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In the name of Allah, why jihad?
They say this fight is against the non-believers, but why then is it waging between Shias and Sunnis? They claim that their fight is against the NATO forces, but why then do their bombs claim innocent lives, who play no role as soldiers in this blind war? Bloodshed and then ending a life in the name of Allah? This they say, is Jihad! Who preached this law of the jungle? Can they claim it on the grounds of facts from the scriptures?

AGAINST THE backdrop of what these few misguided hide their weakness behind – the 'we are his messengers' logic – claiming lives, is their pride. But these merchants of death and destruction are making the word 'inexistant' popular and may be a day will come when Oxford or the Webster will reserve some space for this 'may-be-sprouting-in-the-womb' word, like Oxford plans to include 'jugaad'.

I have a question on moral grounds for these people. Will it not hurt if the bombs hit their own house, and if somebody kills any of their family members? Will it or will it not? They try to bamboozle Allah for their deeds and claim that they are right up there. A far cry – to what has been preached and written in the scriptures. No religion teaches violence and destruction. The one liner 'we will not tolerate the non-believers' – is merely a word of mouth based on 'N' number of illusions. If this is a contradiction, then they should come to the fore and prove its worth! A small bruise, a minute scratch pains a lot, but I wonder what kind of metal their heart is made of? No humane feelings lie inside: just killing, killing and killing.

The unending bloodbath caused by a handful in the Muslim world has killed the humane substance in them. And they don't understand that – it's not 'might is right', it is a 'whiff of something' what they are doing. Being ignorant of the fact that a handful of whom they target never die, the victims are always the innocent and people who are not at all at fault.

'Blast kills 28 in …..... masjid, '34 die in a market bomb blast', 'Car blast kills 68 in ….' are some common headlines one could easily see flashing over the TV sets and other public domains. And all who loose their lives were never ever the culprits for any wrongdoing. What is the question to be asked? Why then do they make masjids – the holy places, shrines, temples, their targets, why?

I am writing this with a purpose, with a feeling of hatred, with a feeling of anger and fury, with a purpose to awaken the 'aam aadmi'. Getting people awakened by the scores is not my aim, even if 2 or 3 may get awakened, my 3 hours of writing this will be reward enough. The inside animal is eating the human, the termite is making lives shallow and we are still the mere spectators! Listen to the voice of the divine inside you! Listen to what your heart says! Deluded with the single name religion, you can't put humanity and life at stake, as the fact is you yourself are human beings. Why this hatred? For whom is this destruction?

Seek the answer: what is the end result, what is the outcome? It is not a solution, it is not the way. I appeal with a heavy heart, this is not about religion, not at all about religion...this is about humanity, all about humanity and lives!

Live and let live. Don't destabilize the universal rhythm, don't play with the universal rules. You have no right to let this continue or end lives. I appeal with a passionate mind, think, re-think, and think time and again: is this the way? Let me give you a solution: ask the bullet, ask the bomb, if they can identify and kill the culprits, then go ahead and ask me as well to join the purpose... I will happily come after for the training!     

Editorial NOTE: This article is categorized under Opinion Section. The views expressed in this article are solely those of the author and do not necessarily represent the views of In case you have a opposing view, please click here to share the same in the comments section.
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