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It's time India & China should become close partners!
After Mosul, the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria (ISIS) an off shot of Al-Qaeda now had taken control of 2nd biggest city of Iraq, Tikrit. This Sunni based outfit is in fact consolidating its strength and intents to move towards Baghdad and appeared to have bent upon to re-capture the country Iraq. The Iraqi army appears to be helpless in front of the might of this outfit that fled instead of resisting the ISIS. No wonder soon Iraq would be under a new fundamental regime.
In Pakistan, in less than 48 hours Tehrike-e-Taliban twice attacked Karachi International airport and it has already declared that it would continue its fight against Pakistani establishment. Prime Minister, Nawaz Sharif is running out of option. One option is to wait and watch, resist whenever there is an attack. But this way the terrorist attacks will only increase and will be a never ending story.

On the other hand Sharif can take a decision of neutralizing all the terrorist outfits by using force. But this is very complex issue as there are anti-Indian terrorist groups considered as freedom fighter by a sizable section of Pakistani Army. Thus neutralizing terror outfits by the civil government appears an impossibility at the moment.

Experts are apprehending that there would be a civil war type situation in Pakistan. This war can be decisive when it is brought to Punjab (Pakistan). Both in administration as well as Army, Punjabi Muslims are most influential. Punjab province of Pakistan is almost free from terrorist attacks. But no wonder, things can be worse and once Punjab gets affected from it, it would be a fierce war between terrorists, their sympathizers in the Pakistani Army versus Punjabi dominated section of the Army.

Afghanistan's position is not so good either. The Taliban of Afghan origin along with their Pakistani master minds is waiting for an opportunity to re-capture the country. Thus from developments occurring at Syria, Iraq, Pakistan and even other Arab Countries like Egypt, Libya, one could easily sense that a greater think tank in Al-Qaeda ideology is mulling a bigger plan in middle east countries along with Pakistan, particularly at the exiting moment of USA led NATO forces! Long war in these areas in fact demoralized both NATO forces as well as American administration who are desperate to withdraw.

It’s also not difficult to realise what would be the consequences of such developments for India! Any instability in neighboring Pakistan as well as Middle East has always serious and catastrophic effect on Indian interests in defense as well as economic sector. India alone may not able to confront such a horrific situation and it would definitely require help of it’s another neighbor China.

China has its headache in Xinjiang province and they are now realizing that much sabotage is being done to them by Al-Qaeda and Pakistan origin terrorists. It is ready to shun Pakistan if there were better relations with India.

Frankly speaking, India and China can be a natural friends. Western countries particularly USA always wanted friendship with India to keep China under control. India too was always trapped in the western design. What both China and India never understood is that because their rivalry, western countries were always benefited. They utilized the large markets of India and China at their terms and also got control of Middle East, the oil capital of the globe.

Now the unrest and future development in Muslim world particularly in Middle East and Pakistan should bring India and China together as both would be at receiving end whenever this unrest will escalate. It’s an open secret that once the NATO forces leave Middle East, things would be under control of fundamental terrorist groups having allegiance to Al-Qaeda ideology. This can be neutralized by Indo-China joint effort.

Further there are mutual benefits too. Both India and China can be biggest market to each other to flourish their economies. Why to give western countries the mantle. If China and India can be true partner in economy, in no time western economy has to trail. Western economy always depends on Asian Market. Thus Asia can have its terms of engagement! Addition of Russia in this partnership would be an added value. Anyway, is it not the time now to take charge and ask the western countries not to interfere in Asian affairs! I don’t think if China and India partners, there would be any difficulty in confronting Al-Qaeda's terror and taking control of oil-capitals through mutual and economic tie up with the gulf countries and nearly ousting vested interest of the western nations!

Yes, there are issues between India and China i.e. starting from the boarder dispute to a long standing mistrust between the countries. The South China Sea issue, relations with Vietnam and Japan, in context with Indian interests, there are many dead-locks. To be friends, much magnanimity and give and take policy with a broadened heart is required.

An encouraging sign which is coming from the Communist nation is that China is seeing a friend in Narendra Modi, the new Prime Minister of India. PM Modi too appears to be strong leader and has a definite game plan to partner with China in the interest of the country. If both India and China want to be friends and partners, I don’t think there would be any issue that can’t be solved.

Yes, the Unites State may get worried but with right intent both India and China can make the future decade as the decade of Asia!

Editorial NOTE: This article is categorized under Opinion Section. The views expressed in this article are solely those of the author and do not necessarily represent the views of In case you have a opposing view, please click here to share the same in the comments section.
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