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If Christianity is bullshit, what is Islam? Ask google.
When you type Chrisitianity is in Google's homepage search, you will be shocked to find Christianity is bullshit as the query suggestion. but if you type what is Islam, Google auto results pane just vanishes.
First of all open the google homepage and type Christianity is. It automatically gives out a helpful list of popular and similar searches for the words that have been typed in so that one can find what exactly one is looking for. But when you type Christianity is, you will be shocked. It says Christianity is bullshit.
If you type in Judaism, google suggests other offensive search like Judaism is false and Judaism is not a race.
If you type Islam is in the google search engine, Google’s auto results pane just disappears. A strong debate has taken place all over the net and people are wondering that if Google is saying that Christianity is bullshit, what is Islam?
According to Google, the query suggestions that are appearing as one type are drawn form the searches that are done, if one is logged in, searches that are done by users all over the world, sites in the search index and ads in Google’s network.
Google should seriously look into this and try to remove or rectify such offensive suggestions, results. Be it Christianity or Islam, such suggestions should not appear.
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I posted this on another site but it works for this one too. Judaism was well established before Christianity which is a hodge podge of different offshoot cults of Judaism coalesced into one faith by the Council of Nicaea under the Holy Roman Emperor Constantine. While all three religions share the "Old Testament" it is the addition of later texts that make each its own separate and unique religion. Now keep in mind, all three of these are based on older "pagan" religions passed on through practice, word and storytelling. It's just by happenstance that they coincide with the beginning of the written word. Now, before this time there was no religion with just one god. So far we can date the belief in one god or monotheism to Pharaoh Akhenaton. It is believed that this is where one god faith started and that the Jewish nation brought it out of Egypt with their exodus. My family Christian from the south, My wife is Jewish and from Israel, I am agnostic, my beautiful 3yo daughter is whatever she wants to be and we adopted her from Kyrgyzstan. In Iraq I fought alongside Muslims and others of all faiths against Islamic radicals. Hate breeds hate, patience, understanding, love, kindness, tolerance and forgiveness is what makes the world go round. Religion is not for everyone. Personally, I like to live by all and by no religion. Take the best that they have in common and live by it. Cover your bases, they can't all be right so they are all wrong is my opinion. Is there a god out there that will punish me for an eternity for not believing in it because of a historical text and just trying for living my life as good as I can and treating others as good as I can? Could be. I for one would like to think this supreme all knowing, all understanding, and forgiving god would accept us all no matter what. If your religion makes you happy, and makes your life content, that is great. Remember that weather you are Christian, Muslim or any part of the over 4,200 religions, churches, denominations, religious bodies, faith groups, tribes, cultures, movements, ultimate concerns, etc. in the world, you represent your faith when you post. To get to the topic of the article if they would try more combos than just Islam is they would get a variety of choices. Second I was raised in the church but grew up and used what I learned to form my own opinion. Funny that the Old Testament is part of the Bible but you never want to use it. Your "God" is jealous and vengeful also. Don't forget it was your god that held the sun still for a day so a battle could be won in his name. Now on that topic do i need to go into listing all the other times God had one ppl kill another in his name in the Bible? It also fails to mention how Jesus was Jewish, there was no Christianity at that time, not until well after his death. The Council of Nicaea under the Holy Roman Emperor is the one that created the bible, not god. Islam is not what you make it to be, it can be used for evil just like Christianity in the crusades or by the KKK. The fact is this article was poorly researched and in such has show how much intolerance there still is in the land of religious freedom. It should never had made it to print. I agree that he is just a muckraker looking for his 15 minutes of fame. I still say for a laugh you should look up "why do I poop" it's hilarious.
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