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ISIS knocking on India's door – how can they be stopped?
One ISIS terrorist Saifullah was neutralised through cautious encounter on Tuesday in Thakurganj area of Lucknow and a number of ISIS terrorists were apprehended in different parts of MP and UP followed by a low intensity blast in Bhopal.

This development has proved that there are ISIS modules operational inside India, a fact which various political parties have been constantly refusing to accept.

Now the question is whether ISIS will succeed in spreading its wings in India? If you ask this question to me, then I would say, ISIS can easily spread its influence in India and within a short period it can inflict damage on India, seriously and permanently. India is a place where any ideology (good or bad) can easily grow because it's a divisive society.

The next question is, is there any way to prevent the ISIS's threat to India? My answer is yes, there is a way. However, the government alone can't prevent ISIS. There are three main stake holders who have to act responsibly in order to prevent propagation of ISIS ideology and rule of brute violence. I am listing the stakeholders as below:-

The political class: India although a democracy, sees frequent elections every year (be it local, Assembly or Parliament) keeping the atmosphere highly confronting, charged-up and politicised. In this process, the vote bank politics mostly places  the minority community (read Muslim community) and majority community face to face on two sides of ideology. There is hardly any gap between two elections which could be considered as a cooling period.

The politicians use these elections to divide the communities by polarisation and counter-polarisation. This creates frustration among the youth of both the communities. This frustration leads to the young generation harbouring extreme ideologies. The recruiters of the ISIS use these youth by trapping and brainwashing them. Thus, the political class must be very careful while playing vote bank politics.

The point to be remembered is that in any case there should be no compromise on national security and integrity. Thus, polarisation and counter-polarisation of communities must not be done on grounds that will lead our youth to join ISIS out of frustration.

Don't hesitate to condemn terror and never ever use the cause-effect argument. Over time politicians always use cause-effect analogy to defend terror acts. At the same time it must also be ensured in the name of terrorism an entire community is not targeted after being labeled as a terror community.

The minority community (Muslim community):ISIS uses Islamic interpretations to justify terrorism, thus the entire Muslim community needs to be vigilant and vocal about the threat. The point to be noted is that ISIS has only one ideology and vows to wipe out anybody who doesn't follow the same. The Muslims of India have specifically said in very clear terms that neither the ideology followed by ISIS is Islamic and nor do they endorse the brutality in the name of Islam. This proves that if at all the ISIS gets a foot hold in India, it will first wipe out Indian Muslims who follow democratic values and secular credence. Thus their role is very important here.

Politics will always will be there. But the senior people of the community must ensure that no youth became frustrated on religious lines. They have to counsel the youth about wrong and un-Islamic ideologies of ISIS. It's good to see that few parents inform the police when they find their kid being influenced by ISIS masterminds.

The community as a whole must ensure that opposition to a political party is not opposing the idea of India and its democracy. If some people get trapped by ISIS recruiters, the community people should identify them and hand them over to the police and subsequently counsel them on why their support to ISIS is wrong. This is very important just to prevent vested interest groups from provoking others to target the community in the name of ISIS.

The majority community: The majority community too has an important role to play. I know the vote bank politics that involves appeasement politics many a times, creating discomfort among the majority community. The politics is such that the political class uses it to divide people for their selfish interests. Thus, the majority community should never ever consider minority community responsible for this vested vote bank politics.

There two basic reasons why the minority community should be respected by the majority community. First, they are nearly one fifth of the population. You can't keep the country united hating one-fifth of its people, being provoked by vested interest outfits. Secondly, the community despite having such a substantial population still continues to languish in all indexes because of the apathy of the political class (including the politicians who claim to be messiahs of the community). Thus, the community naturally feels being deprived. So the majority community needs to understand this frustration and behave and act accordingly.

India is a huge country. There are lot of loopholes. But if the stakeholders work religiously, avoid putting communities in a confrontational mode, appreciate each other and follow the culture of peaceful coexistence then ISIS cannot spread its claws in this country. Interestingly, all these attributes are historical hallmarks of Indian culture being observed since ancient days.

Editorial NOTE: This article is categorized under Opinion Section. The views expressed in this article are solely those of the author and do not necessarily represent the views of In case you have a opposing view, please click here to share the same in the comments section.
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