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Is it the end of road for AAP or it would amend it's politics to regain public faith?
On 16th May 2014, when the counting of votes was going on, there was an early indication that AAP's national dream would be simply shattered. It got around 2% votes on all India basis, they got nothing in their strong hold Delhi and unexpectedly got 4 seats from Punjab!

Interestingly all the four winning candidates of AAP in Punjab are not the key members of the party, and they won in their individual capacity. Technically speaking, had there been no AAP and if those candidates had contested as independents, still they would have won! Arvind Kejriwal too lost to Modi with a huge margin. From all this development, naturally the question comes 'Is it the end of Road for AAP?'

Before coming to this question let's see what blunders AAP did. Post 8th December 2013, AAP definitely caught the imagination of the country. The different type of politics, making corruption the core and uncompromising issue, people from no political background and a party came out of a revolution. People were really fed up of opportunistic politics, corruption and all divisive tricks by conventional politics. They found fresh ideas in AAP. Hence Delhi public gave them a mandate trusting their intent.

But after getting the surprise mandate, AAP leaders particularly the coteries surrounding its convener Arvind Kejriwal became over-ambitious, over-confidence and very arrogant. They dreamed that they even can conquer Delhi. In Merinews although AAP's success is appreciated a lot but smelling their immaturity, lot of warnings by various citizen journalists given to AAP through many articles not to be intoxicated with the success, rather to progress slowly but consolidating their position.

But who cares at that time? Kejriwal suddenly declared war against Modi. Switched his focus on communalism than corruption (Although Modi was contesting the election on development issue), started high voltage negative campaign, escaped from Delhi governance. The language, the high voltage and high decibel sound bites of various AAP leaders crossed the limits of all decency and humbleness. The immaturity level was so irritating even Delhi public started repenting why they gave a mandate to an untested party? 

Founding members started leaving the party, dissents grown inside the party because of high handedness of a particular group, but none cared. They take granted that Indian voters are there just to pour votes to AAP because there is a Kejriwal who dares, Modi, Rahul, Ambani and Adani! Mr. Kejriwal, India is not Delhi nor is Indians fools! They can trust one time to a new idea but for national politics, they need commitments, performance, grace and importantly positivity both in speeches and campaigns.

Anyway let's come to the question 'Is it the end of road for AAP?' Many would have their own answers. But I feel definitely it?s not the end of road for AAP if they amend themselves, shade immaturity, refrain from high decibel abusive language, leave arrogance etc.

Ratan Sharda, the eminent merinews columnist once written in one of his article in December 2013, that there is a need of a party with left of centre ideology which AAP has a potential to fill-up. Congress has been decimated now and because of dynasty politics, they lost the tag of left of centre ideology. AAP still can fill the space vacated by the Congress. Although AAP didn't get any seat in Delhi but it's able to hold around 33% of vote. Similarly in Punjab and Chandigarh they have 24.4% and 24% of vote share respectively. In some states they have 2 to 3% vote share. They can use these as the base.

It's proved that Indians unhappy with Congress and BJP, prefers AAP. Punjab is best example. Thus it has to slowly but constantly has to consolidate its position as an alternative to Congress. For this they have to be down to earth, require good organizers (may be brought from other parties with good track records), and maintain decency. The drama, unnecessary dharna, accusing without proofs etc has to be shunned. AAP can take place of Congress, if it really did the job in right way. India in fact needs a party like AAP (of course in the Avatar of pre December 8th, 2013).

But first, heads has to be rolled. Arvind Kejriwal along with his coterie should step down. Other's such as Gul Panagh who despite defeat extended a graceful congratulation to her contestant as well as Modi led BJP. Also other leaders who are down to earth, not shouting hysterically yet communicating a vision of corruption free India can take over the party.

It's a fact that India needs desperately a left of centre party as in a democracy; balance in ideologies is basic and foremost requirement. The decimation of Congress, Left parties is so large scale; I don?t think they could revive in a decade of time (although it?s said never right off any political party/individual). 

Remaining parties in existence now like TMC, BJD, AIDMK and even BJP may go unchallenged in the coming decades which may lead to monopoly and even possible autocratic nature of governance! Thus India definitely would like to see AAP to emerge as a responsible, mature and credible alternative. Thus final question is whether AAP is read to amend its way of function and fulfill the hopes created during December 2013?

Editorial NOTE: This article is categorized under Opinion Section. The views expressed in this article are solely those of the author and do not necessarily represent the views of In case you have a opposing view, please click here to share the same in the comments section.
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