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In the US politics as well as in India - Very interesting times ahead...
Success has many fathers while failure has none. Now, after the Karnataka defeat of BJP, they're saying we didn't use the name of Shri Modi ji in this election and hence the defeat. Tathaastu - so be it!

Anyone could read the frustration that is writ large on faces of RSS camp followers. Indians would be enlightened, onwards, to the reasons of this debacle; new promises would be made and history of Indian cities would be redefined to suit the new-RSS nationalism philosophy; new names of districts, cities, towns, roads and institutions would appear and 'minions of no-consequence' of past would be pitted against the tritons of freedom struggle like Nehru and Gandhi. 

However, the reality of past can't be changed. You can only transfigure it. What had happened had happened. You can make a mouse a Tarzan but it would be possible only on paper. So, what do we learn from Bellary story? It a shocker that has become one of the most discussed political developments since Tuesday. It is offering parties opposed to the ruling coalition at the Centre a ray of hope that the tide turning. It would be interesting to watch what new events, tricks and dramas would be enacted to touch the visceral, sentimental, religious chord of innocent Indian to garner votes. 

The statistics show that the BJP lost some nine parliamentary seats since its 282 seats in 2014 but the defeat in Bellary is significant and comes close to the reversals the party faced in Gorakhpur and Phulphur in UP earlier. The comparison is pertinent since Gorakhpur was a BJP stronghold first due to Mahant Avaidyanath and later Yogi Adityanath, both of whom were heads of the religious Gorakhpeeth order.

Adityanath vacated the seat on becoming the UP Chief Minister but neither he nor his Deputy Chief Minister Keshav Prasad Maurya, at Phulphur, could rework their magic to retain the seats for the party. Bellary is the repeat of Gorakhpur.As the elections of many state assemblies are looming large ahead, we have ample time to see how the wind blows. 

My topic of immediate interest is not the BJP's defeat but the development in US politics where following the much-anticipated midterm elections on Tuesday the US government has been split between the Democratic Party and the Republican Party. The House of Representatives will be narrowly controlled by the Democrats and the Senate will remain under the control of the Republicans. You can call it a democratic political gridlock. 

Losing the House of Representatives to the Democrats would not make President Donald Trump a weak President. The Republicans have won more seats in the Senate. With a slightly increased majority in the Senate, President Trump would now have an easy time appointing whoever he wants to direct his foreign policy. Now Trump could appoint new ambassadors to posts more easily and more quickly, and he can likewise fill vacant positions in the State Department with people of his own choosing. The increased Republican control over the Senate would help Trump control American foreign policy. 

It would have been a different scenario if the Republicans had lost the Senate. In that situation President Trump's foreign policy would have been beholden to Democrats, who could hold up or deny any personnel appointments. Now Trump is free to pursue his own policies for at least the next two years. 

However, it would not be an easy time of President as for at least two years with Democrats controlling the House they will almost surely begin investigating every detail of Trump's actions and life. They could also probably investigate the business of his family and the activities of many people in his administration. Committees in the House have significant investigatory powers, which mean they can distract the government and the people of the US and might tarnish the image of Trump. The Democrats in the House will look for any scandal they can find to hurt Trump politically. 

But here the move is checkmated. The House cannot actually do anything about any scandal it finds. The House cannot prosecute anyone: That job belongs to prosecutors who work under the President. The House can vote to impeach the President and other government officials, but that would end in a stalemate because the Republican Senate would not convict them. In other words, the Democrats in the House can only create distractions, even if they find true scandals. 

However, as the new stories about Trump's adventures, past and present, would resurface, it will detract the President from the most pressing global issues as North Korea, trade negotiations with China, the Iran sanctions, the war in Afghanistan, and the future of NATO.

Very interesting times ahead for India and the US…

Editorial NOTE: This article is categorized under Opinion Section. The views expressed in this article are solely those of the author and do not necessarily represent the views of In case you have a opposing view, please click here to share the same in the comments section.
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