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It’s time we banned the VHP
Although it is the Maoists who claim that they killed Swami Laxmananada, the VHP is convinced that it was the Christian community which was behind the Swami’s killing. Maoists have been known to resort to such killings. Why blame the Christians?
THE RECENT violence in Orissa has once again raised some serious questions about Indian polity. The issue of communalism in India is not new - particularly the issue of Hindu communalism, which is deep-rooted and has flourished in India, unfettered. The secular Indian government, led by the Congress most of the time, never was vigilant enough and strict enough to pin down Hindu communalism. Its soft approach towards communal elements and organizations has done more harm to the country. The Hindu fundamentalists always defend themselves and their acts by coining terms like ‘minority appeasement’, ‘Hindu rights’ and claim to be the real sons of the soil. The real sons of the soil have license to burn down churches, bring down mosques and kill Muslims, Dalits and Christians anywhere in the nation. The hooligans and lumpen activists belonging to the Vishwa Hindu Parishad (VHP) are involved in most of the atrocities perpetrated on the minorities and Dalits. VHP has a history of spreading venom and inciting mass violence.

In 2002, the VHP lynched five Dalits in Haryana for following their traditional trade of leather-tanning, as revealed by a dead cow in their possession. Over a carcass, the VHP killed innocent Dalit youths in Jhajhhar. VHP shamelessly defended this heinous crime when their leaders, Griraj Kishore said, "according to our shastras, the life of a cow is very precious (shastron ke hisab se gau ka jeevan bahut moolya hai)". This statement makes it clear that for VHP, human life has no meaning. Any organization, using violence as a medium to achieve its goal, is a threat to human civilization.

In Gujarat, we witnessed a hate propaganda let loose by VHP against the Muslim community. It promoted anti-Muslim sentiments and this led to large-scale bloodshed in the State. Hate-mongers and preachers of violence like Praveen Bhai Togadia are responsible for inciting mass hysteria against the Muslim community in Gujarat. There are numerous documents, movies, documentaries, etc, publicly available which reveal the true colour of VHP. Gujarat was the first successful experiment for the VHP.

Orissa is presently burning but it is not getting adequate media attention, because floods in Bihar and the latest developments on the nuclear deal have been hogging the limelight. Violence, triggered by the killing of Swami Laxmananada by the Maoists, has spread in the State. For the VHP, the Maoists are innocent and the Christians are the real culprits. According to VHP’s rationale, the killing of the Swami had to do with his mission of re-conversion of Hindus and the Christians therefore had a valid reason to eliminate the Swami.

The VHP has totally rejected the claim of the Maoists that they killed the Swami. The Maoist menace in Orissa is not something new; many such killings have been attributed to their organization. If Maoists are staking the claim for killing Laxmananda, then there is no point in rejecting the said claim. There was a sinister plan underlying the VHP’s rejection of the said claim by the Maoists. The plan envisaged blaming the killing on the Christians. VHP tactfully exploited the killing of its mentor to attack the Christians in Orissa. This casts serious doubts on the intention and modus operandi of the VHP. The self-proclaimed representative of Hindu religion always uses dead bodies to kill numerous innocent people. In Jhajhhar, they killed Dalits for a dead cow; in Gujarat, they triggered a communal carnage after the unfortunate Godhara incident; presently they have resorted to killings in Orissa, after a death took place.

Communal politics triggered by dead bodies is not a coincidence; it needs a serious analysis. At present Orissa, which boasts of a two percent Christian population, is becoming a second Gujarat. This is alarming for those who sincerely believe in Indian secularism and want to protect the country’s secular fabric. In any debate on Indian secularism and VHP, the role of the Congress is significant. Congress is responsible for the growth of VHP because it adopted a soft approach towards it. There are thousands of reasons to ban VHP, as there are for SIMI. India does not need organizations like SIMI and VHP which spread hatred in the name of religion.

Moreover, VHP presently is a national threat. A couple of weeks back, its activists were arrested in Kanpur city of Uttar Pradesh for making bombs. They were planning serial bomb blasts. In Nanded in Maharashtra, VHP and its other wings were caught red-handed, while making bombs for carrying out blasts in many areas. It is easy to guess what prevents the UPA government from banning the VHP. Soft attitude towards a communal organization will never help parties like the Congress, which swears by secularism.

Let me end this article by recalling my simple encounter with some NSUI (National Student’s Union of India) activists. NSUI is a student wing of the Congress and recently it mobilized activists from all over India for the Delhi University Students Union (DUSU) election. In one of the colleges of Delhi University, I met three NSUI activists. They had come from Madhya Pradesh to campaign for NSUI candidates. I talked to them individually; all the three said they had come to Delhi since it would add to their political profile, back home in Madhya Pradesh; two of them would vote for the BJP; one was upset with reservation for the OBC. These two were completely ignorant of NSUI’s ideology, objectives and aims. The third was somewhat well-informed and said the Congress stood for secularism and it appealed to him; but the next sentence shocked me. According to him, Uma Bharti did not fulfil her promise of constructing a temple in Bhojsala (a very controversial place) and this had led him to the Congress. Constructing a temple at Bhojsala was important for him even at the cost of riots. This was how he had understood secularism. NSUI activists did not know what Congress was; on the other hand, RSS had succeeded in penetrating even the Congress.

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Attack on christians is not only in india, its all over that world. In china, japan, korea, srilanka, pakistan, Africa. You christians should understand why one will attack your and your religion?. Just think in name of development you people trying to whipe out a contry culture, tradition and its own religion. Why christians always spread a hate message to rest of non-christians?. Only christians printing bible and distrbuting to non-christians and forcing them to read, did and other religion do that?. Once a man keep faith in christians religion he has no rights to go hindu temple, islam darga or sikh temples then what benifits were given will be taken back and curse on them, what a pity but its the truth. This shows you how much respect have with non-christians. Go turn back and see history how blood was flowed like river in europe, america and africa in name of christ. Same thing is repeating in india too. All natives in europe, america and africa were cruelly killed, scared and force full converted to christians. Now only one old religion is remaining that too they want to whipe out and take control of it. One day will come when their is no hindu, hindu temple and his culture italian pope will come and host the indian flage and a foreign will rule again then the people of india will realize the truth that why we fought for freedom and now again we should start a freedom fight. That time will be a shame to india, is this you christians want. Please leave hindus alone we can take care of ourself.
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