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India will fight and survive the ISIS, like it did for thousands of years
Islamic Caliphate of ISIS is not just a state but an empire in their perception. Sure, if they are permitted to have upper hand, there will be its ardent supporters in India among Hindus as well. Remember it was Hindu historians who told us all about uplifting of lower castes by Muslim invaders. Such ilk is not extinct and will be ready to use talents for ISIS.

Of course there is no dearth of Jihadis as well in India ready to pounce on unsuspecting Hindus even if Hindus come out in support of Caliphate. It happened before, Malabar in Kerala saw jihad during Khilafat agitation of 1920s in which thousands of Hindus perished even though they supported the movement, it impressed Mohandas Gandhi so much he hailed Moplah Muslims, his heroes. Fortunately British took a different view and killed a thousand of Moplah Jihadis to end killings of hapless Hindus.

India now has a government with a different mindset from both Gandhi and British . British intervened when it was felt Moplah uprising is hurting its revenues. But India's current government has different views on the subject of Khilafat and is not going to accommodate ISIS warriors, even for the sake of vote banks which would have been the case had the previous Govt. prevailed. Still vigilance is essential, so is preventive action as well as proactive measures before the threat reaches even Khyber, Bolan. Far better to end the menace far away from India rather than fight it, after it reaches Delhi,  from Sahyadri hills.

Current Prime Minister Narendra Modi is a student of history, not of the kind dished out to unsuspecting students by secular circles but the one that inspired many a heroes like Shivaji,  Savarkar, Bose, as wells saints like Vivekananda and MS Golwalkar, Guruji.

Hindu society which includes all patriots regardless of their ways of worship be Muslim, Christian etc, needs to be prepared as well which should not be allowed to descend into complacency .  A vigilant public, a virile patriotic government will result in victory over demonic forces both internal and external that will benefit not only India but entire civilized world. Even Pakistan is worried about Islam of ISIS. So it is not difficult to discern  what is in store for India if ISIS is allowed to set foot on Indian soil. The rewards for joining ISIS are tempting and there is no surety if some radical Muslims decide to go against the nation when provoked by the Islamic forces. In a country that hosts the world's 2nd largest Muslim population, the acts of such a few anti-nationalists will degrade the entire population and may even incite communal violence in many parts of the country. Such a opportunity should never be provided .

The hopes of Jihadis among radical Indian Muslims  are not misplaced. They suffer from nostalgia of ruling over Dhimmis, identifying themselves with likes of Timur or Alamgir, even though in reality their descent is from converts in duress.

 When Timur invaded India, he carefully separated Moslem areas of Delhi from Hindu ones and ordered general massacre of Hindus. He also had many Hindus as slaves took them on forced march over the mountains of Afghanistan. Many of them perished on those mountains, hills hence they are now called 'Hindu Kush' which means Hindu slaughter'.

Turn clock forward and come to 26/11/2008. Not that India became a zone of peace in between Timur and 26./11 attack on Mumbai but to illustrate the point as to what is in store for Hindus of India even if they profess allegiance to burka secularism. The Jihadis on that fateful day in Mumbai also did the same thing like Timur. In the Hotel Taj, they separated Muslim workers, cooks from Hindus with former kept safe, they shot the latter. They went room to room seeking Kufrs of India as well as from US on orders from ISI of Pakistan which monitored and directed every step of that Jihad.
Now there  are apprehensions among general public in Pakistan even if they proclaim strict adherence to Islam. After all even first four Khalifs, starting with Abu Bakr, the name sake of present Khalif of ISIS and Levant, were all assassinated. Neither secularism not even Islam are going to stand in the way of dissuading terrorists of demonic nature. More over Pakistan exhibits many tendencies which are impure  perhaps due to proximity with Kufr India and because after all Pakistanis too came from same ancestry. So  under their influence  girls are educated there,with many of women going around without burka and men doing things other than bowing down to Mecca during prayer times in Pakistan. So Pakistanis  have plenty to fear from strict, purest variety of Islam ISI is bringing to Muslims of the world. But like in India , in Pakistan too   there are plenty of forces  to welcome ISIS. Already Hafeez Saeed , Pakistan's honoured guest , who orchestrated 26/11 attack on Mumbai ,openly is broadcasting to undying admiration for ISIS. He is recently declared  terrorist by UN  and US.  
So Indian civilization which got preserved despite constant attacks for more than 1200 years from likes of ISIS, should not suffer from any more impulses to build confidence among its enemies who are hell bent to destroy India and Hindu civilization , nor harbour any notions about continuing peace processes. Instead India should take the war as soon as possible to the very borders of areas ISIS is operating. India has the strength, should also acquire steely will power . Display both of them against this evil ISIS, even people of Pakistan will applaud India let alone humanity in general and civilization all over the world.  
The latest news is, perhaps thanks to behind scenes maneuvers of Narendra Modi government, the nurses and other Indian personnel held in Iraq by ISIS got released unharmed. It is good news and we should applaud the efforts. At the same time we should remember even Aurangazeb made donations to few Hindu temples. So such humane acts cannot be taken for granted. They may or may not be repeated, we have to keep in mind the overall strategy of Jihadi ISIS remains same from day one, which began when Prophet fled from Mecca (Makha , both in Arabic and Sanskrit) to Medina. Eventually both fell to him. so as Subramanian Swamy said, whether we want it or not, fight will come to India. Better be prepared to finish it in our favour in such a way there will be no need to fight the same thing ever again. India can do it and save the world.

Editorial NOTE: This article is categorized under Opinion Section. The views expressed in this article are solely those of the author and do not necessarily represent the views of In case you have a opposing view, please click here to share the same in the comments section.
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