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India: Academic perception and vision
The two days event of RSS chief in Delhi recently motivated me to give my academic perception and vision of India as a teacher. To my mind, India as Bharat made of two words 'Bha' –meaning knowledge and 'Rata' meaning devoted as a knowledge seeker and needs to be promoted at the international level as a knowledge economy where 'Sarswati' is equally if not more than 'Lakshmi is worshipped.

Bharat is the only country called India in English dictionaries as independent nation declared in August. We need to understand, analyze, interpret and adopt  INDIA as independent, non-violent, democracy with integrity and amity.

We celebrate Independence Day on 15th August which stands shared by South Korea from whom we have to learn certain lessons for becoming economically independent with favorable balance of payments. The choice of Indian Independence Day on August 15 is probably the tribute to Maharishi Sri Aurubindo Ghosh whose birthday is celebrated annually and must be known to the Indian youth of today and tomorrow with his contributions. Our culture of 'Haste makes waste' – the quickness will lead to delays' deserve to be replaced by 'Palli Palli Culture' of South Korea which mean hurry up, hurry up and be quick in doing things at all levels of operation in the economy with honesty of purpose.

The declaration of the birthday of Mahatma Gandhi as International Non- Violence Day by UNO is a matter of great satisfaction for any Indian like me. But we have to understand the meaning of non-violence in economics which is the requirement of the day as 'needonomics' (economics confining to needs).   To my mind the root cause of the entire domain of economic and non-economic problems is greedonomics (economics of greed) which causes tensions, stress and worries of all kinds. We must possess the knowledge of the harm done by greedonomics and rajasi tendencies prevailing in present times.  To fight against corruption, black money, fake notes, terrorism and purification of India,   demonetization was not sufficient. To make it sufficient, we needed to replace rajas guna by sattava in the evolutionary manner and not  the revolutionary spirits of the Prime Minister .The improvements in human behavour need efforts for a long time but certainly justify non-violence in economics.

Democracy in my beloved nation is strength as well as a weakness. We hold election after election is a strength but still voting rate is ranging between 60 to 65percent is the  weakness deserving attention of all the stakeholders. Hope in eyes, dreams, new flights in mind, enthusiasm to do something new is called youth. To determine the future of a nation, the youth need to be motivated to change the course of action from impossible to possible. The improper use of the youth by the political parties in elections can bring uncertainties. The situation of directionlessness leads to negative energies. To make life relevant for the society of today, one need to understand the importance of real education which is to be accepted as proper, productive and practical use of hands, head and heart. Lack of patience, confusion, intoxication, greed , violence are the prevailing life styles of youth. The introvert tendencies are developing due to excessive use of internet. The relationships are breaking.

Integrity of Indians is known to the world which provides employment opportunities in foreign land more than India. I believe that Indians are poor and unemployed in India only but when get chance to prove the honesty and integrity, there is no dearth of job opportunities outside if not in India.

Amity of Indians living together with four generations under the same roof is the attribute of the great strength of culture but under threat with the emergence of nuclear families particularly in urban areas.

 The swadshi movement of the freedom struggle is not relevant in present times of globalization in post WTO era with both positive and negative implications. However, we need to perceive and accept globalization as internationalization of Indianization. 

To avoid making a mountain out of a molehill, we need to ignore some if not many little problems in day to day life. To cherish the uninterrupted celebration of life, we need to guard a tiny ant which comes your way like an elephant. Let us not sit on the trifles for too long and forget them. Let not tiny beetles subjugate the giant within us.

To be free like a bird who flies high in the sky and succeed in our endeavors, we need to be emphatic on certain issues of relevance. We must be enthusiastic and integrated like never before to do ethical politics without war of words and learn to appreciate good things done by the people around us instead of the blame game which is bad politics having no place in the hearts and souls of nationalists in and out of India. We need to become street smartand not over smart and stupid smart like some if not many people.   Being street smart means one have a good environmental or situational understanding with knowledge of what is going on around and happening around in the local environment with relationship management.

 Being street smart does not mean one is 'uneducated' or 'unintelligent'.  A street smart person believe that value lies in knowing things and reading things and are not street wise, or wish to be more so. It cannot be denied that the books smarts are indeed smart. We find some of the brainiest and most knowledgeable people around us. They may be book smart and can be described as 'exam smart', or 'academically smart' also.

We are able to make judgments on the  prevailing scenario both economic and non-economic, the place and people around us in the society. We are able to trust the personal judgments of the intellectuals and scholars. We need to understand the facts and call it gut instinct, and I have a   point which may or may not get the attention of the politicians in power but certainly readers are free to comment.

*The writer is Vice Chancellor, Jagan Nath University Jaipur.

Editorial NOTE: This article is categorized under Opinion Section. The views expressed in this article are solely those of the author and do not necessarily represent the views of In case you have a opposing view, please click here to share the same in the comments section.
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