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Israel's Gaza attack - Should India take sides?
After HAMAS rejected ceasefire brokered by Egypt, Israel after a brief halt continued its assault in Gaza strip which killed hundreds of innocent people. The assault is continuing and many more civilians are set to die. This is unfortunate that innocent people are being killed, at the same time it's not uncommon particularly in the long standing dispute between Israel and Palestine.

What is very uncommon is Indian Parliamentarians particularly opposition parties raising the voice on this so called war? They demanded for a debate in Parliament and to pass a resolution condemning Israel. Even some demanded India should stop doing business with Israel. 

Why such a high decibel anger against Israel by the so-called secular parties? Because Israel is a Jews country and Palestinians are Muslims! If they are really interested in the well being of global Muslims, then why not such high decibel protests against ISIS who too is killing Muslims in Iraq and Syria? Oh yes, here Muslims are killing Muslims hence secularism is not applicable. What a hypocrisy!

Every state including Israel has a right to defend itself. Thus it's doing whatever it feels right. India is friend to both Israel and Palestine. Thus it shouldn't have officially reacted, forget about a parliamentary debate except suggesting both the sides for restraint. Those who blame Israel, who don't blame HAMAS which has rejected the Egyptian brokered and United Arab League's sponsored cease fire.

Israel had agreed and stopped its attack for around 24 hours. It's HAMAS which rejected the ceasefire putting its Palestinians in the grave problem! HAMAS has no courage to fight face to face rather use Palestinian of Gaza strip as human shield. All Arab countries including Egypt blamed HAMAS. Our opposition parties perhaps more Arabs than Arabs themselves!

And why it's viewed as Israel-Palestine conflict now? Is Israel attacking West Bank? No it's not. HAMAS is now a breakaway group from Palestine National Authority and take seizure of Gaza strip from FATAH that's controlling PNA governing west-bank the major portion of Palestine. From Gaza strip HAMAS is operating its terror network and they only first attacked and killed Israel nationals. What was year ago an Arab-Israel conflict now in fact reduced to an Israel-HAMAS conflict.

These entire pro-Palestinian secularists knowingly avoid Jordan, Lebanon, Egypt and even Arab league too is not having much problem with Israel. They know that they can't eliminate Israel and helping Palestinians too much is dangerous. Let's start from Jordan. Jordan first occupied West Bank which they finally lost to Israel. There were lots of Palestinians who took refuge in Jordan.

In 1970 there was a Palestine-Jordan civil war. That time with the help of Israel, Jordan got relieve from these Palestinians. Then Palestinians took shelter in Lebanon. In 1982 there was a Lebanon civil war, resulting Lebanon making an exit out of such conflict. Egypt and Arab countries too due to such reason although supported Palestine cause but never actively participated like in 1947-48. In this current attack also Egypt closed their border for entry of Gaza refugees taking lesson from Jordan & Lebanon.

Now too the two-state theory is considered as best option which Israel and Fatah in West Bank are heading to an agreement thanks to the UN intervention and contribution from Arab countries. It's HAMAS which is not in favor of such agreement and incites and provokes Israel for war mongering!

Whether this tactic of war is correct! I will not pass any comment on it. But let's go to history! On 29 November 1947, General Assembly of United Nations adopted a resolution 181 where it's recommended that Palestine will be divided in to an Arab state, a Jews state and city of Jerusalem.

From next day onward, Arabs and Palestinians started violence in intent to capture as much as land to eliminate Israeli people. That time Israeli people fought defensively. When they found that they could be extincted, they started retaliating and offensive actions. When the Arabs called for holy war, Jews started organizing worldwide fight for survival. By 1948 the internal differences among Arab forces lead to total collapse where as the fight for survival by the Jews made them united, strong and proactive. On May 14, 1948 there come 'Declaration of the Establishment of the state of Israel' simply superseding the UN General Assembly resolution.

Since then lot of fighting, negotiations are going on and hopefully some solution would also possible in future! Had such proactive combat was not displayed by Israel in 1947-48, I don't think Israel would have existed by now.

Thus that's their strength for which they avoided their extinct! Attack is the best defense for them and they follow this religiously. Thus sitting in India you can't pass a comment on whether the way adopted by Israel is right or wrong!

But yes, India can condemn death of innocents and appeal both parties for a ceasefire! UN and Arab countries should also condemn Israel for the deaths of innocents and at the same time they should condemn HAMAS for unnecessary and criminal provocation. We Indians must see our Indian interest apart from humanitarian issues!

Parliamentarians demand debate on Israel-Palestine conflict! How would they react if Kashmir is being debated in US/UK Parliament? Better sense should prevail on such parliamentarians who take up cases selectively just to present them Muslim friendly! Indian Muslims at large rejects such tokenism!

Editorial NOTE: This article is categorized under Opinion Section. The views expressed in this article are solely those of the author and do not necessarily represent the views of In case you have a opposing view, please click here to share the same in the comments section.
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