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India in 2017: A hope
To make 2017 as the best year with potent and precise wisdom in India as independent, non-violent democracy with integrity and amity, we need to push forward the cashless economy with caution and care which is my wishful thinking if not hope.
Let there be no queues before the banks and their ATMs. Let there be no pain to the masses caused by demonetisation termed as 'short term pain' by the prime minister. We need to address the growing social unrest and discontent due to discriminations and deprivations in the largest democracy.

Let politicians in power stop hoping gains for political mileage out of the controversy in post demonetisation scenario. Let the allegations by the opposition leaders prove wrong that the people stands trapped in the vicious circle of poverty with broken backbones by demonetisation.

We needed to create faith and confidence among the people about financial management with transparency which stands missed. We required continuous dialogue on policy issues as the entire process of demonetisation caused some disruptions which may lead to implications in the performance indicators of the Indian economy.

As an economist, let me share that expectations of corruption, population and inflation in the economy cannot be controlled by the measures taken which needs change in the mindset. To stop rumors of various kinds, we need to come out with clear-cut policy. Crisis after crisis is caused by confusions created by rumors for which we have to take concrete measures.

The Government needs to be vigilant on the statements of the economists and politicians. To stop chaos, we have to design long term policies with vision and mission mode governance along with political reforms long due.

There is a strong case against filing affidavits by anyone anywhere for anything as in Haryana. Let Aadhar Card downloaded from the website as identity proof be accepted as it contains the details which can be verified by any computer literate person. Let Prime Minister ensure Hindi be taught in schools up to matriculation in 29 states and 7 UTs including Gujarat where it is not compulsory subject up to matriculation.

We need to ensure no cheque is bounced which calls for amendments in the Negotiable Instruments Act governing cases related bounced cheque. It is pertinent to note that 18 lakh cases of bounced cheque are lying pending in courts including 38,000 in High Courts.

Let us ensure minimised court cases with reduced litigation which calls for out of court settlements and strengthening relationship management at all levels of operation in the Indian economy. Let no one be allowed to issue the cheque without sufficient funds in their bank account. No one should be allowed to issue post dated cheque.

To improve the punctuality of the staff in all public offices, let the heads be on time in their respective offices which is necessary and sufficient condition for ensuring good governance.

We need to think out of the box solutions for new funding arrangements for the infrastructure which calls for the rate of increase in capital expenditure faster than the increase in revenue expenditure. A proper pricing policy for birth certificate, marriage certificate and death certificate, I believe can be alternative financing can go a long way not only for the local government but making it possible to share the resources with state and central government.

Let the politicians in power muster the courage to say no to any kind of reservations, which is the cause of causes for inefficiencies at all levels of functioning in the otherwise Incredible India.

For ensuring co-existence of both Hindu and Muslim communities in Ayodhya, let the government announce international spiritual university where all religions are taught and researched for promotion of secularity as coexistence of religion as milk and sugar and not like oil and water. This step taken by the Government of India will prove its capabilities of international diplomacy of highest order in bringing peace not only in Indo-Pak relations but also at the level of United Nations justifying a permanent seat in Security Council.

Goods and Services Tax (GST) can prove to be the most important structural reform by the Modi government and can ensure 8 per cent growth rate in the Indian economy in the next few years, if implemented with political willpower. The politicians both in power and opposition need to be faithful to the intentions of the will of people as envisioned by Dr. B.R. Ambedkar.

Let wisdom of the economists from every nook and corner be utilized at all levels of operations in India coupled with economy in execution of all the programmes and policies as advocated by Ambedkar in his canons of public expenditure.

To move on the ladder of success with morality, opulence, victory and empowerment (MOVE) in all times to come in 2017, we need to believe that Lord Krishna and Arjun are with us- the message is called Eka Sloki Gita (the last sloka 78 of Gita in 18th chapter- yatra yogeshvarah Krishno yatra partho dhanur-dharah tatra srir vijaya bhutir dhruva nitir matir mama).

To achieve efficiency, sufficiency and equity in Indian economy, we certainly need good governance, which means a SMART (SIMPLE, Moral, Action oriented Responsive and Transparent) model of administration at all levels developed by the writer in the book 'Economics of Human Resource Development in India' (2011).

To fulfill the desires, wants and demands of all kinds in 2017, one needs to unite with GOD for becoming SMART in strict sense. This is the only path to be followed for peace, progress and prosperity. We need to believe the role of God (Krishna) in every activity individually or collectively and imbibe the message in sloka no 14 of chapter 18 of Bhagwad Gita 'Adhisthnam tatha karta karanam ca prthag-vidham, vividhas ca prthak cesta daivam caivatra pancamam'.

Meaning thereby, the place of action (the body), the performer, the various senses, the many different kinds of endeavour and ultimately the supreme soul- these are the five factors of action. Let me say that any action by anyone including Prime Minister is excellent if it benefits maximum people and result in minimum pain to them for all times to come.

(The writer is Former Dean of Colleges and Social Sciences, Former Chairman, Dept. of Economics, Kurukshetra University, Kurukshetra)

Editorial NOTE: This article is categorized under Opinion Section. The views expressed in this article are solely those of the author and do not necessarily represent the views of In case you have a opposing view, please click here to share the same in the comments section.
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