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Is discussion on development more important than well being of your family?
Every one in this country wants to discuss about the development. I am not an exception to that but there are certain things which are very important before discussing development. From my point of view a peaceful life is more important than having all around development alongwith the fear of life. Amit Shah and Vasundhra Raje again proved that minorities should be ready to be slaughtered during their regime.

There is lot of debate on politics of communalism versus politics of development. Most of the news channels in this multicultural country were discussing that there should be discussion on developments rather than communality of others. They have targeted mostly Samajwadi Party, Congress and upto certain extent AAP. The so called intellectuals of these debates in our country almost given a verdict that these parties are trying to communalize this election because few of their leaders are trying to raise the issues of muslims. I think no one in this country should discuss the plight of muslims. If you discuss such issues immediately you will become either a communal or a traitor as per policy of BJP. It is also evident that most of the news channels are not questioning BJP spokespersons as they are grilling others. At the same time they provide enough time to spokespersons of BJP to put forward their views whereas they don’t allow others. Arvind Kejriwal raised a very valid question regarding the sanctity of media and it should be discussed rather than terming him a dictator.

It looks very clearly now that muslims of this country are second class citizens whereas constitution of this country provides equal right to every citizen irrespective their caste, creed and religion. No doubt that the country should proceed in forward direction but the cost of that development must be discussed in open forum rather than discussing in closed system. Conditions of most of the muslims in this country is in really bad shape and it requires certain measures from ruling class to uplift this particular society.

 Here are few of very important questions which are coming now in mind

  1. They should remain neglected simply because they are second class citizen in this first class country?
  2.  Their forefathers had invaded this country and therefore they should be ready to be treated like animals now? Though I don’t want to discuss the history of this country but it is apparent to point out that Aryans including majority of Hindus are invaders of this country and not the real Indians. Why not treat every Aryan in this land a second class citizen irrespective of their religions?
  3. Is development more important than living peacefully with your family?
  4. Is earning huge amount of money more important than well being of your family?
  5. Are having roads more important than keeping your family alive?
  6. Is having better infrastructure more important than allowing others to rape female members of your family?
  7. Is having 24 hours electricity daily more important than allowing your children to get educated in peaceful environment?

 Here are some examples of communal politics as per views of BJP

  • Meeting of Sonia Gandhi with Shahi Imam in Delhi
  • Raising of issues of muslim community by Samajwadi Party
  • Security and non discrimination towards muslims by AAP
  • Comments of Imran Masood against Modi

Whereas below mentioned items are having no problem

  • Sharing of dias with Ramdev by none other than Narendra Modi
  • Raising the issues of slaughter houses during election rallies by Modi and not providing any vision for future
  • Threatening speech of Vasudhara Raje to Imran Masood in election rally
  • Threatening speech of Amit Shah against the muslims of uttar Pradesh

I don’t have any problem with BJP or Congress because both of them are using muslims for a ride since their inception after independence. I really want to see what actions are going to be taken against Amit Shah and Vasudhara Raje for their speech of hatred and threat to minority community of this country by election commission. This is a testing time for election commission to prove that they are beyond doubt. If election commission doesn’t take any action against these people in next few hours it will clearly prove that no institution in this country is above suspicion except Supreme Court. It will again instill a fear psyche among minority community which has to be removed if this country really wants to go in forward direction. Rest I am leaving to educated young men of this country to decide what is right for them.



Editorial NOTE: This article is categorized under Opinion Section. The views expressed in this article are solely those of the author and do not necessarily represent the views of In case you have a opposing view, please click here to share the same in the comments section.
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