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India must take its new Pakistan policy to its logical conclusion
In his 70th Independence Day speech from the ramparts of Red Fort, PM Modi for the first time in 69 years old history of Indo-Pak relations mentioned about human rights violations in POK and Baluchistan by Pakistani authorities. This heralds a big change in the India's foreign policy towards Pakistan, which till date was extremely soft despite all provocations from Pakistan.

Looks like Indian political masters are now realising that our softness towards Pakistan in the hope that one day Pakistan will understand its folly, which has led to Pakistan being totally isolated in the world and economically a bankrupt as also a failed state, has not paid off.

On the contrary all these good faith actions by us are taken as our weakness by the Pakistanis, specially its Army. Time has now come for us to pay back in kind. By remaining a good boy we may have earned world praise, but it has costed us a lot.

Why maintain second largest Army, fourth largest Air Force and fifth largest Navy in the world if we are afraid to use them. It is not advocated here that we should start a war, with both India and Pakistan nuclear powers that is ruled out, but short of war there are thousand ways we can sort out Pakistan. Certain points in this context are as follows.

  • October 1947 Pakistani Army led Tribal attack in Kashmir, 1965 and 1971 Indo-Pak Wars, 1999 Kargil operations and 2001 attack on Indian Parliament leading to Operation Parakram were all wars imposed on India by Pakistan. We won all of them, but at the end of it, did not derive advantages rightfully due to us, due to our soft approach.

  • Right from its creation Pakistan has selected and maintained its aim of enmity with India and all out efforts to break India. Unfortunately, we till date had no firm coherent policy towards Pakistan except for being soft on it.

  • The proxy war, which is full scale war by other means imposed on us by Pakistan since 1988, which was initially restricted to the boundaries of Jammu and Kashmir and now spans entire India, has killed 72000 civilians and 5000 security persons of ours, however we have been dealing with it being only in defensive mode. No wars in the world have ever been won only being on defensive mode with offensive content missing. May be our political masters are now realising this fact. But then it has taken them 70 years and so much of damage to realise this basic fact

  • Pakistan accused us of interfering in Baluchistan on 8 Jun 2015 officially and raised this issue in UN in October that year. If we are being blamed by Pakistan in international forum for something which we are not doing then why not do it?

  • If Pakistan says its cross border jihadis are freedom fighters then what stops us from calling genuine insurgents in Baluchistan as freedom fighters like Pakistan.

  • Pakistan says it gives and will continue giving moral and motivational support to Kashmiris demanding Azadi, then what stops us from extending a similar support to the people of POK and Baluchistan?

  • Mohajirs of MQM in Karachi whose leader is Mr. Altaf Hussain in exile in Britain are our own Muslim brothers who left India for Pakistan during partition. They are being ill treated by Punjabi dominated Pakistani Army and their lackeys, the Taliban, in Karachi. Large numbers of them have been killed. All these people have relatives in India. Mr Altaf Hussain himself wanted to visit India some time back, but the Congress-led government had not allowed the visit fearing that it will annoy Pakistan. What stops us from providing them moral and motivational support after all they are our own?

  • Article 370, applicable to J&K State, in its heading says that it is an temporary article in J&K. So what stops us from scrapping it ?

  • If Pakistan can cede 5000 sq km Shaksgam Valley of POK to China, if Pakistan can permit China to construct China-Pak Economic Corridor in POK, if Pakistan permits large number of Chinese troops to be stationed at POK a disputed territory, if Pakistan is settling its mainland Punjabi Muslims in POK then what stops India from doing the same in Kashmir Valley?

It is a good thing that the Indian political masters are now displaying political will and gumption to teach Pakistan a lesson. It is further indicated by the recent reply by India to the Pakistani request to start talks. The points of Indian reply are as follows:

  • In J&K, the cross border terror launched by Pakistan must end.

  • Pakistan must stop following any policy which instigates violence in J&K.

  • Pakistan must act against those terrorists who are declared terrorists at international level.

  • All those terror training centers being run in Pakistan must be closed.

  • All those Indian jihadis who have taken shelter in Pakistan must be extradited.

Editorial NOTE: This article is categorized under Opinion Section. The views expressed in this article are solely those of the author and do not necessarily represent the views of In case you have a opposing view, please click here to share the same in the comments section.
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