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India should enter Iraq as a peacekeeper: It's time to keep political and economic needs in the fore
Today India has a bumpy diplomatic policy towards the Muslim world trying to appease both the Shia and Sunni worlds with one big sweet tongue at the same time with none liking it too much. Today, time has come for us to take a stand like other countries with backbone like China, US and chose either of the two worlds for our own benefits, and not because of the haphazard rutted dodgy and biased ideology of our Sunni led political leadership.

The liberal Shia world would be the best and the safest bet India can ever make as everyone knows that the Sunni world is deadly against kaffir India with Pakistan in the forefront. Saudi Arabia and all its allies including America will always choose Pakistan over India, no matter what is at stake. This is the reason why we should have a foreign policy of our own and not of someone else’s making or liking and its high time we took a definite stand in the regions politics solely keeping our views and interests on the forefront.

With Iran our age-old Aryan ally at our side, we can gain a foothold into the region as a force to reckon with keeping our tactical interests on the fore especially in the energy sector. Today we are keeping Saudi interests ahead of ours, who everyone knows is conspiring with Pakistan and never in our favor. It is time we shun cheap appeasement diplomacy and make a stand of our own in our nation’s best interests.

We should give all out political and military support to Shia countries especially Iran with Russia as our strategic ally and fructify this strategic alliance into a long-term energy and commerce led profitable future for our nation. As a result Silk route would be ours to control and revive, right from the Mediterranean Sea to Thailand. 

We will have a major role to play in the regions politics and take stand in safeguarding our nation’s interests especially with cheaper access to the oil rich nation’s bountiful markets and profitable trade ties with Central Asian countries through Iraq. We can develop Iraq as the world’s biggest port and an envious commerce hub in the region making us all rich in the process. This would also give a much needed impetus to our local manufacturing Industry which lies is in shambles today vis-a-vis China’s.

Today under Prime Minister Narendra Modi the country can take quick and strong decisions in this regard. Today need of the hour is to use this Iraq situation into a strategic gain for us by entering it and taking full control of it as peace keepers and not as Taliban led invaders. We should send our New Aircraft Carrier fleet to Iraq and make Iran an ally to take over Iraq or free it from future Taliban control.

Iraq and its surrounding areas should have our strong military presence felt to keep things in control. This would also be a win win situation for us militarily as our armed forces will at last see real action in the region and get honed in the process as very few generals with real wartime experience are left in our armed forces cadres.

Today Iraq is facing the heat of marauders, conquerors and invading mercenaries of all sorts and mostly of foreign origin supported mostly by foreign vested interests especially the ISIS. The fight is for its strategic control and its rich oil reserves. Today the fight is reprehensibly between Shia and Sunni’s and of course total control of the region, which the Saudi world does not want to fall into Iranian or Shia hands.

Let us look deeper in detail in this mysterious world full of religious turmoil and hegemony to reform our foreign strategy. The majority of people in the Arab World adhere to Islam while others are secular. The majority of the Arab countries adhere to Sunni Islam. However, Iraq and Iran are exceptions with many countries like Lebanon, Yemen, Kuwait, and Bahrain have large Shia minorities. Saudi Arabia has only two provinces having Shia minority and those are the eastern province Al-Hasa region and the southern provincial city of Najran. Ibadi Islam is practiced in Oman and Ibadis make up 75% population of the country.

The Arab world’s seeks to encompass the other Muslim countries in Europe and Asia hence carving out an independent kingdom. Whoever is the most powerful would rule the roost. This story is about the power struggle to successfully rule the Muslim world with other countries falling head and heels over each other to gain a threshold in the regions decisive politics. The main reason for the Iraqi invasion in 2003 by the US and its allies was support to the Saudi dream of ruling the entire Muslim world as supreme leader.

The Russian, NATO, SEATO, CENTO and China led organizations are vying for control of the winner, which decidedly would be Saudi Arabia. The Entire Arab World does not know one thing that they would always be ruled and never rule as very soon in this 21st century they would be divided in to three parts. The Americans will control Saudi Arabia and its allies, the Russians will control central Asian region with Iran and Iraq and the Chinese to control Pakistan, Afghanistan and Baluchistan. Egypt will control the North African regions and would display an independent non-aligned policy.

Sadly, India would completely be left out as a loser if we do not change our current sordid diplomacy and foreign policy. We should be at the centre of things taking place in the region, keeping our nation’s strategic and economic interests on the forefront like China. It is time we flex our muscles and show the world that we matter, by entering Iraq as peacekeepers and not invaders, keeping our political and economic needs in the fore.

Editorial NOTE: This article is categorized under Opinion Section. The views expressed in this article are solely those of the author and do not necessarily represent the views of In case you have a opposing view, please click here to share the same in the comments section.
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