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Isn't every human being like a caged parrot?
Are most of the human beings also not like this caged bird? Most of us feel so safe and secured in our own respective cages, sure that that this is the only universe which exists.

This is not a write-up about our Indian Central Bureau of Investigation. This is something about a real bird. 

Day before yesterday one of our neighbours lost their pet parrot. He had brought this bird from South Korea and was very fond of it. The bird could speak, recognize people and even communicate when it was hungry and was feeling hot and wanted a bath. Poor thing got lose motions and in spite of best efforts and aggressive treatment from renowned veterinary doctors, passed away day before yesterday.

We - I and Dhairya, went to their place to offer our condolences and saw that this person was deeply affected and was grieving as if a family member had passed away. I could empathize with him as even I was deeply saddened when my Doberman dog Brute had passed away at my farm. No amount of philosophical talk could reduce his grief.

On such occasions you get some thoughts which you know would be too rude to disclose.

Like – Oh! It was only a bird. You can buy another one etc.

Dhairya was fond of this bird and used to often visit since last many years. According to him this bird was a very happy bird. It got what it wanted, was always pampered and looked after well. It never flew away though it could easily have done so even when it was brought out of the cage which was very often. It would simply go to the balcony sit there for some time and return back to its safe cage.

When we came home we started discussing the life this parrot had led. According to me the parrot had never led a free life. The life of the caged parrot must have been very miserable. It must always have felt imprisoned and trapped in its cage and surroundings. It never knew how it was to fly in the open air. It had never seen the world and its awareness was limited to its immediate surroundings, the cage and the flat in which it used to live. 

According to Dhairya, since the bird had never seen the free world, it was not aware of its existence and hence could never have missed it. You don't miss what doesn't exist. You cannot ever miss what has never existed for you. Even if it had seen the free sky, trees and other birds flying from the flat window, it must have been very scared to venture out. The fear of the unknown and the danger lurking out must have prevented it from flying away. It must have been bred and born in captivity and thus had no spirit, no will to even think (assuming that a bird can think) to try to fly away and experience the dangers of freedom. 

This made me think.

Are most of the human beings also not like this caged bird? Most of us feel so safe and secured in our own respective cages sure that that this is the only universe which exists?

Our religion is the best?

Our philosophy, way of living, thinking is the best?

Our food and cuisine that we are used to are the best?

Our own way of living is the best?

Scared to venture out and taste the freedom which may possibly endanger us.

Scared to know better?

Scared to explore the unknown?  

Even if we get a chance to fly away, like this bird, we may not go too far away and return to our safe haven after satisfying our temporary feeling of experiencing a bit of freedom.

Any thoughts?

Editorial NOTE: This article is categorized under Opinion Section. The views expressed in this article are solely those of the author and do not necessarily represent the views of In case you have a opposing view, please click here to share the same in the comments section.
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