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Is India Secular anymore? 4 signs that prove we are not
Strategically this country is moving away from secularism. And majority of the Indians are not even aware of the subtle changes happening. Denying a job to a muslim youth is just a symptom of the entire ploy, not the outcome in entirety.

What is secularism? A staunch Hindu will tell you, "In this country hating Hindus and promoting minority religion is seen as secularism. Church holds the largest land bank in India. Muslims have looted the country for years. Yet today, Hindus have to prove that they are secular". Ask the same question to a muslim in India and he will point out to "Gujarat riots" and "Babri Masjid" destruction. Ask it to any other minority religion, they will refuse to comment.

While both parties seem to have their standpoint right to some extent and while sporadic communal violence have been a part of modern India, majority of the middle class common Indian stood proud of being a part of the world's largest democratic and secular nation (Even if our Prime Minister Narendra Modi thinks differently). But with the BJP govt. in centre, the Muslim community seems to be getting pushed to a corner and the world 'secular' seems to be diluting somewhere.

Removal of the word 'secular' from National Emblem on 26th January

It was in no means an accident. A well pre-planned push of the Govt. to bring some subtle change in the constitution. It was later put across as an err but not without questions of its existence. Plus these things do not 'just happen by mistake'. If it does, then somebody end up losing a job. But the way the entire controversy around a 'authoritarian' decision by the Govt. was pushed under the carpet, it raises eyebrows about whether we are anymore democratic, forget secular.

Banning of Beef

One state bans it. Another state follows. Home Minister comes across and declares ambition about banning it in entire nation. Why beef particularly? Because it hurts Hindu sentiment. But then doesn't killing of pork hurt Muslim sentiments? Doesn't killing of any life form (including chicken, fish etc.) hurt Jain sentiment? In a secular nation preferential treatment in name of religion is supposed to be non-existent, isn't it?

Sudden rise of 'Hindu' leaders with vicious thoughts; No action against them

Somebody said, "Hindus should have 4 children". Somebody countered by saying "Hey no, they should have 5 children". They call the Prime Minister as "Lord Krishna". They call Mother Teresa as a missionary with foul objective. They ask beef lovers to go to Pakistan. 

Your social media wall will be full of mildly communal messages - so subtle that you won't recognize them to be communal but you will know how muslim population have increased in India, how Taj Mahal have been a hindu temple, how Akbar was not great but Maharana Pratap was.

And in middle of all these you will mostly find no strict Govt. action. And gradually you will start hearing these comments so often that you will gradually stop getting surprised. You will get involved in these discussions and you will stop asking any relevant question (Why are the petrol prices going up or why has the service tax gone up?)

Denying job to a Muslim youth

This is not a stray incident. It is just a start of it. It has been simmering underneath. Now somebody had the courage to formulate a internal policy of a company on it and actually put it across on mail. Chances are that you will not see punishment in this case too.

Editorial NOTE: This article is categorized under Opinion Section. The views expressed in this article are solely those of the author and do not necessarily represent the views of In case you have a opposing view, please click here to share the same in the comments section.
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