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Is corruption no longer an 'issue' in 2014 Lok Sabha election?
Aam Aadmi Party which was formed mainly to fight the corruption in politics, has come a long way after its short lived political experiment in Delhi and perhaps, realizing it very soon, its founder leader Kejriwal has publicly admitted that "communalism is the much bigger issue than the corruption."

If that was the case, the very formation and existence of the Aam Aadmi Party comes into question. All other parties were repeatedly saying and practicing the same thing that "corruption" is not a significant issue in our society and politics and "communalism" is a big issue as you can not play the "minority card" with the corruption, but you can play the same by making the "communalism" a political issue .

At least, for the first time, one would have to agree that Kejriwal is very honest in admitting the fact that vote bank politics can not be practiced only by highlighting the corruption and wild accusations, as people have been used to it and do not consider the same as a political issue. If Kejriwal has to do the politics, he will have to learn the tricks of the trade and he has understood this pretty soon and abandoned his "fight corruption" attitude in favor of the "fight communalism" approach, which has been well practiced by other political parties over the years.

Though is has become fashionable to blame the politicians for all the corruption, after the Anna Movement, people also understand that the problem of corruption does not start and end with the politicians only. Politicians are chosen by the people living in our society and people elects only those persons as their leaders to represent them in Parliament or in Assembly whom they consider the best according to their own ideology. If we look at the records of the recent past, we will find that people got offended if some political party goes overboard in fighting the corruption.

We have the examples of Karnataka, Uttarakhand and Himachal Pradesh. In all these states, BJP was in power and thrown away by the people in favor of the Congress for fighting the corruption. In Karnataka, BJP leadership forced Yedurappa to resign as Chief Minister after Lokayukt indicted him of corruption. People of Karnataka did not take this corrective step by BJP lightly and thrown away the BJP Government at the next available opportunity.

Similarly, Uttrakhand was the only state where BJP Government enacted a Lokpal Bill, which was not only praised by Anna Hazare, but also Kejriwal. But people of Uttrakhand did not like this "strong Lokpal" and thrown away the BJP Government at the next available opportunity and when Congress Government led by Vijay Bahuguna came to power, the first thing it ensured that the "Strong Lokpal Bill" of BJP Government was replaced by a Lokpal Bill of its own as well as people's choice.

Same thing happened in Himachal Pradesh, where people preferred Virbhadra Singh and the Congress and rejected BJP which could not spread corruption in the State according to their expectations.

This should not lead us to believe that there is no corruption in BJP. One could only conclude that in today's scenario, politics is not possible without corruption. It could only vary from party to party. When BJP was trying to act "as honest" as Kejriwal was trying to act few months back, it got elected only 2 members in Parliament. It learnt from the Congress and other political outfits over a period of time and realized if you have to survive in politics, corruption has to be accepted as a way of life as people generally like it.

It is good that Kejriwal understood this very fast and leaving the "corruption" behind, straightway came to the issue of "communalism" which is hot favorite in vote bank politics and ensures that you remain darling of the minorities for all times to come.

To further prove this point, one can see the example of Uttar Pradesh, where neither BJP nor the Congress is in a position to get a majority and form a Government for the last few decades and BSP and SP are forming the Governments with absolute and comfortable majority. This shows that corruption always wins in politics.

Bigger Corruption defeats smaller corruption and smaller corruption defeats honest politics. People are just not bothered about the corruption as long as you play your "minority card" , caste, religion and community factors.

BSP and SP, both have mastered this art of politics in UP and enjoying the fruits of the politics with comfortable majority. If Kejriwal is doing the same thing for achieving his political ambitions in the national politics, he is only following what other political parties have been successfully practicing for so many years and no one should take an offence for the same.

Editorial NOTE: This article is categorized under Opinion Section. The views expressed in this article are solely those of the author and do not necessarily represent the views of In case you have a opposing view, please click here to share the same in the comments section.
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