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Individuals don't make companies, teams do
Fortunately, there is no need of some quantum technology to prove that "Individuals don't make companies ? Teams do? ", as the dictionary meaning of the word Company itself defines as "A group of people who combine together to form a business" or "Being together with someone"So, obviously the word Team bonds a 'long-lasting ? never-ending' relationship with company when compared to the word Individual?

Hence, Individuals don't make companies ? Teams do?

Then why don't we hear of some great teamwork when we speak of some great companies? Why is it just Mark Zukerburg and Steve Jobs that occupy the headlines of the Business World when other members of the team fail to do so..?

The above condition is quite similar to the largest game of this planet ? Football, where we here only the names of Lionel Messi and Cristiano Ronaldo but not the other members of their teams?Because it's them who score the goals? They are the players who bring the points for their team.But that doesn't imply that the rest of the team didn't play 'their part' in scoring the goal. 

The job of the defender is just to break the plans of the opposition striker. He hardly gets an opportunity to score goals in his career. But without him, there couldn't be a team.

A successful soccer team contains a well organised members starting from strikers, mid-fielders, defenders, goal-keepers, managers, coaches, medical staff, and the list is considerably large? And even if one of the pieces is missing ? the clock cannot work properly.

Hence even though "Individuals don't make companies ? Teams do?" We also need to remember that

"Teams don't make into the headlines ? Individuals do?"

So, it's not about 'Individual Vs Team' that we need to discuss here ? rather it's about an individual leading a team or a team working collectively for a common dream, by respecting the work of his teammates?

The Behind-The-Hero Initiative:-

Tony Stark may be the action icon of the Marvel Avengers but 'The Avengers Initiative' doesn't define some bunch of super heroes ? It is actually much more than that?And the success of The Avengers isn't just dependent on the action heroes as a dedicative person such as 'Agent Coulson' can also knockout the enemy without any super human powers?

So, it's not just about the heroes on the screen ? rather it's also about the heroes "behind the screen"?

And moreover, teamwork need not be some direct support for the mission ? It can also be in the form of guidance and inspiration just like in the case of Batman ? Bruce Wayne, where he drew the positive guidance from his long-time confidante, Alfred Pennyworth. And thus he indirectly teamed with Batman to catch the criminal masterminds?

Likewise, behind every great entrepreneur like Steve Jobs and Mark Zukerburg, there must be many persons supporting either directly or indirectly to achieve their dreams?

Thus their companies don't just reflect their personal achievements, but it reflects a great teamwork 'behind the screen' which needs to be recognised and celebrated so that the future entrepreneurs may come to know that " Starting a company isn't a one-man-show, rather it's a collective working of each individual and respecting the work of others while sharing a common goal?"

And thus, if you want to find yourself in the headlines of the Business World ? you better have a team first?

Editorial NOTE: This article is categorized under Opinion Section. The views expressed in this article are solely those of the author and do not necessarily represent the views of In case you have a opposing view, please click here to share the same in the comments section.
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