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Political Play
Ratan Sharda
Impotent silence of BJP & Central Government on Kerala and Bengal violence 03 February, 2017
Last few weeks have been very frustrating for any nationalist. On one side, one sees unheard of violence on RSS and BJP workers and their butchering in Kerala and unheard of oppression of Hindus in Bengal; on the other side there is impotent silence of top BJP leadership and Central government. Being a BJP sympathiser I didn't wish to be so harsh, but as days pass by, it is getting uglier and response by BJP more muted.

My heart bleeds when I hear of attack on children, women and men whose only crime is that they are organising Hindu society in supposedly impenetrable fort of Marxism in Marxists' own Hell. There are Hindus, supposedly a majority community in Bengal, whose only crime is that they are Hindu in a supposedly secular state that is blatantly keeping silent on Islamist goons attacks on poor Hindu folks especially in rural areas. Dhulagarh and Malda are next door to Bengal's capital Kolkata.

Violence against RSS and non-pliant citizens in Kerala is not something new. It began in 1960s with two attacks on the then RSS Chief Shri Madhav Sadashiv Golwalkar aka Guruji and an attack on venerated Swami Chinmayananda who was saved from violent Marxist mob by ABVP volunteers.

While earlier attacks were sporadic, violence has become endemic with advent of new Marxist government of Pinarayi Vijayan. In fact, he is one of the earliest accused in murderous attack on RSS volunteers in Kannur.

Let us be clear that the attacks are not just on RSS and BJP workers. Marxists attack anybody who doesn't agree with their views. A woman, child or man - may be a Christian or Muslim or a 'renegade' Marxist, punishment is severe and swift. Even animals are not spared. A Marxist leader Mr Raghavan rebelled and founded his own party, later joining Congress government.

Since, he couldn't be touched, his co-op society's zoo that housed cobras, crocodiles, monkeys etc and that made anti-venom drug from snakes, was burnt down. All animals were burnt alive. This is the level of savagery. Police stations are unofficial 'Party offices' where meetings are held.

Kangaroo courts of 'The Party' decide the fate of 'renegades' or 'counter-revolutionaries'. Someone may be bombed out, some may be maimed while some may deserve death. If the 'accused' is not found, his dog or family member including child may be hurt.

The fear that ground is slipping beneath their feet has made Communists more desperate, as one can see from rising frequency of attacks on 'Anti-Marxist' people. Families have been orphaned, widows left to fend their families in penury. Of course, media has no time for such unfortunates. You get to hear these tragic stories only on Social Media.

Bengal is slowly becoming a Kashmir. Right from stopping Durga puja in remote villages, stopping Durga visarjan because it coincided with Eid, to riots in Malda by Muslim goons, violence in Dhulagarh for more than a week; and latest violence against students who wished to celebrate Saraswati Pujo, Mamata has simply gone berserk. Same Mamata gives directions to celebrate 'Nabi Divas'! Innocent Hindus are suffering as there is no support from any political party. Their crime? They are Hindus and wish to live their lives as Hindus.

Media has either not given coverage to most of the incidents or done it perfunctorily. There is no outrage, there is no effort to bring these Marxists and Islamist TMC to electronic channels to respond to the horrific injustice and violence heaped on people. Suicide of an OBC student can create nationwide outrage but murderous attack and blinding of a Dalit leader of BJP goes virtually unnoticed.

RSS has been doing its best to mitigate the sufferings of such selfless workers and citizens, taking minimal care of the suffering families and fighting false cases put against its workers. It cannot take law in its own hands and fight back. This is what Marxists wish them to do and then exploit police to heap more injustice.

Most disappointing has been BJP's behaviour. One delegation went to Malda and one to Dulagarh. It was stopped, and the delegation went back. Their leaders were beaten up, a senior nearly beaten to her death and BJP took the beating in federal spirit! End of misadventure.

Only Adv. Meenakshi Lekhi went to Kerala for sole purpose of showing support to the victims of violence to the best of my knowledge. Nothing beyond that. The Home Minister offered his 'Kadi Ninda' (strong condemnation) and President of the party sent out a 'condolence' message on Twitter (may be by a letter too). Is this how BJP values its selfless workers?

A party that rules the Center, a party that rules largest percentage of population in through state governments seems totally helpless beyond this point. Buck being passed on in the name of 'federalism'. Is government really so powerless? Is party finding itself helpless to stop this orgy of violence?

I wonder, what stops top leaders with huge influence to create an atmosphere of revulsion against these perpetrators of violence? What stops the Home Minister or his deputy to visit the states and hold state government accountable and ask them uncomfortable questions? What stops it from prodding media to make culprits answerable?

Only a wave of negative publicity and revulsion about their horrendous behaviour can shame them. None of this proposed action disturbs 'federal structure'. Only people's strong opinion can stop this outrage.

But, BJP has done nothing like this so far. Will this support to hapless Hindus and others be treated as communal? Is this doubt worrying the leadership? But, will keeping quiet make its bitter critics and seculars hug them in glee and award them secular authentication? No way.

Supporting hapless citizens doesn't dilute development agenda. How will development help if Hindus are as good as dis-franchised and thrown to Islamist and Marxist wolves? I hope BJP understands that if suffering citizens decide to retaliate, it will become mayhem and result in breakdown of law and order, something that Secular crowd is looking forward to and has failed so far.

I hope wisdom dawn on BJP leadership and they come out of their slumber. BJP needs to break out of its self-imposed limitations and get over its urge to be 'good boys' at the cost of its core support base. No amount of self certification will make them darling of Pseudo-Secular-Libearl-Left cabal.

Editorial NOTE: This article is categorized under Opinion Section. The views expressed in this article are solely those of the author and do not necessarily represent the views of In case you have a opposing view, please click here to share the same in the comments section.
About The Author
Ratan Sharda is a citizen journalist. He has authored books like 'Secrets of RSS'. A marketing consultant by profession, Mr. Sharda is a keen observer of the country's political scenario.
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