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Is Congress chief Sonia Gandhi trying to threaten and scare Indian minorities?
It was her first ever public appearance at a party forum in Kerala after the Congress's LS poll fiasco in May this year. However the Congress party Chief Sonia Gandhi was no different this time as well.

Instead of laying out future course of action to recover her party from nowhere in picture, she chose to deliberately attack PM Narendra Modi-led NDA government for "engineering" communal violence and dividing the country along communal lines" while addressing Kerala Pradesh Congress Committee convention on 12th Aug 2014.

She quoted that there is a spurt of at least 600 incidents of communal riots that occurred in Uttar Pradesh and Maharashtra in 11 weeks of the new government.

Surely it was a direct and a brazen attack by her on Modi though totally a pointless attempt. However I think Sonia Gandhi on her sheer desperation forgot many simple facts. She seriously needs to educate herself.

My question to Sonia Gandhi is, "Isn't law and order a state subject? Can Centre intervene in states' subject unless asked by the state government? Won't it be against the federal structure of our country if Centre intervenes in states' subjects? And by the way whose government is there in Maharashtra? Isn't it yours?

So that means the Congress has failed in the state of Maharashtra that has sparked with many instances of communal riots.

Again let's not talk about Uttar Pradesh government which has totally gone disastrous in the state of UP. It is by now an open fact that law and order in Uttar Pradesh has totally failed due to inefficiency of ruling SP government. Isn't SP was an ally of UPA?

On what account has she desperately orchestrated the communal attack on NDA? Is it sheer desperation or a well planned activity to spread hatred and fear? Is she indirectly threatening and scaring the minorities (especially Muslims) if they will not vote for the Congress, there will be communal riots in the name of Modi?

Interestingly there are no incidents of riots in BJP ruled states as well as other parties (who are not part of UPA) ruled states. I think with full conviction that the above brazen utterance was aimed to create fear psychosis among minorities.

Already ISI's plotfor tarnishing Modi's reputation as a Fascist and India as Semi Fascist country in international forum has been exposed recently.

According to a report in The Sunday Guardian 10th August 2014, Pakistan's spy- agency ISI (Inter-Services Intelligence) has deliberately made an attempt to "fire on the shoulders of the US and the UN" to blemish the reputation of Prime Minister Narendra Modi and India. The plan was to ensure the further penetration by the ISI, and its auxiliary elements, of groups which would be used to paint India as a semi-fascist state and Narendra Modi as a fascist PM.

Is Sonia Gandhi orchestrating in line with ISI? Has the Congress left with noting? Because just few days before we have witnessed Rahul Gandhi's antics of "Jumping into the well" to make a "direct attack" on Narendra Modi on the issue of Communalism.

It is no rocket science even for an average intellectual to understand what's in Sonia Gandhi's mind in particular and the Congress in general.

The people of India are well aware of the divisive politics, more clearly the "vote bank politics" of the Congress, which it is playing since more than six decades after Independence. At present it has reduced itself to a party of 2Cs i.e. "Talking Communal, Doing Corruption.".

Interestingly two arc political rivals from the two premium parties of the country were addressing the public on the same day at the two extreme ends of the country with "polls apart" agendas.

Narendra Modi, the PM of India was addressing at Leh and Kargil in J&K (in front of a minority gathering) with an agenda of "development - which has now become a global phenomenon" while the chairperson of the Congress party, Sonia Gandhi was addressing its party convention at Kerala with an agenda of "Communalism- a sinking phenomenon even at the regional surface". No wonder why the Congress does not need marginalisation but a total extinct.

Doing mistake is normal but repeating the same is surely a blunder. And not learning from the mistake is against the creation of human race. Clearly the Congress has not learnt any lesson from its recent debacle. It still continues to do petty politics.

Who divided and who united the country everyone knows, except the Congress. If such laughable comments from a century old Congress party continues, definitely a "Congress Mukt Bharat" will come sooner than expected. Because this time only fools are going to listen to what the Congress chief is uttering as everyone else can read the desperation of the Congress and foresee the extinction of the same.

Editorial NOTE: This article is categorized under Opinion Section. The views expressed in this article are solely those of the author and do not necessarily represent the views of In case you have a opposing view, please click here to share the same in the comments section.
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A Merinews Reader
Riots, communal violence have become a sad reality of India’s life. There are many an observations pertaining to the riots. The major one being that after every riot BJP in particular becomes stronger in that area. Also that the majority of the victims of riots in India are Muslims. The data from1961 to 1992, shows that during these four decades 80 percent of victims of communal violence have been Muslims. During the 1984 Delhi riots nearly 4000 Sikhs were done to death. In a similar vein another minority; Christians saw the ghastly burning of Pastor Graham Stains along with his two minor sons. Who is to be blamed for these riots? In one of the articles in a Hindi Monthly, Pratipaksha, Nanaji Deshmukh a veteran of RSS wrote around that time that there is a threat to the National unity, due to Sikh extremism, and so Rajiv Gandhi should be supported to the hilt. The role of RSS during 1984 riots is anybody’s guess. It was around this time that Bajarang dal, the storm troopers of RSS was formed. These sentiments of hatred against the ‘other’ community are the fertile soil in which particular events can be given a communal twist, or calls for attacks in a veiled language can be given. So many an events can take place in the society but unless the inherent hatred for the other community is there they cannot be translated into violent episodes. This is what the fascist elements are doing in the name of Majoritism. Sonia Ji is exposing these hypocrites. We are all Hidustanis and proud of that. Why should anyone IMPOSE upon us HINDUISM which ONE of the many religions of India. It has its own well thousand of gods and goddesses and defined customs and traditions and many of them do not agree with the TENETS of MONOTHEIISTIC RELIGIONS? India is a secular democratic country. No one entity can claim the sole ownership of this beautiful land.
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