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Importance of short-term courses over long-term courses for gifted artists
Are vocational short-term courses better for naturally gifted and talented artists? Does an artist require long-term courses or short-term goal oriented specialized courses which enhance his skill sets more suitable for him?

THE MANY art courses as available today in the market would be entertaining, challenging, and enlightening in all their aspects. I consider they go a long way in enhancing a person’s attitude towards art. Where I am concerned, they would surely enhance my personal journey and experience in the world of art hence enabling me to find more reasons to appreciate and study art. This holds true for me as I am a full-time artist. I know that art brings much needed beauty into our world. It is important for me as it makes my world a better place to live in, bringing with it a sense of fulfilled enjoyment and pleasure in my otherwise dull life. 

Art allows me to express truth and beliefs about myself and the society at large. It stimulates me intellectually and brings out all my feelings of expressions in color or black & white as per my choice of looking towards life. I after a long corporate stint chose to be an artist by giving my skills their due rather continue in a boring and bland lifestyle of a babu.

The problem what one faces as an artist is the choice between a long or a short term course. I preferred a short-term course where I learned how to paint, sculpt  and of course Abode Photoshop and the rest came with time and  practice. With continued practice I have become more apt and skilled as a painter. I consider all truly talented and gifted artists only require basic short term goal oriented, focused courses only.

There are innumerable of them on offer. My humble advise is that one should rather chose a course which has quality rather than a famous name attached to it. These courses are actually a godsend to an individual. Though I firmly believe that art is an innate quality, a god gifted skill given only to the lucky few. I believe that artists are born rather than made. Those gifted few only enhance their skill sets by doing courses which makes them competitive and marketable as they become proficient in all available technical skills connected with art. These skills go a long way in making an artist bring out the best in himself & to showcase himself as a talented person to the world. 

Art is something which actually makes thing valuable, much like advertising which adds value to a product hence God surely made this world artistically and  to give true value to his creation he created artists. He gifted talent to mankind so as to enable them to both understand and appreciate the true beauty of his creation.

An artist no matter however skilled needs to gain a little knowledge about various techniques related to his form of art to both excel and specialize in. This special knowledge is what these courses embark to an artist. Though today there is nothing which an artist cannot learn himself due to the availability of the internet, his robust intellect and of course his skills but still he needs a little education to fine tune his art. the dancers, the musicians, fine artists, actors learn the tricks of their trade through ‘Gurukuls’ or by  way of  courses but only if they have the gift.

There is another breed of individuals who though do not have the gifts but perceive themselves as artists hence they somehow manage to educate themselves more than a gifted person and call themselves critics. These stereotype see faults in beauty of art, complexity in simplicity of art and of course perceive what others cannot. They seemingly understand the truly gifted more than the gifted themselves. My advice is to keep away from opinions of such fools and give value to what you just like and love about artwork.

These courses are important by any artist’s perspective, as it would make an artist understand art better and its advances both culturally and in civilization by provoking thought, introspection, and discussion. These courses are a must for anyone who is a full time practicing artist. As you are well aware that the available courses impart a new and an important perspective towards an artist gaining an in depth knowledge  and unveiling of the little known secrets about the finer forms of his art. Gaining knowledge in these areas help him like me in both painting and sculpturing exactly with a balanced proportion of creativity and a definite connect with my roots.

An artist through knowledge also learns how to appreciate other artistic works and understand himself a little more. Today, more than ever these art courses are needed to participate in art forums for safe expression, to help commute with other artists and related peoples in the world of fine art. They are important for further art exploration, adding dynamics to their already healthy imagination, and to make them see art both culturally and historically from an eye of an artist.

However, these courses are not a necessity for a budding and a talented person for he soon learns to excel in his art form, education or no. The musician will always be able to play blissfully, the singer to sing passionately, the dancer to enthrallingly dance, the painter to paint lively and the sculptor to sculpt attractively. These courses only give them a technical knowhow about things which they can do better as a professional.

The choice of  courses should be simple, where content and duration is concerned. I would advise artists in today’s fast-paced and bustling world  to become a ‘jack-of-all-trades’ in the field of  their art form. I would prefer them to go for short term courses rather spend a lifetime studying long term courses. These give an artist a better opportunity to update his skill set in only a fraction of the time. This only holds true for artists as they only need to know the basics of their art form as his success depends  upon the quality of skills and practice only. Ranging from one day to one year, short term courses are perfect  for any skilled artist. If you’re looking to formalize your skills more and have ample resources at hand only then I would advise an artist to go for long term degree courses. I consider short-term courses to be the key to unlocking professional prospects, promotions or new career ventures – and they always  do wonders for ones creativity.

Editorial NOTE: This article is categorized under Opinion Section. The views expressed in this article are solely those of the author and do not necessarily represent the views of In case you have a opposing view, please click here to share the same in the comments section.
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