philosophy and the practitioner can be described as a ’Swami’ or a ‘Guru’; the one who is able to part knowledge to others for which he has no wish to bear any fruits in the form of material benefits.

It is written in Gita:

‘Vacah vegam manasah krodha-vegam

Jihvs-vegam udaropastha-vegum

Etan vegam yo vishesta dhirah

Sarvam apimam prithvim sa sisyat’

‘A sober person who can tolerate the urge to speak, the mind’s demands, the actions of the anger and the urges of the tongue, belly and genitals is qualified to make disciples all over the world.’

Unless one controls his mind and senses one cannot make any advances spiritually. In other words, being spiritual also means being detached from the modes of passion and ignorance. ‘Rajsic’ and ‘Tamsic’ as far as I am concerned is a scientist wishing to bear no fruits for his action, namely discoveries can be described as a ‘Yogi’ too. Those humanitarians wishing to take no credit for their splendid work in promoting the causes of uniting the humanity are ‘Yogis’ too.

Those humans who perform actions with the sole aim for self profit materially are said to be under the influence of ‘Karma Kanda’ and generally termed as materialistic and when the materialists cannot fulfil their plans or desires they become frustrated and angry.

Frustration of material desires produces anger and angry and deceitful reactions are always reciprocated in equal manner in a materialistic society, hence it all becomes a chain of reaction of the creation of environment, epitomised by the Lust, Greed, and Anger. And resulting into various unsuccessfully forced public atonements in the form of Law and Order as devised and supervised by various religious orders in the name of constitutional governments. In other words, a religion is prominently interconnected with the governance of a nation regardless of consequences and which generally becomes a quagmire of mazes of Laws substituted to overcome difficulties of previous laws of hypocrisy of previous generations.

The demand of a human body can be divided into three categories - demands of the Tongue, the Belly and the Genitals. One may observe that these three senses’ related organs are physically situated in a straight line.

As far as the body is concerned the individual bodily demands begin with the tongue and not the belly even from the childhood. The beauty here is if one can restrain the demands of the tongue in the form of the tastes one can easily control the demands of the belly and the genitals subsequently that is the reason why in Bhagvatam the Lord states ‘You be what you consume’. In a new born baby this becomes highly distinctive that the baby will refuse to consume anything but the milk from the mother. It shows the austerity is always sustained in human’s right from the conception.

There are six kinds of Rasas or tastes and if one becomes agitated by any of them the negative forms of actions are inputted from the mind (material science has rarely delved into this subject but the agitation of tastes has a profound effect on the behaviour of a human. This the reason why it has been advocated in Patanjali Form of Astang Yoga to begin everyday with balanced consumption of sweet and bitter fruit juices along with milk and honey.

In Astang Yoga, yogic exercises are forbidden until one understands the position of the self within the self’s living environment. That is the reason the guidance needs to be provided by a ’Guru’ who has the knowledge to be distributed to a student individually, and not en-masse as practiced by Baba Ramdev and Co., without expecting any benefits of his actions.

It can be concluded that the one who controls speech, mind, anger, tongue, belly and genitals is to be called a ‘Swami’ or a ‘Yogi’. The main problem confronting the conditional soul who lives in an environment of conflict is the freedom from eternal repetition of birth, old age, disease and death and this has nothing to do with any religion not even Hinduism as preached and practiced by the fundamental fake self benefitting ‘Swamis’@ like Asaram Bapu and other Shri Shri Shris like Ramdev and many others as we see in India today.

In human society, there are various religious conceptions with various characterizations and roles defined rigidly for women as totally subordinated to men. This is a concoction to control human minds and nothing else. In Vedas there is no mention anywhere of women subordination. On the contrary, a woman’s role is termed as complete and fully comprehensive and not only just complimentary.

However, a true religion is meant for attaining emancipations and not getting bread or used to create cultural differences, thus creating artificial needs. Sometimes religions are manufactured by humans for material advancements but that is far from the purpose of a true dharma. If our endeavour is not to enquire about the absolute truth we will simply increase our endeavour to satisfy our artificial needs. Those who are deceitful and have a strong will control others destiny through sermons from religiously contextualised books or other means to keep humans bided to the environment of the ignorance of the knowledge of the self.

Ancient Vedas belong to the whole humanity and not just Hinduism. They not only advocate the essence of being devoted to our creator, but also portray total knowledge of the road to attain pure austerity as the laws of nature decree. The humans have forgotten this path and that is the reason why our education systems need to be changed completely to accommodate the knowledge of the self - both material and spiritual right from the day one. Ultimately, let there be a choice of religion by knowledge as an adult and not by birth a custom of Kaliyuga.

One stage of Kaliyuga is coming to an end and that the dawn of the Age of Aquarius is looming large on the horizon. Humans all over the world should start asking themselves which way the humanity is moving after all we all have to live on this mother earth.

The differences are only in the minds of the controllers (The Danavas) and the urges of the mind should be controlled by taking the path of tolerance - the path Mahatma Gandhi walked on. Therefore, during his second term in the US, president Obama should start asserting the qualities of Gandhi and the results will just show for themselves.

Otherwise it is certain that this phase will just be the lull in the storm that will soon engulf the whole globe with the flames of greed and anger. Nuclear bombs and those nations controlling these bombs should now think seriously about the dangers lurking on the horizon.

Editorial NOTE: This article is categorized under Opinion Section. The views expressed in this article are solely those of the author and do not necessarily represent the views of In case you have a opposing view, please click here to share the same in the comments section.
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