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Political Play
Zulfiqar Shah
'I realised if we wore a Sindhi cap, we would be killed' 30 October, 2014
It was the summer of 1987. I was in Kalhora colony, Hyderabad at my uncles' place during school vacations. One morning when I got up and went to buy milk from the dairy of Chacha Deenu Soomro Shikarpuri, I found blood on the wooden gate of my uncle's house. There was a printed note on the door fixed with glue – Jeay Muhajir.
It was the summer of 1987. I was in Kalhora colony, Hyderabad at my uncles’ place during school vacations. One morning when I got up and went to buy milk from the dairy of Chacha Deenu Soomro Shikarpuri, I found blood on the wooden gate of my uncle’s house. There was a printed note on the door fixed with glue – Jeay Muhajir.

When I moved ahead, I found that almost all houses were carrying the same bloody note. I told this to my maternal uncle while handing over the milk-cane to my aunt. He said MQM (Muhajir Qomi Movement at that time, which is now Mutahida Qaumi Movement) wants to kill Sindhi. Later on, we came to know that if we wore Sindhi cap or Sindhi Ajrak (shawl) while visiting bazaar in Hyderabad and Karachi, we would be killed by MQM terrorists since dozens were killed until then due to that cultural weaning alone.

Later, we were shocked when MQM terrorists embossed MQM stamps on the chests of Sindhi girls from Soomra para (settlement) of Hyderabad, while many others were pierced through the electronic drill machines. It was a period of nightmare of us all.

Terrorists apologize

In 1998, I was a senior sub-editor at the OPED pages of daily Ibrat. MQM had tendered apology to Sindhi of what they did in late 1980s. Now they want to bridge the gap between Sindhi speaking Sindhis and Urdu speaking Sindhis. In a talk with MQM supremo Altaf Hussain by Sindhi journalists, I asked him his views on freedom of Sindh. He replied that in a free Sindh, Sindhi and Urdu speaking Sindhi would live together like Cubecs and the rest in Canada.

Meeting with terrorists

In 2000, I was a contracted Sindhi translator with the Jaffer Brothers Pvt. Ltd. Karachi. I found many MQM persons among my friends circle. We use to take early morning tea at Café Piyala near Nagar Chorangi and have Sunday evening snacks at MQM outlets in various parts of Karachi.

I came to know one claiming to be the nephew of Rehan Kana, a notorious MQM terrorist involved in the killing of hundreds and was living in Pili Kothi near Dak Khana in Lalu Khet, Karachi. I heard many stories from his nephew about Kana’s encounters as well as terrorist actions, albeit in a heroic way.

Once I met some Urdu speaking Sindhis from outside Karachi, who were settled by MQM in Karachi and were being trained in “urban warfare” (terrorism). I was asked by MQM Karachi’s senior person to join the party, which I refused. 
Killing their own

One of my friends had acquaintance with Khalid Bin Waleed. He was said to be the head of MQM militant wing. He was also known for his pro-Sindhi stance within MQM ranks and files. After Musharaf’s military coup, MQM patched up again with their mother – the military establishment of Pakistan. The day MQM’s Sindh Governor Ishratul Ibad took oath, Khalid Bin Waleed was killed. I was freelance journalist in Karachi at that time.

One of Urdu speaking journalist in Karachi told me that Waleed was killed by MQM itself on the demand of establishment after the patch-up because military establishment wanted to aside Sindhi-friendly MQM cadres.

Who formed MQM?

General Ziaul Haq in one of his speech said that he has given a gift to Sindhis. He also said that the time will come when Sindhi people would remember him, whenever they will see his gift. Sindhi political parties read this gift as MQM.

MQM was formed by Pakistani military establishment through the central leadership of the fascist and racist left wing seniors from Karachi. Pakistani establishment wanted to punish Sindhis due to massive Movement for Democracy (MRD). According to one senior Sindhi analyst, the military establishment was appeasing Arabs and their friends to develop Dubai at the cost of Karachi.

They also wanted flight of capital and industry from Sindh to Punjab. They sold MQM’s Indian origin to India; their middle class roots to Soviet Union (USSR), a promise for free-port to the United Kingdom (UK) because Hong Kong was to become China soon, and stationing of USA at the strategic most port of South and Central Asia as well as Middle East.

However, realities have changed today to certain extent. Once we read Altaf Hussain’s statement in late 1980s, “MQM is second defense line of Pakistan against secession of Sindh.”

MQM – Religious extremists’ nexus

In early 2011, an Islamist of the military establishment visited me in Hyderabad, undercover Pakistani civil society activist. He pledged me due to my Syed background (Syeds are thought to be the lineage of the holy prophet) to support them.

I asked why I should I support and what kind of support you have thought. He said he is in liaison with MQM and wanted my support in facilitation of archeological stuff from Sindh for smuggling so that they may earn amount. I don’t need to mention my reply in detail.

Definitely, it was a big NO. I shared this with one of Christian think-tank based in Rawalpindi considering that they would be the appropriate person. We cannot put our archeological sites on sale for the terrorists’ benefits. I was astonished to know that the senior of that Christian think-tank despite taking it seriously, was hiding and defending that military establishment person.

Jargon of new provinces

MQM these days have started jargon for creating new provinces out of Sindh. MQM is doing this on the push of Pakistan’s military establishment to strategically counter freedom movement in Sindh.

Besides, Sindh being natural resource rich land of South Asia, military establishment in association with MQM wants to control and sell these resources in their own way. This cannot be ruled out both have already sought billions of dollars from the various interest groups and since they don’t have control over Sindh, hence they want to take hold of it, by planning its division. What will happen? It is simple - Sindhi would never let it happen and Pakistan would break-up finally.  

This is a Citizen Journalist 's personal experience, Merinews has not verified the facts presented in the article, neither endorses any opinion of the writer.

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About The Author
Zulfiqar Shah is a stateless activist, analyst, and researcher. Although he is a refugee, and living a life in exile, he is a born Sindhi and South Asian. Currently he lives in India.
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