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"Jai Ho" ends with a thud
‘Man proposes, God disposes.' But very often we forget this simple fact of life. People routinely overestimate their abilities as they’re taken away by the plastic praise. They become overconfident. Often it borders on delusions. It leads to faulty assessments, unrealistic expectations, and hazardous decisions. Something similar is happening to Narendra Modi and Salman Khan.

In Gujarat, millions of kite enthusiasts pitch themselves at the rooftops to wave the flying kites out in deep blue sky. It is the glory of Uttarayan, a colorful festival that existed long before the darker days of 2002. Since 2002, a lone kite has also been flying in the murky political sky of Gujarat. No other name worth knowing exist in the political firmament there. The crowds know only one politician. Take it or leave it.

NaMo is dreaming the throne of Delhi and Salman Khan was expecting another hit with his latest venture 'Jai Ho.' So, we recently had two kites in the sky of Gujarat. Both were expecting big floats as the threads of their kites were stretching across the planes and clear skies. ‘You scratch my back and I scratch your’s’. Modi was playing the role of a perfect host to Salman thinking he will bring Muslim votes.

Salman's fans were enlightened with his quotes of wisdom in praise of Narendra Bhai – “Modi Saab should be able to fulfill his destiny. He is a great man, I’ve not seen this sort of development elsewhere.” And he didn’t stop there. He gave his verdict on Modi Ji – “Judiciary has exonerated Modi saab for his alleged involvement in the riots, he need not say sorry for the communal violence.”

Both the contenders of  a bright future left the grounds with assurance and smiles.

There is still time for Narendra Modi to learn what is there in store for him. But, Salman has had a date with destiny sooner. “Jai Ho” had taken him to BJP’s strongholds and his calculations were smart. They say - What is lotted can’t be blotted. “Jai Ho” got the worst lukewarm response and Salman is being pushed behind Shahrukh and Aamir by long odds. Jai Ho’s pathetic failure was almost in proportion to his praise of NaMo. No damage control could save the film.

One can attribute plenty of reasons to such a miserable flop, but a flop is flop. Success has many fathers, failure is an orphan. Not even NaMo would think of consoling Salman knowing well what has actually happened. Something is written, large on the wall. Salman Khan now needs another successful film to make a comeback. When it will happen? Only time will tell.

Meanwhile, Narendra Bhai has not given up his exercise of basking in the reflected glories of anyone who is willing to yank his sagging image. Time is tough in RSS. Lal Krishna Advani and Murli Manohar Joshi are not ready to dance the RSS tune. They won’t accept Rajya Sabha seat. What is cooking in Nagpur, no one knows. However, NaMo is determined to reach the race, with or without the oldies.  It doesn’t matter, if the pep is given by Salman Khan or an old singer in the twilight of her career and life; it doesn’t matter if he has to poach the sacred territory of martyrs of the nation.

A song written by Pradeep and composed by C Ramchandran that has been a tribute to the fallen soldiers is exploited to elevate Mod’s platform. A rendition is made to revive the fortunes of a RSS Prachark. Lata has always known for her crafty professional tricks and the soft corners for communal forces. She did never hide her intentions in thought and deeds. She, being a citizen of democratic India, has every right to do that. However, she is drawing a long bow if she thinks that people will accept that there was no political tenor to ceremony in which the BJP’s prime ministerial candidate was anointed.  

"I don't belong to any party, am not interested in politics. Politics and music are very different." You’re wrong Lata Didi. Indians are no fool.

Editorial NOTE: This article is categorized under Opinion Section. The views expressed in this article are solely those of the author and do not necessarily represent the views of In case you have a opposing view, please click here to share the same in the comments section.
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