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India's General Election 2014: Political parties in hurry to gain mileage at the cost of ethics
The general election 2014 is just around 60 days away. One can see how the political parties are in hurry to gain electoral mileage without having concern of minimum ethics, decorum and dignity. Few examples of current cases are cited below.

Congress was in a hurry to pass the Telangana bill. The bill was passed with record adjournments, mostly without discussion, amid chaos, unruly atmosphere. BJP too was in a hurry to support this bill as it didn't want to carry over this issue to next government. The only aim was to salvage political selfish interest. In the process, the dignity, decorum and prestige of Parliament and its proceedings were undermined. None cared because they were in a hurry.

Jayalalitha hurriedly decided to release the assassins of former Prime Minister Rajiv Gandhi the very next day the Supreme Court commuted their death sentence to life. She gave just 3 days to the Central government to respond. Luckily Central Government hurriedly got a stay order from the Supreme Court.

SGPC with tacit support of ruling Akali Dal demanded release of Rajwana and Bhullar. Nowhere in the world anyone has ever seen such hurried spree to release assassins. But election is approaching. Hence for the sake of vote why to care about justice to common man?

Sixteen others too were killed when Rajiv Gandhi's assassination happened and all the 16 people were Tamils. Jayalalitha didn?t have time to check this fact. Neither SGPC and Akali Dal thought that even Punjabis were killed by the killers whom they seek to release.

Arvind Kejriwal was in a hurry to jump in to general election. Thus he hurriedly resigned from Delhi government on an unconstitutional issue. He was so hurried, that despite declaration of so many subsidies to Delhi people, that he forgot to present a budget of the Delhi government before resignation. He didn't find time to think how his subsidy will be possible without a budget? Already the court has stayed the fifty percent discount to his supporters who defaulted for non-payment of bills at his insistence.

Nitish Kumar too is in a hurry. He declared Bihar Bandh on 1st March demanding special status for Bihar, knowing very well that the existing Central Government is in exit mode. In fact JDU came close to Congress and was sure off striking a deal of special package for Bihar which could have been an ace in its election campaign.

But Congress trusted its old ally RJD, thus JDU?s gambit backfired. Thus Nitish wants to make this special status an issue. But he forgot that Narendra Modi has already declared in his various rallies that he intend to give packages to Bengal, Bihar, Odisha, NE and Andhra to bring these states at par with western Indian states. He too forgot that as the Chief Minister of a state he is not supposed to call for a bandh bringing the very administration to halt that he precedes over. But who cares?

If court, intervenes he would change the name from ?Bandh? to hartal (strike), though state sponsored Bandh will be imposed on Bihar anyway! Bihar BJP taking advantage of the situation has already declared ?Rail-Roko? on 28th February. Following the suit Lalu Yadav is contemplating a similar bandh on 2nd March. This means that for special status demand or the politics on special status, people of Bihar would pay the price for 2-3 days while sacrificing their Constitutional right of freedom to move and would be put on ransom. But who cares public inconvenience, everybody is in hurry now!

Akhilesh Yadav in UP is also in a hurry. He will present vote on account instead of full budget. Vote on account should only be brought, if the existing government?s term expires before or within four months of next financial year. But Akhilesh Yadav has no time and his sole aim is to see his father as Prime Minister. Thus he preferred vote-on-account going against all norms, because on vote-on-account he can declare as many as sops of populism which can be taken back during presentation of full budget after general election.

From the above, it can be understood that all parties are in a hurry to cross all the ?Laxman Rekhas? just for selfish political gain and to fool the public. But fact is public is not in hurry now. They are smarter, awakened and asserting than ever.

All such gimmicks are exposed immediately in the eyes of the public thanks to media (electronic, print, social and web media). One should hope that people will teach lesson to all such politicians who are in a hurry to fool people by destroying all limits of democratic norms, ethics and traditions.

Editorial NOTE: This article is categorized under Opinion Section. The views expressed in this article are solely those of the author and do not necessarily represent the views of In case you have a opposing view, please click here to share the same in the comments section.
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hemen parekh
A Tale of Two Chief MinistersYesterday , Nitish Kumar ( CM - Bihar ) , sat on a dharna at Gandhi Maidan in Patna , to persuade Union Government to grant Bihar, a " Special Status "And what " means " did he employ ?> Enacted drama by beating utensils> Declared Bihar - Bandh ( High Court orders notwithstanding ! )> Brought all traffic to a halt> Stopped trains in their tracks> Forced shops to remain shut> Closed down all commerce and trade> Took out a huge procession of several hundred supporters from his home, escorted by equal number of policemen ( to protect him ? )> Sat near Gandhi Statue for 5 hours ( to shame Mahatma ,re "means" ? )> Caused Bihar , a loss of hundreds of crores of rupeesA few weeks ago , Arvind Kejriwal ( when he was CM - Delhi ) , too , sat on a dharna on a footpath in Delhi , seeking suspension of 2 police officersHow did he go about ?> Marched towards office of Home Minister Shinde , with a few supporters> On his way , prevented to go further by police > Spent the night ( was it 2 nights ? ) on the footpath in biting cold> Ate food ( brought from home ), sitting on footpath > Did not stop traffic ( Police did )> Did not stop Metro ( DMC did )> Did not shut shops / establishments ( Police slapped Section 144 )> Continued to attend to office work - by clearing files/holding meetingsTV Anchors and Congress leaders called him , an Anarchist !I must have missed to listen to what TV Anchors called , Nitish Kumar !Of course , I did not expect Congress leaders to call him anything - except," Let us make a deal You help us return to power and we guarantee special status to Bihar Just as we did in case of Telengana And just as we will continue to do with similar demands for Bodoland / Gorkhaland / Vidarbha etc Didn't you notice how we granted reservation to the Jats , last evening ? And raised DA for 8 million Government employees ? And cleared projects worth crores of rupees in the constituencies of our leaders ? We know , once EC announces elections tomorrow , we cannot dole out any more favors ( that wretched code of conduct will kick-in ! ) But , our shop is open till today evening ! Those willing to strike deals , please hurry ! "I believe , Congress leaders must be considering Aam Aadmi as " Mere Fools " Not knowing that, at the polling booths, Aam Aadmi will have the last laugh !* hemen parekh ( 03 March 2014 / Mumbai )
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