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Is AAP right in not taking Congress' support to form Govt. in Delhi?
It’s really very encouraging to see AAP taking centre stage in the debates despite BJP being the single largest party in Delhi and a party which has got full majority in three other states. In Delhi BJP and allies have got only 32 seats, AAP got stunningly 28 seats and a support from one JDU winner! Congress was decimated as its tally limited to just eight!

However, I don’t think the spirited Delhi public either had voted with a record participation for a hung assembly or to be under President's rule which is nothing but proxy rule of Congress! People of Delhi trusted on the intent of AAP but in a condition to see its performance!

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As the final numbers came out, the mandate appeared to be for a hung assembly and showing that re-election is only an option left! Do we take that Delhi voters so fool! If they considered as fool, then how stunning results came in favour of AAP! If they are intelligent enough, has AAP misread and insulting it, given the apparent hung verdict?

Let’s forget who’s rejected and who stop whom! The only party that hass been rejected is Congress. If AAP think BJP too was rejected, let them check the figures, they are still less than BJP by 3 numbers and BJP+ with 4 numbers! If BJP is rejected then equally AAP too has been rejected!

I  refer to an article by's columnist Ratan Sharda, where he rightly concluded that 'Arvind Kejriwal didn’t stop Modi wave, on the contrary, Modi stopped AAP carnival.

I had elaborated Modi’s role in making BJP, the largest party in Delhi assembly via my article “AAP's success in Delhi: Now Modi need to learn public mood and should learn as fast as possible!”, where I clearly said that there is Modi’s role in BJP’s emergence in Delhi!

AAP's leader Yogendra Yadav is one of the finest psephologist in this country! He analysed few days ago about the Delhi elections and predicted that AAP is sweeping and getting 2/3rd majority! None agreed but perhaps Modi took it seriously! Hence he brought forward Harsh Vardhan and did all the possible poll management. He made the BJP largest but failed to make it the major! If it was his failure then let’s agree, but at the same time we must agree that Modi stopped AAP from getting 2/3rd majority! Thus AAP is more rejected than BJP!

Anyhow the purpose of this article is not who is rejected and who is accepted! Frankly Congress is rejected. BJP though appreciated but given a mandate to be principal opposition as the mandate is such despite being largest party they have to be in opposition in the absence of any support. This has been accepted by the BJP itself as it declared not to engage in horse trading!

The claim of AAP was to form a government with 2/3rd majority with a credible opinion of best psephologist like Mr. Yadav! They were limited to 28 seats and with the support of a JDU candidate, the number goes to 29 and of course with the independent support their number increases to 30. Apart from this, a stunned Congress has to declare that his eight members are ready to support AAP unconditionally! Then what stops AAP to form the government?

The excuse is that AAP is fighting against traditional politics. Agreed, they can’t do any compromise with traditional politics. Agreed again! But if Congress wants to give unconditional support, where is the question of compromise? You do whatever as per your manifesto being at power.

If Congress withdraws its support, you can easily come out with a case that you wanted to do your work as per promise, citing and proving that the Congress just cheated you! Don’t worry, public is the master and will do the justice to you and to the cheater! But first take the challenge and then tell public the constraint!

In the electoral politics all have to face challenges. The claimed oldest party just challenges AAP to fulfil their manifesto providing unconditional support! They should take the challenge as there is no condition of support and they too have the advantage of exit formula that if support is withdrawn in an ambiguous condition, then they can tell public that they were ready to do as per the promise but the Congress cheated! But to do this, they have to take the charge and continue till they are stopped from performing. Congress definitely never wanted to be blamed as an anti-people given the brutal mandate!

The situation of Delhi is like this, BJP despite being largest party has no support (conditional or unconditional) from anybody, hence is not responsible for the government formation. In fact if it forms, there would be questions on its support mobilization and may be blamed for horse trading! Congress with eight seats is out of question in forming the government. Now for AAP there is unconditional support of 9 seats giving them a strength of 37 members.  Yet they are escaping from forming the government of Delhi even after appealing good leaders in other parties to come and join them.

The excuse of not taking unconditional support is also very ridiculous and illogical! People of Delhi rejected Congress party as ruler but not rejected those eight members of Congress who are ready to support AAP unconditionally! If you reject them, you are just rejecting public's mandate!

There I think AAP is missing the bus! Many started questioning AAP’s decision to not form the government! Is it due to the fact that they have promised so irrationally and have made impossible claims to the public! They may get away of such promises if they escape from the responsibilities, but in doing so, aren’t they bulldozing the spirited Delhi verdict? Aren’t they trying to cheat the honest Delhi voters in not taking the responsibilities as expected by public when the supports come without any condition!

What’s the message today! BJP has no support hence couldn’t make the government! Congress can’t make a government because of decimation. AAP just escaping from a responsibility despite had given an unconditional support! Isn’t it an insult to Delhi voters? Isn’t impertinent to Delhi voters for not giving full mandate to AAP? Isn’t it also an utter arrogance by the AAP to make the December 2013 verdict be cancelled/rejected/bulldozed by an arrogant AAP for failing to make them winners in majority number? Isn’t such a wish selfish?

Now AAP is trying to be a major player in national politics too! They have perhaps forgotten the fact that people always support honest intents in state level, but for national level approval, they need the performance as well!

Finally, all want AAP and its style till today to be the best electoral practice in this democracy. But Indian public is very mature! If they can understand traditional politician’s trick, they too can understand intelligent escapism yet showing volt faces in terms of theoretical idealism! People of India started dreaming a new chapter of polity due to Delhi's result but can’t endorse it further only because AAP trying to smart out in escaping responsibility with excuse of rhetoric and standard hollow ideal excuses!

If Delhi gave AAP an historical verdict, it equally wants an historical fearless performance! Otherwise, people of India know how to punish or reward to even traditional political parties that sometimes appeared to be invincible!

As a heartily supporter of AAP, I would suggest them to take brave steps. If they hide behind illogical excuses, insult public mandate yet want to be national player, my warning is that people of this country are so mature that they can sense the cheating and ambitions despite dodging from taking up responsibilities! Public taught a lesson to Sheila Dikshit and may deliver the same lesson to AAP!

Not to be forgotten that 50% of AAP voters in Delhi assembly poll are also Modi fans! If the election is done along with referendum to Modi, AAP would lose its identity. If this happens, this may be unfortunate for them, at the same time sad event for Indian awaken mass who dreamed for a better polity thanks to AAP’s December performance!

BJP is showing smartness in Delhi by not engaging itself in any sort of horse trading to make a government! The Congress too is doing a smart job while reading the public mood in extending unconditional support to a party that decimated them in their own ground! Is AAP doing a smart job or blunder in escaping from the job aspirated by their exciting and jubilant supporters?

Editorial NOTE: This article is categorized under Opinion Section. The views expressed in this article are solely those of the author and do not necessarily represent the views of In case you have a opposing view, please click here to share the same in the comments section.
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hemen parekh
Unconditional Support ?To form a government in Delhi , both BJP and Congress have offered AAP , an Unconditional SupportArvind Kejriwal is asking ," For how long ? 3 weeks or 3 months ? "He cannot forget what those parties did to destroy the " India Against Corruption " movement in the Ramlila grounds in 2011So he has asked Sonia Gandhi and Rajnath Singh ," Forget about ' giving ' un-asked for unconditional support But since you have been so magnanimous , here are my 18 conditions for ' taking ' your support Do you accept these conditions ? "Sonia and Rajnath are silent !They don't like being exposed ! A Congress spokesman even said on TV channel last evening ," Most of what AAP proposes , require mere administrative decisions . Our support does not come in picture "A BJP stalwart said," How can there be any government without a strong opposition ? Of course , we will oppose you whenever we disagree with you . How can we tell you now , which of your 18 conditions , we will oppose - and when ? When time comes , we will get a signal from our high command "As Arvind knows too well , both BJP and Congress will simply wait for the very first opportunity to pull the rug from under the feet of AAP Irrespective of who introduces a " No - Confidence " motion in Delhi Assembly , each will give the other , an " Unconditional Support " !It is a pity , no TV anchor is asking them : Madam / Sir , Does your unconditional support mean , you will decide , > Who will introduce a no-confidence motion and when ? > Who will ask the LG , to recommend President's Rule and when ? > Who will take the credit to discredit AAP , and when ? > Who will brag to Delhi-ites, " We had told you AAP cannot perform " ?But people of Delhi are asking following questions ( no doubt inconvenient to BJP / Congress ) , > If unconditional support only means , mere postponement of the re- poll , why not get over with it , right now ? > What is game-plan of Congress / BJP ? > How can we put an end to this absurdity called " Support " ? > Isn't it time to give 50 seats to AAP in re-poll ? * hemen parekh ( 15 Dec 2013 / Mumbai )
hemen parekh
Uneducated HummingbirdWhat did people of Delhi speak on 4th Dec ?Here is a list of learned , trying to figure out :> Political Pundits> Anchors and Analysts> Sundry Psephologists> Erudite Experts> Confused Panelists ........etcThey are saying :" People of Delhi were fed up with unsolved local issues and UPA - 2 corruption . So they voted for AAP AAP is a local party , devoid of a nation-wide organization It has no access to unlimited funds from " Unknown Sources " And then , National issues are different So , forget about AAP beyond borders of Delhi "Naysayers should go and read the plaque on the gates of Sikorsky Helicopter factory in USA , which reads :" By all known laws of Aerodynamics , the ratio of the weight of a Hummingbird to its wing-span area, is such that the Hummingbird cannot fly But poor Hummingbird never went to college and learned Aerodynamics . So , it goes ahead and flies anyway ! "It is the same with AAPIts members never attended IIMMs ( Indian Institutes of Money Management - of which , as you know , there is one in every state ! )Nor did they learn , " Seven Irrefutable Laws of Looting "So , come June 2014 , and AAP will fly all over India , on wings of hope and prayers of 725 million votersMighty will bite the dustAnd Pundits will hum , a Hummingbird Tune !Provided ,> Delhi-Success does not swell AAP heads > AAP can successfully fight - off , it's " Inner Enemies " of Greed / Ego / Envy / Arrogance / Anger > Learn to love the " Sinner " , while hating " Sin "* hemen parekh ( 13 Dec 2013 / Mumbai )
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