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Indian politicians need to learn from US presidential elections
The prime reason of president Obama's win was his ability to understand the fears of US citizens and sympathise with them. He won on a developmental agenda benefiting everyone. Can our netas learn from him and rise above the divisive politics?

IN THE recently concluded US elections, American public has reposed trust in a man born in Africa to a black father and white mother. Barack Obama was brought up in Asia before finally migrating to the US. President Obama is a self-made man, who identifies with hopes of majority middle and lower class Americans including Asians, Hispanics and other immigrants - they constitute an ever growing populace.

Obama’s thumping majority came in spite of the country not doing well at all – in terms of economy, jobs and growth – the issues which impact the youth and others notwithstanding their cultural background or the country of origin. Their needs of job security; financial comfort;  adequate  health,  education housing and old age  dignified life are so much akin to the basic third world needs. These can also be termed as the basic dignity of life needs.

In spite of the problems in Iran, Afghanistan- Pakistan, rise of assertive China; Israel asserting in mid-east, where the track record of Republicans is by far better, the people chose a democrat.

Obama was seen as a family man confronted with similar problems of all citizens, i.e., future of the kids including affordable and quality education; job security; financial security; health security, etc. Michelle Obama, the augmented this image and fears of a caring mother of two daughters. No arrogance or vulgar display of wealth or dynasty was visible at all.

Obama knew his job – his answers on debates with Romney were simply outstanding- more so the one of lesser horses vs ships during the defence debate. The US system forces the political leadership to come clean on their views on all issues even if they be controversial. This ensures that the perspective leader has given a detailed thought to all issues and these better be in tune with the people whose votes he wishes.

The candidates take great pride in their families, religious thought and cherished values and the vision of taking the country ahead in the comity of nations.

Our State

As of today, our elected candidate/ party generally represents minority of populace when it comes to numbers. Multi party/ candidates ensure that 30 per cent votes ensure success at the ballot. This ipso facto implies that the winner represents the minority of the populace. All political parties are happily exploiting this fear psychosis of talking about representation of the poor but becoming the present day kings with little accountability and all the arrogance of power; shamelessly looting the national wealth and thereafter have the gumption of justifying the criminal deeds. It has become the family business- the sons, daughters and in laws, everyone is in the race of loot.

Our political parties are all divisive if not outright communal. They are creating, keeping alive and playing around with the mutual fears of each other. What a shame, living together we are afraid of our communities/ classes/ castes. The cancer of corruption is surviving because of this fear created by politicians, so those politicians who can exploit the fears to the maximal will continue to win. This makes the loot inconsequential whilst choosing the elected representatives.

The autonomy of checks and balances as enshrined in the constitution has been severely damaged, this needs to be reset.

What we need

Irrespective of the caste, community religion or the colour of the skin, every human being, wherever he is needs the following.

- Safety of life and property

- Live without fear

- Security- jobs and financial

- Harmonious, happy and law abiding society

- Government that delivers the essential services and is transparent and responsive.

- Speedy justice

- Development – education of next generation; growth of the current and well-being of elderly

Briefly we need to facilitate evolution of a political system which caters to the genuine aspirations of all Indians and takes cares of their fears and aspirations, thereby ensuring a just, progressive society and accountability and quality governance

What our leaders need to learn

Let the merit lead, not the links or dynastic connectivity -- media debates by neutral people on all issues could be an excellent methodology. Honest, caring and visionary leadership.

Layout a value based, inclusive and indigenous developmental agenda.

How do we make a difference?

The existing parties and their policies being divisive, we need new party. But that’s not doable because the populace has been tuned to a mind-set of mutual fears/ goodies based on various factors.

In the long run, once the divisive parties are rejected, these very parties will automatically moderate their behaviour in tune with the new requirements. In the short and medium term what can we as individuals do?

One is typical Hindu approach of Karmas. Sit back and relax, let some Annas/ Kejriwals take it on.

Second is the US way. Let us become leaders of change. Small set of people working with you can be influenced with the power of superior thought and the change begins. If Obama can do it, the decedents of the oldest civilisations too can. Let’s all join together to make a difference.

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