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India is weak in handling the problem of crime
Human beings with a criminal bent of mind, who, generally speaking, are misfits in human society, commit crimes. These criminals get into the habit of making easy money and while doing so don't care if they have to bump off their victims.

OF LATE, crime is on the rise across India and the new tribe of criminals is maintaining the upward trend. Sociologists have analysed the causes and concluded that the social order has collapsed and it has given an impetus to criminal thought and practices.

In India, the basic unit of the society, the joint family has almost collapsed and disappeared from the social order. Once the source of sustenance to good order and social discipline had disappeared, there was a vacuum and there was nothing else left to bind human beings together socially.

The moral authority of the human society now had no legs to stand upon. A new tendency made an appearance in the human society - everyone for himself and herself. Selfishness was the overpowering human trait and the teaching, service before self just remained dormant on the pages of books of religion and morality.

Decline and fall

With the decline of social authority that gradually led to its fall, the moral structure also collapsed. Criminals considered themselves above law and they could buy that system of dispensation of justice that separated the outlaw from the law abiding. The ill-gotten wealth made them so arrogant and drunk with illegitimate power that the real seat of authority, government of the day cowered. Corrupt practices of the lowest order had eaten into the vitals of men who ran the show and they became absolutely hollow and too feeble to resist criminals, leave alone bringing them to book.

The judiciary pleaded helplessness to punish criminals unless witnesses deposed under oath and the prosecution proved the charges beyond any shadow of doubt. Sadly, the judicial process could never be carried to completion because witnesses failed to turn up in courts of law because they were too scared of the muscle power to face to court of law. Witnesses for the prosecution were subjected to threat, inducement, promise or bribery and they failed to depose on oath before the judge what the truth was.

Thus the system of criminal justice failed to deliver the goods and put criminals in prison. Criminals went scot free, roamed around in street and the law-abiding citizens sat subdued sans police protection in a remote corner. Neo-rulers made money in millions and had to travel abroad day after day to stash illegitimate wealth in benami accounts in Banks of Loot in a remote corner in a foreign country like Switzerland. The aam aadmi or the much talked about common man suffered privation and rarely ate two square meals a day.

With the result the crime graph went up and up but the morale of the people went down and down. The bank balance of the corrupt politician swelled with the ill-gotten wealth but the state of the State became more and more pathetic day by day. The common man in a foreign country like Switzerland, in whose name the country was looted by its own political leaders was in no position - physical, mental or spiritual to rise in revolt against the daylight robbery in his house committed by its own leaders.

The Fall of Bastille and the French Revolution were a distant dream in the land of Ahimsa. The untold suffering and misery went on and on. Sickness, education of children, festivities on Dussehra and Diwali were like building castles in the air. The rulers were the legislators and ministers who had spent a fortune in getting the party ticket and influencing the ballot through bullet, if need be, made illegal money as the return for the massive amount of money he had spent on the process of occupying the present position of power.

Punishment playing truant

It is the constitutional duty of the State that it employs its police, paramilitary and if need be even the military to apprehend and punish the perpetrators of crimes. The citizenry will lose faith in the government of the day if it fails to carry out its basic duty of providing protection to its citizens from the lawless elements of the society. If the law-abiding citizens continue to live in a state of permanent fear of the outlaw, the citizenry will succumb to the threat of criminals.

To conclude, one may say that India is rather weak in its handling of the problem of crime. May be, a change in leadership at the Centre brings about the necessary change in nation’s attitude towards crime and terror. The law must take its own course irrespective of the caste, creed, region and religion that the terrorists/ criminals may belong to.


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