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Integrating J&K in true spirit: How can the effort by Modi government be undemocratic?
It always requires political will and necessary pre-planning to abrogate the special provisions to Jammu and Kashmir of Article-370. Narendra Modi displayed unparalleled political will coupled with Amit Shah's extraordinary intelligence and shrewd planning after he became Union Home Minister in making possible an act earlier being thought as impossible.

Not only the special privilege to Jammu and Kashmir has been withdrawn, the state was also bifurcated into two Union Territories. Narendra Modi-led BJP government has claimed that by this act, in fact Jammu and Kashmir is truly integrated with the rest of the India. Narendra Modi addressed Jammu and Kashmir on this abrogation of Article 370. It shows that there are plans in place to take care of situations after the abrogation of the Article.

Many opposition parties like the Congress, CPM and others have referred to it as murder of democracy. Many have asked questions whether the main stream political parties of the Valley (read NC and PDP) can be put under detention while carrying out such a big change to J&K. Some also claimed this it was a fascist and racist act. Modi government was called Nazi and Modi was equated with Hitler.

Now, let me ask a simple question, does J&K mean just the Valley, which has just 54 per cent of the former state's total population? Aren't Jammu and Ladakh regions part of J&K? If yes, has Article 370 ever served any purpose in Jammu and Ladakh regions? Let us start one by one.

Ladakh MP Jamyang Tsering Namgyal exposed the discrimination against Ladakh by all the Valley leaders. That's why the people of Ladakh celebrated the scrapping of Article 370. Jammu too was subjected to discrimination by the Valley leadership and for every right the people of Jammu had to fight, agitate and struggle. They are also celebrating scrapping of Article 370. That means at least 50 per cent of the population of J&K is celebrating Modi government's step on Article 370. If Article 370 had been beneficial to the entire state, then Ladakh and Jammu regions should have opposed it repeal!

Now, for whom Article 370 was beneficial? The Valley leadership because the SC diktat can't be implemented in the Valley and the J&K Assembly can legislate whatever it wants, hence former CMs and ministers etc. were getting lavish government bungalows (where 20-50 crore rupees were spent on renovations) for lifelong without giving any rent rather availing facilities of bullet-proof vehicles, peons, attendants and splendid pensions etc. Is giving comforts to Valley leaders for lifelong called democracy? Wasn't Article 370 giving the Valley leaders a free hand to serve themselves and their coteries and lot of corruption which can't even be audited as the CAG had no jurisdiction due to Article 370?

Why the scrapping of Article 370 is being called true integration? People of Ladakh and Jammu are aware that if all the Indian laws are applied in J&K they will get equitable growth opportunity and won't be discriminated. They can get the facility of development as the rest of the nation is getting.

Regarding the Valley people, Article 370 became the root cause of the alienation from the mainstream. Taking advantage of almost freedom from all types of scrutiny (CAG, SC and other mechanisms etc. thanks to Article 370), the Kashmiri politicians indulged in rampant corruption, cynical nepotism, political mis-governance etc. that resulted in the alienation of the Valley youth for lack of unemployment and spreading of Wahabi culture. General Kanwal, Sr Fellow IDSA, in his article 'Proxy War in Kashmir-Jehad of state-sponsored terrorism' and Maroof Raja's 'An unresolved issue' clearly indicate the reasons of alienation of the Valley youth and how Pakistan systematically instilled separatism in the minds of youth due to political mismanagement. Had there been Central government's control (like annexed Hyderabad and such other areas), there couldn't be uncontrolled political mismanagement as well as uncontrolled entry of Wahhabism and hidden support to separatism.

That's why the youth of the Valley couldn't be integrated into the rest of India. They are always exploited by separatists, Pakistani proxies including political leadership of the Valley. Amit Shah rightly claimed that Article 370 is the root cause of terrorism. The Narendra Modi-led government must have a deep plan to expose the conspiracy against the Kashmiri youth. Now there's RTI applicable thus anyone can ask for any information which will expose the huge corruption, nepotism and other scams.

It will also be exposed as to how the separatists who pretend to cry for Kashmiris yet their children are settled in foreign countries and maintaining a lavish lifestyles. The employment opportunity will also come to the Valley now, which will change the minds of Kashmiri youth, who otherwise were frustrated and falling into the traps of separatists and politicians.

The bottom line is that Article 370 was only beneficial to some ruling and elite class of the Valley. The rest of the people were being fooled to remain backward and venting venom against India. When an equitable opportunity is given to all the people irrespective of region, religion or language, only then true democracy prevails. It will take some time, but definitely, the entire Jammu and Kashmir will be truly integrated with the rest of the country through true democratic means, making Kashmir heaven again. There shouldn't be any doubt about it.

Editorial NOTE: This article is categorized under Opinion Section. The views expressed in this article are solely those of the author and do not necessarily represent the views of In case you have a opposing view, please click here to share the same in the comments section.
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