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India can't afford to lose 'The idea of Persona Anna!'
The verbal spat between Gopal Roy and V.K.Singh is really in a very poor state and rightly Anna rebuked Gopal Roy! However such spat was not unexpected as rivals of Anna followers already stooped so low, that any one is not surprised at all at such indecent scenes!
Also a million dollar question is why Anna started a fast again contradicting his last stand, that he will never fast for Jan Lokpal, rather he will travel pan India to awake people for compelling the general elections 2014 contestants in the line to either promise Jan Lokpal or lose the vote!

This fast is definitely not for the Lokpal UPA is proposing as it was rejected last year as Jokepal! Thus what’s the point in doing a fast? Isn’t it meaning that Anna too endorses this so-called Jokepal? Or his present team proposing to end the fast with last years resolves to go to people again? The confusion among people is understandable, but very easy to dissect! Read on from the beginning to understand the real issue!

Anna, no doubt is a rare personality in the present era. His persona remembers everybody about true Gandhi-follower! Thus the activist group ‘India Against Corruption’ makes him the mascot for movement against corruption and for a Jan Lokpal.

With the very honest and true intent coupled with Anna’s persona, the movement started catching public imagination. Even BBC, CNN etc broadcasted his fast calling it 'India’s anti-corruption leader’s revolution'. People from many quarters including general public started joining & connecting Anna! Thus Anna became the symbol of anti-corruption.

In the mean time Arvind Kejriwal did very hard work and became first commander of Anna. It's because of Kejriwal, Ramdev was distanced from Anna movement though they mutual respect and appreciation between Anna and Ramdev remained intact.

In due course, there started a rivalry between Anna groups. Many team members didn’t like Kejriwal’s rise easily! Hence when 'Team Anna' declared that they are going to constitute a political outfit for the sake of Jan Lokpal, many of the team members didn’t agree to the idea as they find Kejriwal taking the lime light!

However Kejriwal managed Anna to say while ending the unsuccessful fast that ‘I have decided that my team will be in politics, though I will not contest! However, I will not contest neither would fast! Rather I would travel across the Country, sensitizing ‘No Jan Lokpal No vote!’

Kejriwal and his fraction then turned from activists to politician, but with a difference! They jumped in to the dirty electoral politics with an intention to cleanse the politics setting examples  and following clean and transparent system. This is definitely a good and honest attempt and Delhi public's rewarded them with 28 seats trusting their intent!

However, when AAP was getting public attention, his rivals in ‘Team Anna’ were successfully able to distance Anna from AAP. A sting operation, CD leak etc is done by Kejriwal's rival in Team Anna! Had those things didn’t happen who knows, that AAP would have got clearer mandate?

But Kejriwal’s rivals knew that AAP is going to get some eye catching success at least and hence, they planned for this fast to make them relevant in the emergence of Team Kejriwal!’ Simple Anna couldn't understand this and agreed for a fast again in the name of Lokpal! Anna is still a mascot for AAP, thus people from AAP has to come to the fast venue! The rivalry was so bitter that first there was an attempt to assault Kumar Biswas and then Gopal Rai and V.K.Singh got engaged in verbal spat!

In fact those who know the inside stories know very well, that there is a bitter fight in patenting ‘Persona Anna’ in their favour! This is where the idea of Anna is being defeated!

I always think that Arvind Kejriwal did the right thing by coming into the electoral politics. If you need to clean Gutter, you need to be Gutter-sniper! I also agree to them, who chose to remain activist without being a part of the electoral contest, because India needs such type of activism.

To what I disagree is the cheap cock-fight to claim Anna’s inheritance! As I said persona Anna is a rare event and he can’t be limited to any fraction. His legacy in true sense is Pan India! He can’t be like bitter fight-center of property.

None should use the persona Anna for their personal or group benefit; none should try to fail the idea of Persona Anna! Whoever is doing, they are doing a great disservice both to the nation and to the Anna Movement! In the present scenario, Anna is the only persona, all Indians have an unequivocal trust in him and persona Anna has the ability to spark patriotism and revolutionary thought among Indians irrespective of caste, creed, race and religion for a right and just cause!

Everybody knows Anna is a simple man! But he is also expected not be used or guided or even carried away by any fraction’s instigation. India can’t afford to lose ‘The idea of Persona Anna!’

Editorial NOTE: This article is categorized under Opinion Section. The views expressed in this article are solely those of the author and do not necessarily represent the views of In case you have a opposing view, please click here to share the same in the comments section.
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