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Is LK Advani a passenger on BJP's election bus?
Knowledge is to accumulate facts and wisdom is to simplify the same - That’s how we connect with reality, when there is a strapping need of bridging gap between two generations. Acquiring knowledge is mostly a kingdom of youth and energetic time of human as it needs hard work and vigour, but wisdom comes with experience and mostly a reign of old and elderly as it necessitates tolerance and patience.

Ideally in our culture like any other ancient culture, elders simply willingly share their wisdom with the next generation and help them to move forward. So supremely it is a combination of wisdom and new ideas that is necessary for the advancement of the human civilization.

However, mostly, things never happen ideally. Often simple things get quite complex from which humans need to learn some lessons.

Overtime, an elder necessarily evolves to become a ceremonial head — of family, institution or political party - by virtue of age, experience, stature and popularity. Now, whether the elder willingly embraces that role opting for non-inclusive or would like to be more involved in current happenings and decision making, would depend on the temperament of the elder and the prevailing mood and circumstance of the new generation.

At present, everybody is aware of the internal turmoil going inside BJP. The tallest leader of BJP, Advani has been consistently displaying his dissent ever since the emergence of Narendra Modi as mascot for LS election 2014 in BJP. Whether it is the anointment of NaMo as Campaign Chief in Goa last year or the Declaration of Modi as PM nominee or the latest high drama of tantrums over his LS candidature from Gandhinagar or Bhopal - every time surprisingly Advaniji has shown a very stumpy side of his personality.

The man who has a glorious past as an inspirational figure to millions with a life of legacy has reduced himself to a grand old man fixed with rigid intolerance, stiff grudges and ravenous hunger for power. Isn’t he himself shrinking his own stature?

Undoubtedly, none can question his efforts as a founder member of the party for the rise of BJP in the late 1980s and 1990s and that quite justifies his tall stature in the party. But, it is also a fact that since last decade, BJP has nothing in its pocket, totally empty handed and in almost at the threshold of suicidal mode in national politics, because of the lack of leadership factor.

Even during the 2009 elections, the mandate had given a strong message that people might like Advani personally but he is not a leader to lead the country. Had Advaniji read that message of public sensibly, he would have announced his retirement gracefully much before. Isn’t it?

Well let’s put it like this. May be it was his strong attachment to the party that prevented him from retirement, but certainly he does not have any merit to weave a great  dream or can seriously harbour any great visions of unfolded future at this age, which is a major reason of his discontentment.

With the passage of time, role changes. May be Advaniji failed to learn this very lesson of life else he would have assumed the role of an important advisor, prime supporter and cheer-leader for NaMo putting  personal pique (even if any) aside in the larger interests of the party. Instead he chose to openly publicize his discontent that to, at the edge of the election, risking the aspiration of the party. Isn’t it an evidence of simply 'gone out of mind'?

Elders unite the family. They guide and mentor keeping the flock together, if not shepherding them. But certainly Advaniji is not that kind of an elder for sure. Because evidently, he has a favorite coterie inside the party that gives prominence to a divisive line inside it. Instead of being the centre of thoughts and a neutralizer of the same among the different sentiments of members keeping them united under his umbrella of seniority and making them work towards a common objective, Advaniji chose to divide the members with rivalry feeling to fulfill his own personal interest.

At present people are observing every minute detail of political developments among all party lines. May be opponents attacking Modi or Rajnath Singh for cornering Advaniji but everyone understands the fact that Advaniji himself  is solely responsible for his growing irrelevance in the party. After all respect is commanded not demanded, right? He is proving himself as a burden to the shoulders that carry his load, isn’t it?

From a weak opposition to a very strong contender to be in power in 2014, it is not wrong to say that BJP has gone through a quick metamorphosis covering this distance within a very short time under NaMo’s leadership. No matter if anybody likes him (Modi) or not but none can ignore his hard work, focus and commitment under tremendous pressure. So clearly, he has the highest score to be the PM of the country in terms of competence and meritocracy.

Advaniji and other senior leaders must remember that credit, power and influence come with expiry dates. In fact everything on earth has an expiry date. It is always better to step back and renounce their lust for power propping way for next generation to wrap life with dignity and respectability. A timely wake up call for our septuagenarians and octogenarians in particular and an important lesson for all human in general.

Editorial NOTE: This article is categorized under Opinion Section. The views expressed in this article are solely those of the author and do not necessarily represent the views of In case you have a opposing view, please click here to share the same in the comments section.
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