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Interview with Viki Vaurora, who claims to have cured a cancer patient using Cannabis
Leela was suffering from Cancer for the past many a months. She was not in a condition to even eat, as her health was deteriorating drastically. She was vomiting since many a months. Doctors offered to operate and treat her, but still they could not guarantee her survival.

It is at this juncture when Leela's husband, who was in a state of distraught met Viki Vaurora, a resident of Bangalore, who offered to cure her from Cancer using Cannabis (Marijuna). Initially, it was very difficult for the husband to digest what Viki promised him -cure her cancer using Cannabis.

But, after Viki explained him from the process to everything, the husband agreed and it worked wonders for Leela. Within two weeks, she stopped vomiting and began to eat as well. This was a victory for Viki, who was himself surprised by its instant results.

Here is an excerpt from Viki's interview, who talked about how he treated Leela. He also has a suggestion for the Government of India asking them to research about the medicinal impact of Cannabis and the need for it to be legalised.

He says, ''Just legalise it, regulate it effectively and sit back and watch the economic boost. You'll be creating millions of Jobs overnight. Millions! Yes. This is so big. ''

Ashim Sunam (AS): What made you think that Cannabis (Marijuna) could help cure a cancer patient?

Viki Vaurora (VV) : I did not create something new. The cure for cancer, using cannabis has been in existence for 3 decades now. But it has been hidden as it doesn't serve the pharmaceutical companies, if everyone can grow their own medicine.

Back in the days when I was exploring the plant by myself, I happened to like and follow many of the sites and pages on social media, which fed me quite a lot of truth about this plant. When I read that something as deadly as cancer could be cured by GANJA (flowers/buds of Cannabis), which our society very blindly considers and propagates to be a bad drug, I couldn't help but dig further into this.

The more I learned, the more I realised that this whole thing was such a scandal. Everything from the current allopathic treatment for cancer to prohibiting the plant globally, seemed to be very bizarre.

Some friends called me a conspiracy-geek, I showed them the evidence that back in 70s, the US govt had already patented the compounds in the plant for discovering its medicinal compounds to be highly anti-cancerous. After which, I came across this guy on some page called Rick Simpson, who had been curing all sorts of cancer already by extracting the concentrated oil from the plant. He was a nice guy who taught everyone how to extract the oil through his documentary 'RUN FROM THE CURE '

And all of this information stayed inside of me till the right time arrived, and then the events evolved naturally.

AS: For how long had Leela been a cancer patient before you met her and discussed about your plan of Cannabis treatment?

VV: Leela had been diagnosed and taking chemo for almost 6 months before I offered to help her condition with cannabis oil. She had been so sick that she hadn't eaten properly in months and was vomiting for almost 8 months already.

AS: How open was she to your idea of Cannabis?

VV : Not so much. Her husband was the one learning about all of this from me and like everyone else, it was such a dissonance for him when he heard that GANJA could actually be used as medicine.

AS: Was the medicinal process of Cannabis painful for Leela?

VV: The medicine isn't painful. In fact, it's known among the medicinal users of the plant to cure any sort of pain in the body. The patient basically has to take just one drop of the oil and it'll work in the body for upto 12 hours. So it can be quite a trip for an inexperienced user.

So, I always made sure she took it during the night and sleep it off. The medicine, when ingested, usually takes about half an hour to 2 hours to show its effects. By that time she would have fallen asleep and she would wake up the next day feeling normal and more refreshed.

(We use high concentrated oil so that effect is stronger on the body and a concentrated dose lasts longer thereby killing cancer cells all over the body and also shrink tumour. But when smoked from the raw plant, the effect usually fades within 1 or 2 hours)

AS: After she agreed, how did you go about with the process? Could you explain it in brief?

VV: After the chemo had failed to cure her and she had gotten too weak to barely survive, the doctors offered to operate and remove that cancerous region. But, they guaranteed nothing about her cure or survival. That is when her husband wanted to try this medicine and give it a last shot to save his wife and the mother of his 2 young boys.

I got access to about half a kilo of plant buds, and extracted the oil after reading and watching quite a lot on the extraction process itself. I had to look into all the possible solvents that was available here in India and the main concern was to select a solvent of the highest grade, which wouldn't harm the patients health even if there are any residue.

The next big step was to extract the oil successfully without leaving any traces of the alcohol solvent used. It took me with the help of few friends, an entire evening to finish this extraction process.

The oil was warmed overnight to evaporate any left over residue and by the next morning the process was finished successfully. All the hard work and risk taken was paid off when I was holding that medicine, but the biggest problem was lying right ahead. It had to be tested.

I couldn't go to any laboratory because of its crazy meaningless prohibition, so I took a dab of the oil myself. A tiny drop to see if i'd be ok without any health issues. To my surprise, the medicine hit me immediately and it was nothing but a peaceful trip, which lasted for over 12 hours.

Since it is a very natural extract of the plant and it wasn't synthesised in any way, there are no side-effects attached to it. But I was just checking on how strong the medicine is and if every patient can handle it while they are conscious. Thats when I designed the dosage for a night only, unless the patient did not mind taking it during the day if they can handle it.

AS: How did you get the required amount of cannabis? Was it not a risky affair as it is considered illegal in India?

VV: I got it from earth of course (Laughs). It was risky, obviously. But it was a better shot compared to shutting up and watching that woman die so miserably.

AS: As per the Indian law, you could have been sentenced to jail for using cannabis. Were you not scared about it?

VV: Are you intending to mean that humans don't have the right to use plants given to us by nature? There is a famous saying among the cannabis community. "Do you really think nature got it wrong and a bunch of corrupt politicians got it right?"

I am not breaking the law, I'm simply questioning the law by being dis-obedient towards injustice and I believe I have the right to do it. I've got a valid proof of cure. Hundreds of patients have been cured on the other side of the planet already, through this medicine.

Speaking of legality, why are cigarettes legal? They kill hundreds of thousands of people around the world and yet it is advertised, showcased and sold on the streets.

A law can say that I shouldn't murder anyone, which is right. I understand that. But what kind of sorcery is this to tell the people not to grow and use a medicinal plant.

If anyone from the government is reading this, I'd just like to tell you to take a day off and research about this plant. There's a great deal of information available on the Internet. Research based facts are at your fingertips. It's all about whether you want to learn and evolve. Do it. Look it up with an open mind and I'll promise you, your views on the plant will completely change.

Its got amazing benefits in variety of fields. Industrial Uses, Textiles, Medicinal, Spiritual healing, Agricultural and Environmental benefits. This is a Miracle Plant. Its a trillion dollar Crop.

Just legalise it, regulate it effectively and sit back and watch the economic boost. You'll be creating millions of Jobs overnight. Millions! Yes. This is so big.

Legalising is not an option. It definitely will happen INDIA. Its just a matter of time.

AS: Just in a week's time or so, her health began to improve. How did her doctor react to it?

VV: Yes, she responded to the medicine quite fast or the medicine helped heal this dying woman so quick. Either ways, when I got a call a week after, she started administering the medicine, I was informed that her vomiting had completely stopped and to everyone's surprise, she had started eating again.

That was the most overwhelming moment to me. To a guy who just liked to smoke up every now and then, using this plant to cure someone's deadly disease was one of those moment that I'd always thrive for, again. It was a new wave of energy that I had never experienced before. And I knew the medicine was working, as Leela had been vomiting severely for over 8 months and she hadn't eaten anything for nearly a month as every bite of food had to be vomited because the cancer had blocked the region after her stomach.

Her doctors knew nothing about it back then, because, Leela's husband was sent away saying that she couldn't be cured by their medicine.

AS: There are some doctors, who do not believe in such kind of treatment. But, why not?

VV: I don't know. Maybe it has a very strong thing to do with Cognitive-Dissonance. For years, they read their textbooks and worship the impossible creations of their pharmaceutical companies. And once in while, when alternative medicines work (which are the natural treatments known to man), their brain fails to accept the truth.

But I'd like to say that not all doctors are the same and some of them genuinely care about healing. I recently got a call from an oncologist who had given up on allopathic treatments after seeing failed results for over 8 years and was always in search of something that works effectively to cure cancer.

He happened to read my post and showed me a lot of appreciation for trying this out and wanted to help design a better research study so that we can change the law by producing these results to the Supreme Court.

AS: After such success, what are your future goals? Do you want to create this medicine for commercial selling purpose as well?

VV: Yes. I don't know about me creating it personally, but i'I definitely want to make all the patients to have access to this medicine as easily as they can find any other medicine in a chemists shop.

Speaking about the medicinal benefits of the plant alone, We are drawing a thin line between life and death here. We humans have been poisoned through food, water and the air we breathe, and we have been sold more poisons in the name of prescribed drugs.

This is humanity living completely stupidified. And in our country, our governments have been forced by the west to follow this prohibition on a plant, which never existed before, throughout our history.

We have used it widely for various purposes from the time of great rishis till 1985; which was when India decided to burn its own tradition, lifestyle and a religious sect.

A form of culture, which co-existed among everything else, doing just fine, was falsely propagated as a Drug. A new wave of taboo rocked the coming generations through media. The shame is on our leaders, for being such idiots to make the use of nature ILLEGAL. It is also on our doctors who never stood up and our media for never questioning the prohibition. It is high time that this nonsense stops. I'm calling for a nationwide revolution.

A peaceful revolution of educating, legalising and welcoming the plant back into the mainstream cultural domain.

For those who care in making this change, join us on Facebook and Twitter at GLM - INDIA.

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