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Iran's media calls Lebanese PM's resignation 'sensitive and accelerating and worrisome'
Iranian regime's media outlets described the developments following the resignation of Lebanese Prime Minister, Saad Hariri, as sensitive and accelerating and worrisome. By resigning, Hariri was protesting the interference of the Iranian regime in Lebanon and the Arab countries.

State-run Kayhan newspaper, affiliated the Supreme Leader Ali Khamenei, wrote on November 7th, 2017, "The suspicious resignation of Saad Hariri, the Ansarullah missile attack on the Riyadh International Airport and the eradication of the Saudi princes by Mohammed bin Salman, are three very important events that are linked, a bit more or less, both to Iran and to the accelerating and decisive developments in the region and the end of ISIS's rule. But how?" 

Kayan added, "The main output of Hariri's resignation was nothing but a political pressure on Iran and Hezbollah in Lebanon. These pressures began right after the implementation of the U.S. sanctions against Hezbollah, and the point here is exactly that." It said further, "The sanctioning of Lebanon's Hezbollah is in some ways similar to the CAATSA sanctions... It can already be predicted that internal pressure will expand from the Lebanese spectrum close to the West in the coming days. There will likely be massive sanctions on the part of the United States and its allies against Hezbollah in the future. Some also believe that these adventures could be the beginning of a new war in the region, a war in which Hezbollah is a party." Kayan Daily also wrote, "The enemy is trying every possible thing to change the situation in their favour. One day with sanctions, one day with threat, and one day with 'negotiation and JCPOA'." 

On November 5th, 2017, also according to Kayhan Daily, an advisor to the regime's foreign minister, Hossein Sheikh al-Islam, said the resignation would not be a good cause and has taken place under the pressure from the United States and Saudi Arabia to create regional crisis.

In an editorial, state-run daily Vatan Emrooz wrote, "The intensity of the developments in the Middle East region is now very high. Different actors seem to have come to the conclusion that time is running out fast. They are quick to make decisions and are more likely to try to execute them even faster?." It alsowrote on November 7th, 2017, "The fundamental principle describing all the developments is that the system is imposing its principles on the Middle East. So rivals seem to have been gathered.... and the United States is trying to empower regional actors against the system." As well, it said, "The United States has come up with a traditional strategy of combining hardliners and moderates... America's serious focus on using sanctions is rooted in that. You can even view Hariri's removal from Beirut from this angle. This is where we should be vigilant about it." 

State-run Sharq newspaper, affiliated to Rouhani, wrote, "With the resignation of Saad Hariri, it seems that the engineering of creating a permanent crisis in the Middle East, which is switched on starting from the Syrian crisis, has entered a new ominous, devastating process." The newspaper also said, on November 7th, 2017, "Our diplomacy should pay attention to the new situation in the region with precision and sensitivity." 

Additionally, on November 7th, 2017, state-run Ebtekar newspaper wrote, "With Hariri's resignation, Riyadh now wants to smoothly shape the scene with the help of its agents. The goal is to drive Tehran to the point that Riyadh and its other regional allies like. Their priority is to limit the system's influence in Iraq and Syria." Entekhab added, "This is a strategy that will undermine our power and the power of our regional allies including Iraq, Syria and Lebanon in the volatile and fragile situation of the region. Saad Hariri's resignation seems to be the start of this strategy in the region, which was preceded by a congressional punishment against Hezbollah and the system." Further, Entekhab wrote on November 5th, 2017, that Saad Hariri's "sudden resignation and allegations against Tehran and Hezbollah were sufficient to recognize the implementation of the joint strategy of the Trump and Saudi government to limit the role of the regime in the region from Lebanon as the first round of the chain." 

Another state-owned newspaper, Jame'eh Farda or Tomorrow's Community, which is affiliated to Rouhani, warned the authorities, "The picture we have here is the scene of a regional war and a chain of international conspiracy actions to create a conflict." 

Bahram Qassemi, a spokeswoman for the Iranian regime's foreign ministry,wasconcerned, "The sudden resignation of Saad Hariri and its expression in other countries is not only surprising, but also reflects his play on the ground that malicious people have designed in the region." 

"The resignation of Hariri will be the first step in this new crisis-causing strategy,"  state owned newspaper Afarinesh wrote on November 5th, 2017, adding, "It should be kept in mind that the preliminaries of this deliberate and well-considered plan is about to be done?on the other hand, one should pay attention to the United States' actions. Trump attacks us and the Hezbollah? It seems that this crisis-causing triangle in the region is considering many plans for the system and its regional supporters."

State-run Etemad newspaper also reflected the regime's worries on November 5th, 2017,saying, "Hariri's resignation is in line with tension creating policies against the regime in the region. The eventuality of Saad Hariri's resignation is the start of a series of scenarios in Lebanon and the region that is not a good cause."

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