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India should call 'time out' to Pakistan
I watch the television program Big Boss as a ritual every day at 9 pm. I don't enjoy it, but everyone at home is quite interested in the happenings especially as the curtains are about to be drawn on one more season in a short. I was just thinking of this person called Imam Siddique, one of the inmates of the house. What an irritating character. He is a foul mouthed, non-cooperative, and frustrating kind of person. At present, my irritation is the same with Pakistan.

EVERY ONE, given a choice will give him a tight slap on the face for his behavior. Does he do it on purpose or inadvertently? Does he mean it or we should take it as a prank or a silly joke? He can push you to the wall to such an extent that you want to retaliate, but you don’t do it because of the consequences - eviction prematurely. He takes advantage of the circumstances. 

You land up boiling your blood and feeling disgusted that had this been some civic street you would have hit him black and blue. He will kid you, he will cajole you, he will coax you, he will trouble you, he will finger you and still move away or detach as if nothing happened. He still has the cheek to speak to you, convey his point, and still not listen to anything you say or do, but will ensure that whatever he says you have to, per force, do it.

This man, even has the cheek to complain to Big Boss, and when you complain to Big Boss about him, he doesn’t listen. Isn’t it something like the Indo-Pak relations? You keep complaining to the world that Pakistan is doing this-that, so on and so forth, blah blah blah, but no one does anything and the world feels that India is incapable of doing anything. Please folks, it has nothing to do with this man’s religion but it has everything to do with this person’s behavior.

India claims to be a super power, but in front of one small country we fall flat on our face every time. We have to take things lying down. I feel that Pakistani behavior is just like this man Imam’s behavior, and it needs to be sorted out, counseled and taught a lesson for good or else he will continue to provoke and incite you, and you shall continue to bear the brunt of his overtures of the uncouth kind.

We citizens keep crying hoarse knowing that the political masters are merely watching the developments. They can only ensure that nothing happens except the prolonged agony of a dialogues, with no result of such parleys except to meet again, to do nothing concrete again. That’s the way I feel.

India has now become a senior citizen as far as age is concerned specially in terms of its democracy (65+). Pakistan though is a senior citizen too, but its mental age is that of a child in terms of the democratic set up. They are still growing and young. Therefore, as a senior, we have to be more tolerant, liberal, forgiving and understanding towards Pakistan - my foot. My way of thinking is, “Spare the rod and spoil the child” in case of Pakistan.

It has fought 3 major and two minor wars with us and was defeated every time. Besides, there is a war-like situation on the LOC each day. We have made a barrier in terms of a barbed wire fence 150-500 meters away from the actual borders/LOC which tomorrow Pakistan is going to claim. We are erecting fences for our so called safety and they come in and slaughter our soldiers. What an irony. Today, 42 terrorist camps exist, we know their GPS coordinates but we can’t eliminate them. We only got sadistic pleasure in executing Kasab after feeding him biryani’s for four years.

The hate factories that have been created in Pakistan are churning out all sorts of anti-India sentiments from the very childhood of a Pakistani citizen. It is amazing how a country can allow that to happen. I agree with Mr Mani Shankar Iyer when he says that the hatred they spread is not against the Hindu (because a normal Pakistani has not ever seen a Hindu), but the hatred and poison is against Hindustan. Today, Pak is enemy of the country which gave birth to it. We, India gave our land for Pakistan to come into existence. But today the ground reality is that Pakistan in the garb of halting terror and such like activities is spewing hatred of the worst kind.

How do we tackle such issues? Is it akin to the way we should tackle Imam in the big boss house. Isolate him; cut him off from all communication, trade, Aman Ki Asha and all such likes. I think that is the only way to set things right. Let Pakistan crumble under its own weight of terrorism.

My heart weeps for the soldiers who died, my heart weeps for the family, widow and orphans. It is of no consequence though to the other side. I want to see today that why don’t one million people come out to the parliament and ask for a decision to be taken like they wanted for the gang-rape case. I would like to suggest to Anna who says that he is ready to join the army once again to fight a war, instead he should mobilize the Indian sentiment against Pakistan like he did for Lokpal. Let us take a conscious decision what needs to be done. Let us sort out all issues once for all starting with Kashmir, and then sleep in peace.

Let us forget the nuclear option. Pakistan knows the consequences. In fact, I would say “TIME OUT” Pakistan, that’s the way Imam says it, when he doesn’t want to listen to anyone. Let us frustrate them politically, economically, militarily, morally and anyways we can. I want them to be on the run. They should run form pillar to post begging the world that save us from India, let there be another Simla agreement where Pakistan signs on our terms, no more cricket and hockey diplomacy. We don’t want singers and comedians; they don’t sort international issues out.

Folks I am fed up of doing this Pakistan bashing. I need to see some action soon. We are bogged down with fuel price hike and railway price hike, but we do not bother about the price we pay to keep our borders secure, and our motherland free from Pakistani’s. This price is heavier than we can imagine. The support system of the entire family gets broken.

In exchange these brave hearts will get a gallantry medal may be a Gas station or a gas agency if they are lucky, a paltry pension for the widows and the long drawn agony of never seeing this son of the soil again. The village may put up a bust of the soldier, a road may be named after him, soon things will change and the name of the road will be painted and repainted depending on who is ruling the state, and such heroes will go unheard and unsung in a few days from now.

It is my humble appeal to the Government of India that you have the wherewithal, you have the resources, you have the thinking power, you have the finances, and you as a government can sort this issue if you want. Armed forces can be used as a means and we are ready. Can the present government sort out the Pakistan issue in a given time frame? I am always optimistic and my answer is a big tes to the question, but are they willing to bite the bullet, leave alone firing it, I wonder?

Editorial NOTE: This article is categorized under Opinion Section. The views expressed in this article are solely those of the author and do not necessarily represent the views of In case you have a opposing view, please click here to share the same in the comments section.
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