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India's futuristic defense needs vis-a-vis China, NATO and Russia
In the days of futuristic warfare capabilities as being adopted world over, we still use obsolete and defunct warfare capabilities. The worst part is that due to corrupt functioning, we are still hell bent in buying more defense scrap or crap and not indigenously doing enough R&D to manufacture our own. Time is short and if we still do not modernize our armed forces to be ready for future then we are surely doomed.

SWOOSH, SOUNDED the gleaming ray of greenish blue light emitted from somewhere in China and boom sounded the blasted target  - a defunct satellite which got blown to smithereens with not an ounce of debris falling down as all of it just vaporized on contact in a plume of hot plasma.

The Chinese spy satellites were already beaming live details of the event to the politburo and world. The high altitude rocket cum spy planes with fully armed and charged electro-lasers were keeping a close watch for any other eventuality, especially from the US, not India as the Chinese no longer consider us a threat but rather an irritant like a mosquito, which can be obliterated any time they wish.

Our fatheaded DRDO and defense ministry too watched the event along with some corrupt politicians, who are only look for devising schemes to make fast bucks with fake R&D funds-cum-orders. Many, however, couldn’t understand it more than a video game.

Time has come for us to prepare ourselves for a plethora of new next generation futuristic weaponry along with state of art conventional warfare capabilities like detection of 600 feet deep enemy tunnels and energetically destroying them.

Directed-energy weapon systems are the latest fad to hit security forces the world over. They include Lasers, electro lasers, microwave, pulse & plasma weapons etc. These weapons mounted on ships and land vehicles are already in vogue as is the need of the hour. These weapons systems emit energy in an aimed direction without the means of a projectile and their intended effects controllable from being non-lethal to lethal. Many of them come under active Chinese, US and Russian service.

DRDO should now incorporate private sector in the development of such weapons. These offer several advantages over conventional weaponry as their emissions travel at the speed of light and evading them is impossible for an enemy, and gravity or air have little or no effect on them. The recoilless lasers can change focusing configurations fast enough for multiple targets to provide an active area that can be much smaller or larger than projectile weaponry. The best part is that they would never run out of ammo, as power source is their only requirement and can tackle far off targets. Laser weapons generate brief high-energy pulses calculated in mega Jules; one mega joule laser pulse is approximately equivalent to the same energy as produced by 200 grams of high explosive, the target is explosively evaporated.

Some weapons used for non-lethal applications such as dazzlers are designed to temporarily blind or distract people or sensors.

The US and Chinese are using Electro-lasers which let blooming occur, and then send a powerful electric current down the conducting ionized track of plasma so formed, somewhat like lightning. It functions as a giant high energy long-distant version of the Taser or stun gun mountable on a small armored vehicle which could make people feel as if the skin temperature is around 54 °C from around 460 m away; it is currently being used for riot control duties. It can also destroy unshielded electronics like disrupting surface to air missile guidance systems along with other electronics in any defense equipment.

The US-based Northrop Grumman in 2009 successfully built and tested ‘FIRESTRIKE’, an electric laser mounted system on a ship capable of producing a 500-kilowatt ray of light, powerful enough to destroy war planes, satellites, cruise missiles, artillery, rockets, mortar rounds and even meteors. The US is also using ‘Zeus’ laser weaponry for neutralizing mines and unexploded ordnance.

Chemical Lasers are already normal standard issues, are known as Mid-Infrared Advanced Chemical deuterium fluoride lasers (MIRAL), and are being replaced by electronic lasers. The Chemical lasers also include the CO2 gas chemical laser on a modified Boeing 747 to shoot down missiles and are already deployed seven to seven on all-important sights after 9/11.

The foot soldier, the main and major component in all armies is also getting a makeover and is now being reduced to unheard of low numbers. He is dressed in all weather bullet and shellproof battle gear. The soldier is completely electronically, digitally and remotely managed with state of the art armor piercing field weaponry. The next generation army is of software programmers and operators who will control plastic tanks, hybrid machines in the battlefield by using the state of the art technology. They will manage warplanes, ships and operations in the battlefields with remote control. China is already training three battalions of such soldiers for its Army, Navy and Air force.

I hope our military too takes heed and make India self-sufficient in raising such futuristic capable modernistic armed forces, which can face any eventuality or we, Indians would soon be history.

Editorial NOTE: This article is categorized under Opinion Section. The views expressed in this article are solely those of the author and do not necessarily represent the views of In case you have a opposing view, please click here to share the same in the comments section.
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