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Is Media sold out to Modi as Kejriwal claims?
Offence is the best defence and Arvind Kejriwal seems determined to practice this saying. After Kejriwal has been caught “red handed” doing some media fixing with a leading TV journalist,on a YouTube Video, he has been aggressively shouting everywhere that media is sold out and actually playing in the hands of BJP and its PM in waiting Narendra Modi.

Since Kejriwal could not offer any satisfactory explanation to his “Media fixing” video, in which he was caught with Punya Prasun Vajpayee, he wants to somehow confuse the people with his false allegations that, media fixing is not being done by him and it is BJP and Modi, who is responsible for all the media fixing. BJP should be thankful to Kejriwal that he has not said that this YouTube video was also “manufactured” by Narendra Modi. Going by the false allegations, he is fond of making, Kejriwal was well within his right to level this allegation also.

It is not for the first time when Kejriwal has leveled false allegations against media and threatened to send the Mediapersons to Jail, whenever he comes to power. The problem with Kejriwal and his party Aam Admi Party is that only media is responsible for the creation of this party. At the time of Anna Movement, when everyone was concerned about the Janlokpal Bill and eradicating the corruption, Kejriwal was dreaming that how this huge crowd of supporters could be converted into a vote bank for his personal benefits. At that time public as well as the Media was genuinely were concerned about the Anna Movement for Janlokpal Bill and Media was providing the 24 hours uninterrupted free publicity to this Movement. Kejriwal was under the impression that Media is duty bound to provide him the free publicity lifelong forgetting that the free media publicity was for the Anna Movement and not for his political outfit called-“Aam Admi Party.”

Leaving the Anna Movement and the fight for Janlokpal mid-way, Kejriwal formed a political outfit in a tearing hurry which was cleverly named as “Aam Admi Party.”. Kejriwal was under the impression that the free media publicity which was available 24 hours to Anna Movement, would continue to be available for his political venture also. But that was not the case. Anna Movement was an exclusive and extraordinary event of Anna Hazare which was a fight against the corruption. Media was duty bound to extend its support for a common cause.

After the formation of Arvind Kejriwal’s political outfit, Aam Admi Party was like any other political party and media was never supposed to give any preferential treatment or free publicity to any political party. Unfortunately, Kejriwal was not mentally prepared for this. He has been spoiled by the Media during the Anna Movement and he is now unable to digest this hard fact that free publicity is available to only for the Public Movements, not for the political parties. Instead of abusing media, day in and day out, Kejriwal should realize that by leveling false allegations, he is not doing any good for his party or for the freedom of the media. He and his party has come this far, because of media only.

There is very little time left in Loksabha Elections and Arvind Kejriwal in his frustration, coming out with new series of false allegations against the media and opposition parties and continuing his “media fixing” shamelessly, it would be in fitness of things if the Election Commission, takes a suo moto action on the YouTube Video and take strict possible action.

Editorial NOTE: This article is categorized under Opinion Section. The views expressed in this article are solely those of the author and do not necessarily represent the views of In case you have a opposing view, please click here to share the same in the comments section.
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