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Indians are better off Under Modi, says former Union Minister of State UV Krishnam Raju
Rebel star UV Krishnam Raju needs no introduction. He is one of the few persons who shot to fame both in filmdom and politics alike.

AP Editors Association President VVRK Raju recently held an interface with the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) senior leader and the former union minister of state for external affairs UV Krishnam Raju. He expressed his views on the ongoing politics at the Centre and state levels without any reservations. He unambiguously stated that the Modiism is the panacea for the development of India. Chandrababu Naidu's administration is people-unfriendly, he added.

Q. You have good experience as a union minister in Vajpayee cabinet in the past. Now you are visualizing the Narendra Modi rule. Do you find any difference between the two governments?

A. Both are leaders with an iron will to bring a visible change for the good of the country. They are committed to good administration. But the striking difference between them is that the Modi government is facing more challenges now than the then Vajpayee dispensation because of the after-effects of globalization and external and internal problems. Notwithstanding them, this is 'Modi era'. He can face the problems boldly and find proper solutions to them. Indians are better off Under Modi administration. Modi era will bring all auspicious things for the country.

Q. How do you analyze the Modi era ?

A. Prime Minister Narendra Modi recently said, "Progress alone is the panacea for all ills." So I strongly believe that Modiism alone can bring in the desirable change. Long ago Buddhism and Jainism brought reforms in the society. Now the Modiism will usher in the desirable changes in the social and economic conditions of people in the country. What is Modiism then?

In my view:

Modiism means. . . . Good administration.

Modiism means . . .. Positive changes.

Modiism means . . . . Dashing decisions.

Modiism means . . . . Progress with stabililty.

Modiism means . . . . to make efforts to root out dishonesty.

Modiism means . . . . to be prepared for sacrifices.

Modiism means . . . . to keep inimical countries under check.

Modiism means. . . . . uplift to the downtrodden sections.

Modism means . . . . . giving moral courage to the minorities.

Modiism means. . . . . to boost the honor of the country.

Modiism means . . . . .keeping safe distance with the 'votes and notes politics'.

Modiism means. . . . . renovation of the national honor.

So, the country will get more benefits as long as Narendra Modi stays as Prime Minister.

Our neighbouring country China has repealed two-term limit on the presidency, effectively allowing Xi Jinping to remain in power forever. Chinese newspaper Global Times said that "Mr Xi Jinping is on a historic mission to make China into a great power. Achieving that will take more than a decade and the country must have stable government, so, the National People's Congress, China's legislature, voted unanimously to end a two-term limit on the presidency". In our country too, it would be in the fitness of things that the premier continued for a longer term.

Q. Would the people too think like you?

A. They will if they read this. A critical look at our history shows that our country was the largest economy from the first to the17th centuries. During that period, our share was 35 to 40 per cent in the world GDP. The number deplorably dipped to 6 per cent now, the reason being lack of a stable government and an able leader who can lead all the people in one direction. Well known economist John Kenneth Galbraith once said that lack of firm leadership and unstable governments are the prime reasons for the miseries of our nation. Our country will continue to be so, if Narendra Modi government will not stay in power for a long time in the country. People are also realizing this. That is the reason why the BJP government is in power in 21 states. A whopping 70 per cent people presently live in the BJP-ruled states. They are bound to give a bumper majority to Modi in the next general elections.

Q. You were union minister for state for external affairs in the Vajpayee cabinet. What are your views on the present foreign policy?

A. Our frontiers became impregnable. For the first time in the history of our country the adversary countries have become panicky about our invulnerable defence. The reason for this is the daring and dashing decisions of the Prime Minister. Even the Big Brother country US is afraid of China now. In the past China attacked India and Vietnam without any forewarning and showed its supremacy. In the present Modi regime also china sent its forces to Doklam in a dominant way. Soon the Modi government sent the Indian forces and saw that they did not move an inch forward from there. Moreover, the Chinese had to withdraw their forces in a humbled manner. This was the second such withdrawal by the Chinese army after an unforgettable insult it tasted in a war that was waged between China and Japan during 1894 and 1895. This was primarily because of the premier's timely and bold decisions. Modi controlled the Pakistani attacks and infiltrations also by successfully containing the Pakistan forces and terrorists at one go by silently ordering for surgical strikes in many places.

India ranks first in the world in conducting multiple surgical strikes simultaneously. Apart from teaching Pakistan a fitting lesson, our country made Pakistan a 'loner' on the international stage. Modi's charisma was evident when the US which first rejected a visa to Modi, changed its stance and gave a red-carpet welcome to him later in an unprecedented manner. That was how India's head was held high in the Big Brother country. Bharat is a global power now... it is no longer a regional power.

Q. In Andhra Pradesh the BJP and the TDP became poles apart. What impact might the division produce?

A. Chandrababu Naidu lost a trust-worthy and strong ally in Andhra Padesh. He ignored the alliance code for his self interests. At the time of laying foundation stone to the construction of Amaravathi capital, Narendra Modi brought the Gangajal (water from the Ganges) and the sacred soil from different pilgrim centers before offering thousands of crore rupees for construction of the Amaravathi capital. Modi aspired for all auspiciousness to the new capital.

The Centre offered Rs 2,500 crore for construction of the capital city. The state government constructed the temporary Secretariat and the Assembly buildings only. Except that there was no development. For urban development, the Centre had given one thousand crore for the capital region. Not more than 20 per cent was spent for the purpose.

Q. Chandrababu Naidu often says that the Centre did not cooperate with him, what is your reply to this?

Amaravathi was declared as the capital quite against the recommendations of the Sivarama Krishnan committee appointed by the Centre. Some TDP leaders and their sympathisers reportedly purchased the lands for lower prices before designating Amaravathi as capital city. Later, they managed to sell them away for higher prices and thus earned hundreds of crores of rupees. The Better Andhra Pradesh (BAP) organization in its survey found that there are as many as 754 TDP leaders who own properties more than Rs 100 crore each in Andhra Pradesh. While the TDP leaders became richer day by day, the people became just the reverse.

Chandrababu's claim that the farmers of Amaravathi area gave away their lands just on seeing him, does not hold water. Supposing his claim to be true, why not the peasantry coming forward to give their lands for Bandar Port, Gannavaram Airport and metro rail project construction?

Q. How do you justify BJP's stance when all parties including Telugu Desam Party in the state are together accusing the BJP with causing injustice to Andhra Pradesh ?

A. What was the injustice caused to Andhra Pradesh when the Centre offered lakhs of crores of rupess to Andhra Pradesh in the name of 'special package' in lieu of the special category status? The Centre had given huge tax exemptions to those who were interested to set up industries in the seven backward districts in Rayalaseema and Uttarandhra areas.

Chandrababu government has caused serious injustice to the state. Further, his focus on developing Amaravathi capital region alone has been flaring up inter sub regional differences. If these inequalities grow, I am afraid, the state may be in for yet another division. The people who are in the know of all these things are seriously bent upon teaching a befitting lesson to the Telugu Desam Party (TDP) in the next elections.

Editorial NOTE: This article is categorized under Opinion Section. The views expressed in this article are solely those of the author and do not necessarily represent the views of In case you have a opposing view, please click here to share the same in the comments section.
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